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Top 301-350 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

301) is a web based software that offers remotely hosted service to maintain online payment processings of small business websites. All recurring payments including newsletter and email membership scubscription can be performed easily.

302)   Earthstores
Earthstores will assist you to generate your shopping cart with as much of items you want to sell. Tax and shipping calculations can be done automatically for purchased items. Customers will be able to find the product they require easily.

303)   CGI For Me: Random Link
This script is used to change the URL randomly on the website. It allows the website visitors to link with different URLs that displays on the website.

304)   TinyURL
With TinyURL's redirection service, you can convert the lengthy URL of your website into a shorter and rememberable one. It is very simple and easy to use.

305)   Banner HQ
Banner HQ is a remotely hosted tool which is helpful for the webmasters to earn money from banner by displaying banners on their site and also the users can generate revenue by displaying their banners in others site.

306)   BFN Mailing list
BFN Mailing list is a email program which maintains the mailing list of the subscribing visitors. This script allows the users to send periodic messages for the entire list.

307)   TiNSupport
TiNSupport can be used to give your customers a high quality service and for reducing customers who avoid the shopping cart. It also gives your website a human touch and an interactive content.

308)   Free Shout Box
Traffic eXchange Shout Box. Do you want to have a Shout Box on your website just copy the script onto your site and let your visitors post there website plus a small text.

309)   Online Ordering System for Restaurants
This is a remotely hosted online ordering system that allows restaurants to receive orders from their customers online by viewing or printing the entire menu.

310)   Ascii Codes Table
This remotely hosted ascii code table contains ascii codes for special characters, mathematical symbols, alphanumeric characters etc.,

311)   Auction Broker Software
Auction Broker Software is a remotely hosted application that helps you to run an online auction site effectively. Supports vertical marketing to handle unlimited bidding on same item simultaneously.

312)   Quizgame
This program allows you to setup a quiz game easily by using forms. The program grades the player's answers and keeps scores. Has forms for "Multiple Choice" , "Fill In" and "Yes No" questions.

313)   Prozilla's Paid to Click
This 'Prozilla's Paid to Click' program offers optimum solutions for webmasters to generate and run their own online profitable paid-to-click website.

314)   Worldwide SMS API
Worldwide SMS API is a remotely hosted communication program which allows the users to send SMS messages directly from their websites. This script provides SMTP and HTTP API.

315)   Daily Cartoons
This is a tool that displays cartoons of glasbergen on registered users websites. Visitors have the option of mailing the cartoons to their friends.

316)   SB Site Builder
This is a website creating program that helps users to create and maintain websites. This program provides many template designs for creating a webpage.

317)   Free Backwash Content Feed
This script is used for providing the contents on the website. The contents may be mp3, news, articles, downloads etc., It also allow users to create their own personal channel on their website to reach their site visitors. All links related backwash content is appeared in backwash frame.

318)   Link Popularity Checker by
Link popularity by SearchBliss is a remotely hosted program which lets the webmasters to have a own link checking tool in their website.

319)   JustInTime Scheduler
JustInTime Scheduler is a Remotely Hosted Program Which can be used by the webmasters to make a schedule in staff handling in a group or hospitals.

This is a remotely Hosted tool through which the users can make their own image galleries in their website and also they can share the photo gallery with their neighbours and friends.

321)   ekmpowershop
ekmpowershop will render all features you have been seeking with an online shopping mart. Gives support for: mulitple - products, templates, payment modes, currencies, secured transaction and much more.

322)   bigWebDesk
This is a web based help desk and asset management software that contains highly customizable ticket fields and routing options. It has the ability to streamline the communication between you and your customers.

This software is used in the website which tracks number of hits made by the visitors periodically. It tracks and displays top ten referes, top ten domains and top keywords. It has calendar that shows the webmaster daily and monthly unique hits.

324)   Alertra Web Site Monitoring
This is a website monitoring system with which you will be able to minimize down time of your website, and get notified anytime when your server goes down. It does not requires any software or any programming knowledge.

325)   Image Optimization
This is an image optimization tool that helps you to compress the images in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats in order to increase the download speed of your web pages.

326)   Zoomerang
Zoomerang is a remotely hosted program that helps users to build their own survey with sample questions for gathering opinions from their site visitors.

327) - Free Online Broken Link Checker
Broken link check is a program which lets the webmasters to know about the validity of the links of any website by using its URL. It is a quick process and easy to use.

328)   Cool Marquee Hit Counters.
Cool Marquee Counters with Message Display. No PHP and MySQL Programming needed. Just copy and paste the HTML Script.

329)   Web Assure
This tool is used for monitoring the problem found in the website and the failure found with ISPs and it gives report to the administrator through an email.

330)   CGISpy News Board
News Board is a remotely hosted system which allows you to provide updated information to the site visitors. It allows the administrators to provide a single page list of all the updates.

331)   Whois-online?
whois online is a script used by the webmasters to track their sites daily hits made by the visitors and visitors currently online. It also displays maximum number of hits per day.

332)   Pstats
This program is used to track the website traffic. This software counts total number of visitors entered, number of hits made by them in each page of the website. It shows daily, weekly, monthly reports on the website in graph.

333)   The Internet Solution
The Internet Solution offers integrated shopping cart facilities to construct an online storefront to feature your products with your e-store. Search engine is available to look for desired products.

334)   InstanteCart Shopping Cart Software
InstanteCart provides you a solution to build your own shopping cart on your website quickly and easily and you can start selling your products online. Main features include customizable templates for easy integration, customizable payment and shipment modules and much more.

335)   CB4
Features of CB4 include instant signup, unlimited number of different advertiser programs, up to 16 different banner images per advertiser, optional automatic advertiser campaign activation date,etc.

336)   Power Voting Poll
Power Voting Poll offers hosting services for small upto large sized websites to implement a voting script to get feedback from your website visitors. You can rewrite the script as per your needs.

337)   FlexWindow - Update web pages via e-mail
FlexWindow enables users to update their web site via e-mail. Update news flashes, notifications, advertisements, product info, stories, prices, and more.

338)   Jawfish
Jawfish is a simple script based on Javascript and iframe that helps to display RSS newsfeeds on any website, this will help keep any site dynamic.

339)   CGI For Me: Random Banner
To run ads on your site just enter the info needed and you can have banners on your site. Interactivity is the key to any successful website, the services are 100% free, meaning that you can build a successful site without having to pay a dime.

TrackMyLink is a tool for tracking the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Detailed redirector stats show exactly how many registrations, leads, signups, or sales are generated from each of your traffic sources, during any period of time.

341)   InstanteStore
This is a remotely hosted Ecommerce and shopping cart software that helps you to setup your own online store and allows you to sell your products to online customers. Main features include real time credit card processing, inventory control management and much more.

342)   My-PageRank
Allows webmasters to install a small script on their webpages to provide "Real Time" Google Page Rank for their visitors to see.

343)   Chatter's World
With this tool you can choose a theme from a group themes like sports, college & teen, romance etc and build a remotely hosted theme-based chatroom system.

344)   Sparklit Web Polls
Sparklit Web Polls is a useful remotely hosted system that gives functions to implement a polling manager and also allows you to customize the survey and voting systems as per your requirements.

345)'s E-Cards
E-cards lets the webmasters to have their own post card system to offer their visitors an online postcard service. It is easy to customize this program.

346)   Free text counter
This program is helpful for the webmasters that allows them to access their sites visitors daily entry report in statistical mode. This script tracks about their system information and displays it on the website.

347)   AuthPro Deluxe
AuthPro Deluxe is a password protecting program which allows the registered users for accessing protected contents on websites. This script allows any number of members.

348) - SQL-based web statistic service
A remotely hosted SQL database to track whatever you want.

349)   News Boards
News Boards is a remotely hosted system which is used for displaying headline news on your site. It is an easy to use environment for the webmasters.

This remotely hosted application is more beneficial for internet based small buisnesses which offer services to promote the productivity and increases their customer satisfaction. In-built marketing techniques lets you run a successful business.

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