Saturday, 21 July 2018
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1-35 Banner Exchange (Remotely Hosted) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   MEZX.COM Dynamic Ad Serving
This a dynamic text ad serving system that displays text based ads in different box sizes on your website and has an attractive credit system for displaying ads on your website.

2)   Banner HQ
Banner HQ is a remotely hosted tool which is helpful for the webmasters to earn money from banner by displaying banners on their site and also the users can generate revenue by displaying their banners in others site.

3)   Jarvis BanX
Jarvis BanX helps you to start and run your own banner exchange from your website. With this system you can run a membership program, set exchange ratio for ads and much more.

4) Banner Exchange
This is a simple banner exchange system that helps you to increase the traffic to your website. This can be done by displaying your ads on other member sites.

5) is a free 2:1 banner exchange service designed to help websites trade advertising with each other.

6)   Free Banner Exchange Network offers a fast growing 3:2 banner exchange Network. The most powerful way to advertise your site for FREE! Once your account has been approved, for every 3 times you show our banners, yours will be displayed 2 times all over our banner exchange networks (not 2:1 like other banner exchange sites).

7)   Scrolling Text Ads
This is an online banner exchange system but uses different method to display the ads. Your ads will be shown as scrolling text ads which will be displayed at the corner of the screen and can be closed easily by the user after viewing it.

This is a free banner exchange service Easily update your banner whenever you want to Earn Free credits by showing other members' banners on your page

9) Free Banners Exchange
This is a free banner exchange system that is available online which helps you to advertise your website on other webmaster's website easily in a 2:1 exchange ratio.

10)   TextBoxTraffic
This is a new method of banner exchange in which text links are placed inside banners rather than the old fashioned pop up ads and large banner images and will attract more visitors.

11)   Anime Chains Banner Exchange
This is a free banner exchange system that helps you to increase the customer traffic to your site by displaying and exchanging your ads for banners of other sites. It allows you to display banners of gif or jpg format.

12)   w3exit exchange
This is a banner exchange system that is designed especially for web development related websites. With this system you can increase your website traffic instantly.

13)   Another Exchange
Another Exchange.Com allows any one to place advertisements and banners freely. Banners can be exchanged easily and the credit will be given for each of the displayed banner.

14)   Banner Ad Central
Banner Ad Central offers you a solution to promote your website by advertising your site in unlimited number of websites free of cost. The exchange ratio provided is 10:9. The system support all type of media types include flash.

15)   Bpath Banner Exchange
Bpath Banner Exchange is an useful application that helps you to increase your website popularity. This helps you to place your banner adversitement in the websites.

It is a free service designed to help web sites trade advertising with each other. With 500 free hits on sign up and various options to buy hits.

17) Free banner exchange
This is a remotely hosted banner exchange system that allows you to exchange your ads with other webmasters. The exchange ratio available to you is 10:9 which means for every 10 banners shown on your website, you can display your own ad nine times on other websites free of cost.

18)   Display Banner
Allows the user to increase a website's revenue by placing advertisements. By placing animated and well designed websites this tool will be very useful for webmasters to increase their profits.

19) Banner Exchange
The goal of Banner exchange is to help you promote your Web sites. Your banners will be displayed and seen on thousands of Web sites around the world free of cost. 500 free credits and 2: 1 ratio.

20)   FineExchanges
This banner exchange program is available with flexible exchange ratios for the ad impressions and can drive heavy traffic for your website.

21)   OnlyExtra.Com
This is a traffic exchange system that helps you to get more traffic to your website by way of displaying text ads of your website. You will be getting 100 credits immediately on signing up.

22)   Pliner.Net Banner Exchange
This is a banner exchange system with which you can advertise your website free of cost by displaying other advertisements on your website and earn credits for each time your ad is displayed.

23)   Indian Link Exchange
Service designed for beginners and advanced users. A free 1:1 Banner Exchange service a free web site promotion service, enabling banner exchange

24)   MPads
MPads is a simple banner exchange program intended to increase your web site traffic by displaying ads and banners on the website depending on the theme of your website.

25) Free Banner Exchange offers a free banner exchange service. Offers 500 credits upon registration, and the ability to check your stats from your mobile.

26)   Desi Banners Network
This is a free banners network which is dedicated to Indian and Pakistani websites and helps to promote their websites by increasing the traffic to their website.

27)   Exit Pilot
ExitPilot offers a FREE service, available to anyone with a website, which converts exit traffic into valuable targeted advertising.

28)   BV eXchange
By joining in the BV eXchange network, you will be able to get targeted hits to the ads on your website. You can get credits for displaying ads on your site.

29)   NukedWeb Banner Exchange
This is a simple banner exchange system to increase the traffic to your website instantly by displaying text ad banners. It lets you to exchange the traffic with others.

30)   TradeMyTraffic! Banner Exchange
A banner exchange that supports html banners, unlimited banners per member, several banner sizes, targeting and weighting, email reports, and downloadable stats.

31)   Rospio Banner Exchange
Rosipo banner exchange is an user friendly tool that allows the webmasters to display their website with multiple banners to earn income and it offers many important features that really helps the users to satisfy with their website traffic through banner ads.

32)   Marhen Free Traffic Exchange
This is a free banner exchange system with which you can increase the viewer traffic to your website instantly on signing up. It is capable of generating targeted hits to your website.

33)   xExchange
It is a web based remotely hosted exposition banner utility which allows the users to display the banners of Xpandra web services on their website. This utility also helps in displaying the users website banners on the Xpandra web services.

34)   1:1 FLASH Banner Exchange
Free banner exchange with 468x60 pixels banners, fast and reliable servers, online statistics, no erotic, good support and excellent service.

35)   Pakpoint Banner Exchange
This tool is helpful for the users who want to display their banners or exchange their banners for other sites to earn money and the main feature of this utility is, it displays the banner in the ratio of 2:1.

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