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Top 251-300 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   Nexternal E-commerce
You can start your internet business to sell your products through secured interface by implementing an internet storefront on your website with the help of this hosted e-commerce solution.

252)   ExcoBoard Free Message Board Hosting
ExcoBoard Free Message Board Hosting is an online remotely hosted forum based discussion board software available with personal image gallery to include in the messages.

253)   4Webmasters Free Submitter
This is a URl sumitting program and is a remotely hosted program that helps users to submit their websites on top 35 search engines from a web based interface.

254)   EZ Publish Hosting
It is a hosting service for EZ Publish, a fast, reliable PHP4 / MySQL driven web site system. It comes with web based e-mail, Perl, Python, and more.

255)   BidVertiser
Bidvertiser is an affiliate program used to generate revenue with the advertisements provided on the websites. This is a program which utilize the ad spaces and generate income.

256)   Kidows
Kidows is a complete management and administrative tool for schools. It can be deployed over intranet as well as Internet for enhanced communication.

257)   MyCool/Blazeboard Portal
Sign up with myCOOL and create your own community and have your own bulletin board. Blazeboard features include : Private Forums, 3 levels of viewing/posting security Access to the MyCool user database, Email/AOL/ICQ Online Messenging, Poll based threads, Unlimited forum creation, and much more.

258)   BiondoResponder
BiondoResponder is a autoresponder program where the users can send email messages and an immediate response can be received from the receipients.

259)   AdvertSERVE
AdvertSERVE is a remote-hosted instance of the ad management program, AdvertPRO. It is designed for clients who want to use AdvertPRO, but who's server will not run it locally.

260)   myLounge URL Redirection
With myLounge URL Redirection, you can provide URL redirection service to your users of your website with which they can convert the long URL of their website into a short URL. It includes an optional newsletter and a built in average stats.

261)   BFN FFALP
Free for all link page. Maintain a list of ranked links. Promote higher traffic.

262) offers free message board service. The message boards are hosted on our server so that there is nothing for you to set up. These messageboards are integrated easily into your site. The visitors visiting your site not come to know that they have left your site.

263)   Free Hit Counter
This is a web based utility that keeps track of the number of visitors to your web site. Using this utility webmasters can generate tracking report for their site visitors.

264)   NetTracker
NetTracker is an online counter program that tracks the website traffic and the website visitors information are displayed on the web pages in statistical mode accurately.

265)   Vote Pro
Vote Pro is a program which permits the users to conduct polls and voting programs in the website and the visitors can vote for different subjects available on the website.

266)   BFN FFAL Page
This free for all links page is one of the ways to increase the traffic to your website. You can allow your members to submit their links to your website.

267)   HostedScripts Random Text
This script is used to display different messages on the website. Users can store upto hundred different messages in the database. Easy to setup and to work.

268)   Polling and Survey Manager
Polling and Survey Manager is a remotely hosted program and is a web based survey that helps users to conduct survey with questions and answers for gathering data. This program is suitable for employee self service.

269)   Site Counter
This script is used for facilitating a website with online counter which tracks the website traffic and gathers information about the site visitors.

270)   Estate Firms
This is an online directory where a number of real estate agents are listed along with their contact details where site visitors can search and find for realtors.

271)   KangarooCards
It is an application of free e card system which can be installed in the user website for attracting visitors. Visitors can send e-cards to their friends from the users website.

272)   4track - Visitor tracking and site statistics
This script is helpful for the webmaster to build their site with web counter to analyse the web traffic of the site. By using this script webmasters can view their visitors entire activity.

273)   Modular Merchant's Marketplace
This remotely hosted e-commerce software offers powerful tools to design internet business cart module with flexible options. Product pages, catalogs, pricing, shipping and payment processng etc dealt with online store can be done more easier.

274)   Sitemagik free tagboards
A remotely hosted tagboard service . It is free and completely configurable it also Includes IP banning. It is a free to use site

275)   BazaarBuilder
This is a remotely hosted ecommerce package that helps you to design and setup a fully featured commerce website on the net with integrated e-store.

276)   Hondos Bulletin Board
Hondos Bulletin Board is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board software that provides complete solution for all websites with minimum webspace to integrate an online discussion board for their site.

277)   eBoard
eBoard provides features to organize classroom schedules and also acts as a bridge between students and their parents and teachers. Supports file attachments, photo uploads etc.,

278)   xsorbit
This is a free message board that can help you deliver your message across multiple platforms. You can have any number of catagories and boards. You can also add graphics, text color, links, and animation. It is free

279)   Download Tracker
Download Tracker is a file downloading script which allows the users to track the number of times each file is downloaded. The users have option to display their downloads.

280)   Register to Win System
Register to Win System is a website promotion tool which allows you to take registrations from visitors of your website. This system even takes care of enabling you to randomly pick from registrants.

281)   BFN Image Gallery
Upload and display a gallery of images. Many features.

282)   Free URL Redirection
This is a simple and easy to use redirection script that can be used to convert your long and unpleasant looking URL into a shorter and easy to remember one.

283)   ImageZs -Image Hosting
ImageZs -Image Hosting offers hosting for forums, vbulletin, phpbb and actions. It also allows you to play with your images such as adding titles to your images, and much more.

284) photo album embedded application service
Photo album application service for embedding on any web page, no programming knowledge required.

285)   SendPage
This is a remotely hosted site recommendation script that popularizes any website. The program code could be easily generated from the website and pasting into user's webpage, allows visitors to recommend the site to their friends.

286)   SimpLister - eBay Listing Software
SimpLister is an eBay certified auction listing tool and a time-saving service.

With JMessenger any one can have an Instant Messenger on his site.

288)   Digital Goods eCommerce
PayLoadz provides a solution to sell intagible products online from your website in a safe and secured way through PayPal payment service. The system is completely automated for serving your customers quickly.

289)   EzWebCalendar
This powerful calendar application will help you to generate online multi user calendars for your organization with phone book, document listing, mail reminders etc.,

290)   MEZX.COM Dynamic Ad Serving
This a dynamic text ad serving system that displays text based ads in different box sizes on your website and has an attractive credit system for displaying ads on your website.

291)   Counter Manager
Counter Manager is a tool used for building a website with hit counter remotely. Users can add, update or delete the counter from their website easily. The counter styles are fully customizable.

292)   Babylon Pro
This script is helpful for the webmasters to build their site with dictionary that allows their site visitors to find accurate meaning for particular word in different languages.

293)   Link Shield
Link shield is an affiliate program management system that provides you the cloaking service and link protection. This system helps to avoid people from stealing your affiliate commissions.

294)   BFN Counter & IP Logger
Add a graphical or text counter to any web page. Logs IP, location, host, and more…

Let your visitors leave comments or talk to each other. It is Free, simple & cool Shoutbox

296) is a mailing list program which allows the users to send text messages with opt in mobile database and can track text message campaigns, create and deliver.

297)   Website Live Chat Under $10 A Month
HumanHelper is a customer service tool for your website that enables web site visitors to directly communicate with your company staff.

298)   Online Recruiter Application
It gives you the ability to post jobs directly to your site. You also have the ability to easily create your own job application form with no programming.

299)   MyTagBoard.Net
This is an useful remotely Hosted utility that can be used to provide a discussion board to your site visitors.

300)   CGI For Me: Password Protection
CGI For Me: Password Protection is a very secure user authentication system which is totally free and will be of much use for small website owners.

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