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1-32 Calendars (Remotely Hosted) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1) Free Booking System
This script is helpful for the business persons that allow their clients to book and reserve online. This program is understandable and easy to use.

2)   RentCalendar Availability Calendar
RentCalendar is a free web based vacation rental availability calendar. It is designed to help homeowners and agents easily display the availability of their holiday properties on the web.

3)   Calendars On This Site
Calendars On This Site provides hosted event and booking calendar system to help you maintain your web based calendar wizard. Events can be displayed without any advertisements, pop-up windows etc., Any number of assigned events / bookings can be shown on specific dates.

4)   Appointment Booking System
This script is used for creating an event calendar. It helps webmasters to facilitate their site with calendar for online event scheduling. It is highly customizable. They can use this for payment reminder, appointment bookings etc.,

5)   Knabba appointment scheduling system
Webmasters can use this script on their site to fix appointments for their clients online. It has customization facility and simple to use.

Free Web calendar hosting for your site. Published calendars have no ads. Also supports embedded HTML, clip art, personal calendars, reminders and searches.

7)   Calendars by Veraci Scheduling Software
Online scheduling software enables organizations of all sizes to easily create group calendars for scheduling employees, resources, events, meeting rooms, equipment, vehicle fleets, facilities and more. Affordable monthly fee, and 24x7x365 access.

8)   Acal Calendar
This script is helpful for the website owners to create an event calendar on their website. It has password protection for customizing events. It displays date, day, month and year on the screen.

9)   e-Calendar
This script is used for creating an online event calendar on the website. It is included with three features like, online group calendar, credit card sales and tickets reservation.

10)   EzWebCalendar
This powerful calendar application will help you to generate online multi user calendars for your organization with phone book, document listing, mail reminders etc.,

11)   RentCalendar
RentCalendar is a simple remotely hosted application which helps you to display the availability of your holiday properties on the web. This application comes with powerful admin panel.

12)   CalendarApp
A free online events interactive calendar where one can publish and submit events also make reservation for rooms

13)   Knabba appointment scheduling system
It is an Online appointment scheduling system which can be very helpful for organizations or individuals who have resources that can be booked by time.

14)   School Days
This school days script is basically for building an online event calendar on the website. Users can add, update or remove the events from the calendar. Users can access this event calendar from anywhere. It has password protection facility.

This script allow users to sell tickets through online and also through 24 hour toll free phone online. Customizable event page is avaiable that allow users to add or remove the events.

16)   Calendars Net
Calendars Net is a free interactive web calendar hosting service in which you can also copy the calendar data to your own computer and edit your calendar offline.

17)   Events Calendar
This hosted application helps you to include an event caledar system on your dynamic websites. Events are allowed for viewing and users can post their evetns through web based control panel.

18)   BizSchedule
This remotely hosted program will help you to plan and deliver event schedules to your clients through 'Interactive Voice Response' system.

19)   Veraci Scheduling Software
This program offers remotely hosted service to implement a calendar module with your website with flexible features. You can create a scheduling table for employee, entities such as computers, cars, rooms etc.,

Site for setting and managing all of your personal and professional events. is easy to use, plus we email you with reminders based on your own calendar. Great for: - Birthdays and Special Event Reminders - Health & Fitness Goals/Reminders - Family & Relationships Goals/Reminders -

21)   Physician Scheduling Software
Offers web-based software which automatically generates schedules for medical staff.

22)   Connect Daily Web Calendar
Complete web calendaring system w/ security, resource management, recurrence and other advanced features.

23)   Connect Daily Web Calendar
Connect Daily is a web based calendar with advanced reosurce management and recurrence capabilities. It's perfect for Schools, Universities, Churches, and Business.

24)   Calendar by Online Web Apps
Powerful online system that allows for multiple calendars on one account. Each calendar can have a different look and features.

25)   Online Calendar & Event Management Software
This script is helpful for the remotely based system. It allows webmasters to create an online calendar on their site with customization facility i.e- it allows users to add or remove the events from the calendar.

26)   VItools Calendars
This is a hosted event calendar for your site. You can set up several users who is allowed to post events. It can be used for several purposes, like listing special days, listing special events, occupancy assignment etc.

27)   Calendaric Events
Calendaric Events script is basically for creating an online custom event calendar. It allow users to customize their important events from the calendar.

28)   Uptilt Calendar
Uptilt Calendar is a remotely hosted application that helps you to build a time sheet for your users, resource usage, upcoming events etc., Supports three type of calendar formats.

29)   An online remote access calendar system
This script is basically for the webmasters to create an online custom calendar which allows them to customize the events like, appointment, meetings etc.,

30)   Online Events Calendar
Online Events Calendar is a script used for creating event calendar on the site by the web owners. This script is fully customizable that allow users to customize events, font types, colors etc.,

31)   Outblaze Calendar
Outblaze Calendar lets the people in intranet system or in office share common resources, making appointments etc., periodically. All these scheduling functions are provided through this remotely hosted software.

It provides free web collaboration tools including calendars, announcement managers.etc The free forum is completely bulletproof and completely fast.

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