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1-50 Chat Scripts (Remotely Hosted) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ChattCity
ChattCity Chatrooms are much like Old chatrooms. HTML WebBased chat, get your own room free! Thay are great for anyone who has a website and wants to add a remotely hosted chatroom....

2)   Shout box
A Shout box(known as Chatter box or Tag board) is a free service that allow your site visitor chat with you. It is easy to set up, and fully customizedable.

3)   Free flash based MiniChat for your website
Create a topic of your choice or choose and existing one, login to the chat room and we will provide you with the html you need to have us remotely host your own chat rooms.

4)   Free Box
Free Box is a remotely hosted chat application using which you can organize online chat with your friends and associates and you have several language options to chat with.

5)   MultiChat
With this tool you can run different chat pages or channels at the same time.

6)   ABChat - free chat resource for webmasters
This service provides a full featured and easy-to-cofigure remotelly hosted chatrooms for websites. No special downloads are required for end-users.

7)   smallWorld chat
This tool can enhance the image of your site by offering you a real-time and easy to use chat.

8)   Dialogoo
Dialogoo is a remotely hosted service that facilitates webmasters to run and manage a chat program on their existing websites. This provided chat program comes with all basic facilities.

9)   SpotTalk
This is much real-time hosted chat service which gives the uses the ability to talk on the spot with you as soon as they visit the site.

10)   qboard
The QuickBoard Project is a growing community of people dedicated to keeping in touch with the visitors of their site by using the lowest tech bulletin board system available

11)   BFN Chat Servers
Complete custom chat server and client software for any web page. Simple interface and complete control.

12)   AliveChat SERVER
This enhanced chat application lets the webmasters control their mass number of customers request and needs. Can be embedded with existing aspects of your company and can be customized to suit your additional requirements.

13)   Userplane WebChat Light
Userplane WebChat Instant-Install

14)   A1- Chat
A1- Chat is an online chat provider where you can chat with your online friends or look for new friends with multimedia support.

15)   Parlis Instant Message Service
Without any download and installation needs webmasters can allow their users to interact with each other using this remotely hosted application. The presentation of instant messanger can be customized to suit your web page design.

16)   WebCab Chat
This chat is used to show profiles, audio shortcuts and a message box whenever a particular action or conversation takes place between two users.

17)   Sitemagik free tagboards
A remotely hosted tagboard service . It is free and completely configurable it also Includes IP banning. It is a free to use site

With JMessenger any one can have an Instant Messenger on his site.

Let your visitors leave comments or talk to each other. It is Free, simple & cool Shoutbox

20)   Website Live Chat Under $10 A Month
HumanHelper is a customer service tool for your website that enables web site visitors to directly communicate with your company staff.

21)   MyTagBoard.Net
This is an useful remotely Hosted utility that can be used to provide a discussion board to your site visitors.

22)   Free Shout Box
Traffic eXchange Shout Box. Do you want to have a Shout Box on your website just copy the script onto your site and let your visitors post there website plus a small text.

23)   Chatter's World
With this tool you can choose a theme from a group themes like sports, college & teen, romance etc and build a remotely hosted theme-based chatroom system.

24)   OutBlaze Chat
OutBlaze Chat would be adaptable for all websites which need an user oriented interactive interface to enable site visitors to chat with other people. Ensures privacy with chatting.

25)   QuickChat
With the advanced Quickchat code generator you can add a java chat applet on your page with minimal work so that you could have a better communication with your visitors, can run a chat server and so on.

26)   Multicity Chat Rooms
Multicity Chat Rooms is a full featured chat software which offers hosted service for website owners to implement an online community system to their websites. Many features are included like multiple rooms, log info, language translation and a lot more.

This is a tool which offers a free firewall-proof pure HTML for the site.

28)   Tag Board
An extremely easy to use interface, and it works in virtually any browser (does not require plugins like java). Small HTML snippet that you add to your site to interact with your visitors.

29)   YellBox
Fully featured message box for your website, easy to set up and free for use. Get instant feedback from your visitors.

30)   Piko Chat
This is a simple PHP based chat program that helps you to organize and chat lively with any desired user available online. This program supports different room looks for your chat.

31) Chat
This chat offers free hosted chat room service for your website.

32)   Easy Chat
This is a remotely hosted chat script which was designed to work under any browser

33)   Free Anonymous Criteria-Based Instant Messenger
A free anonymous criteria-based instant messenger offering no usage limitations, remote hosting, no user enrollment/registration requirements, customizable integration into your website using simple HTML and accessible from either a new window or embedded into an existing web page.

34)   Activetopic
This tool offers a remotely hosted shoutbox that can be placed on your site.

35)   Ranking Blog
You can sign up and get your own free shout box for your website where visitors can post their message along with their name and website URL.

36)   Add live chat for help-support to your site in $8.99
CRM solution for live chat providing live help & support for sales and support response, real time visitor monitoring, proactive chat invitation, hits counter, 1operator multiple chat, chat transfer, Pro Active POP-UP etc

37)   iHelp
iHelp - online sales and customer support for your web site iHelp offers a timely and cost-effective solution to communicate live with your web site visitors at the right time, converting them into loyal customers and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships

38)   hollaBox
hollaBox is a powerful PHP application designed with the combined features of both chat script and guest book program to enable webmasters to communicate with their website visitors.

39)   KariChat: Live Chat for website sales and customer support
Chat with your website visitors, offer them instant assistance when they need it, before they go away. KariChat helps you answer your visitors questions in real-time, and at critical moments, to engage them in a sale.

40)   AIM Away For You
AIM Away For You is an online service that enables people to leave message to their friends or relatives.

41)   CGI For Me: Chat Room
This is a java chat room script which has features like having color, bold, underlining the text and having whole control of your chat room.

42)   ETI Chat
Workers, staffs, users and others in a group based system like corporate, private concerns, intranet and internet can talk with one another through this online hosted instant messaging application. No additional software is needed.

43)   GlobalSHOUT
This is a remotely hosted online site communication utility bundled with the combined features of tagboard, guestbook, news management system etc., This program is free to use and comes with no advertisements.

44)   DashChat
This tool is an internet messaging system which can be used as part of your web based business, a room to meet friends or a place to visit relatives avoiding the expensive telephone charges.

45)   Plug-in Chat Room
This is a free, HTML and java-based clients supported tool available in 18 languages with instant translation and sending live chats through e-mail.

46)   Boldchat: Free Live Chat for Your Web Site
Chat with visitors on your web site. Great for sales and customer service chats.

47)   myadn Chat Server
To create and load a chat room on a web site, make a link and enter the chatroom name at the end of the link.

48)   Hostik Live Chat Service
Hostik Live Chat Services give your web site visitors live sales and customer service - Monitor your traffic, qualify leads and engage your visitors. Live Chat Support & Live Customers.

49)   AliveChat LITE
This remotely hosted chat system is suitable for websites to offer real time support to their medium sized customers. Supports two modes of chat rooms for operators and customers. Comes with many facilities to include an effective chat system to your website.

50)   TheRealms.NetWorks Chat
Create your own chat rooms and maintain it with a few simple link clicks. You can also have a profile with privacy settings as well. Welcome to the all NEW Chat site for TheRealms.NetWorks!

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