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1-50 Content Management (Remotely Hosted) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Simple Web Site Updater
This is a website generating program that helps users to create and manage contents on the websites. Users can perform actions like adding, editing, deleting contents.

2)   GenB web content management system
GenB web content management system with an easy WYSIWYG and powerfull integration process using Macromedia Dreamweaver® Extensions.

3)   ipadder
This is a content publishing program that helps users to publish different kinds of contents online. You can display news or all your posts anywhere on the web.

4)   Content Master XXL
Offering content management, promtion for websites.

5)   Trellix SiteBuilder
This is a website creating program that helps users to allow their site visitors to create and update their own professional site. All you have to do is just login with your username and password to this program.

6)   EZ Publish Hosting
It is a hosting service for EZ Publish, a fast, reliable PHP4 / MySQL driven web site system. It comes with web based e-mail, Perl, Python, and more.

7)   SB Site Builder
This is a website creating program that helps users to create and maintain websites. This program provides many template designs for creating a webpage.

8)   Website Pro
This is a website creating and content managing program that helps users who doesn't have any programming knowledge to create and manage personal or professional looking websites.

9)   PortalPro.Net
This program provides multiple OC 3 fiber optic connectivity for hosting business websites. This program provides web hosting solutions. You can create websites using this program.

10)   Iprosite
This is a content management solution that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. Users need not to have FTP or HTML knowledge to use this program.

This is a powerful content management solution that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. This program provides high quality results. This is a completely automated program.

12)   eSitesBuilder Standard
This is a website generating program that can create and maintain websites. This program provides all necessary tools to create a professional website.

13)   SiteStudio Pro Site Editor
This is a website generating program where users can create and maintain websites. Customers list manager and product catalog can be added in this program.

14)   Advantage CMS
CrownPeak Technology provides world-class content and asset management as a service, so that secure, feature-rich, enterprise level technology can be made available economically.

15)   Enhtech - Standard Content Management System
Both the content and images on your web based systems can be manipulated through this web based content management system. All available web content can be kept more securely in a seperate location.

16)   NextEdit
All links, contents and page layouts etc on your website can be updated / modified anywhere from the world dynamically by implementing this hosted software on your web based systems like small organizations and individual websites.

17)   Whiteboard
Whiteboard is a content management system, allowing anyone with average computer skills to create their own web site quickly and easily. Whiteboard helps you update a web site without any complications.

18)   SiteStudio Plus Site Editor
This is an online content management software that can create and manage contents on the websites through a web based interface. You can add, edit or delete using image manager and can resize any images.

19)   Hot Project Extranet
Work Smarter with your Clients! Hot Project allows you to easily manage content, documents, artwork, tasks and feedback through your website. No training and no special software required! 1gb of storage available from $99 per month.

20) is a web site which helps you to build your web site with enhanced features. This website provides you a strong shopping cart system, email feature, 450 professional design templates, photo albums, image library etc.,

21)   Enhtech - Advanced Content Management System
In addition to content and image management this software provides you the solutions to handle an advertisement module on your website. Helps you to display any number of banners anywhere on your web pages.

22)   About Nuke hosting - PHPNuke, Postnuke, Xoops etc
Absolutely Free setup! Featuring 1Click Install for PostNuke, PHPNuke, Xoops and PHPWebsite. With one click you can install your site or multiple sites. Guaranteed and proven hosting solutions with great benefits. Your site will be up in seconds not days or weeks. Domain registration. Free setup!

23)   Vevolution's Content Management
You can utilize this remotely hosted content manager on your website to maintain all dynamic content more easier and faster. Navigational tools, search engine, user module and automated content etc can be handled effectively.

24)   SurfCMS
One of the easier ways to manage your web content pages can be included by using this remotely hosted content editor. You can access this risk free content updator round the clock from anywhere in the world.

25)   SB Site Control
This is an online controlling website software that helps users to control webpages from any remote location. Simple and very handy tool for webmasters.

26)   WebEdit Platinum
WebEdit Platinum is a online website builder which permits your customers to edit their web sites through a web browser. Websites on any server could be edited from any where through a web based browser.

27)   Content Management Web Service
With the help of web based editor and HTML module this remotely hosted application will assist you to integrate your content pages like news listings, office releases, newsletters etc., Without spending much time and money you can design your content pages easily.

28)   UPOINT Remote Web Publisher
UPOINT's Remote Web Publisher (RWP) is an online editing tool that updates the contents of your web pages, which reside in your own server. No FTP or chmod needed. Update is instant. RWP is completely under SSL connection.

It offers an Enterprise Content Management system, is an Application Service Provider (ASP). Its features include Page history / rollback, Meta tags, titles and keywords, WYSIWYG, and security, etc.

30)   EveryBuilder Together
EveryBuilder is a powerful and dynamic content management system that is simple enough for everybody. Anybody can use EveryBuilder to create, design, and maintain their websites. As well as web designers, Everybuilder is great for graphics designer and anybody who wants to make regular updates

31)   ListingsPro
This is an online list manager that helps users to manage listings in real time. This program is suitable for websites like real estates etc. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

32)   Content Pro
This is a content management software that permits users to create and edit contents on the websites. You need not to download any other software to use this program.

33)   01FTP
This is a content management program that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. All you have to do is just login with your username and password through the website.

34)   SiteStudio Express Site Editor
This is a website editor that helps users to create and edit contents on the websites from a web based browser. This program has WYSIWYG text editor for editing text.

This script is a online web editor solution for web owners and webmasters. To make the editor run from your site completely you can co-brand it. It enables you to update your web pages

36)   e-Edit Content Management
This is an online content management program that helps users to create and maintain contents on the website in real time. This is the perfect way to place world wide web at your fingertips.

37)   SiteGalore
It is an Online website building and publishing tool that enables ISPs, ASP’s and web hosting companies to offer private-branded, powerful value-added services to their customers.

38)   BlazeBoard Co-Branded Portals
It enables an individual to start his/her own co branded portal/CMS solution without any knowledge of coding. News is categorized into areas for easier access to particular content.

39) Online Content and Template Management System
Create sites adaptable to change and growth without having to bother about details nor HTML

40)   Trellix SiteBuilder
Trellix SiteBuilder is a content management program which provides a way for the users to build compelling web sites. This script permits the users to advertise to their customers.

41)   Swiftedit - The online WYSIWYG website editor
SWIFTEDIT is a powerful online web editor solution for all web owners and webmasters. Featuring an online WYSIWYG editor which enables you to update your web pages in real-time.

42)   01Publisher
This is a website building program that helps users to build powerful professional or personal websites from a web based interface. This program has 200 inbuilt templates to start designing with.

43)   FlexWindow
FlexWindow is a Web service that allows users to update their web site by e-mail. Send an e-mail with the content you want to appear in that "FlexWindow".

44)   News Release Publisher
News Release Publisher lets you update any type of news and contents on your dynamic website using in-built templates. You can define many user groups to update news through web based interface without any knowledge in HTML.

45)   SuperUpdate
This web enabled hosted application would be a adaptive solution for website owners to maintain their content up-to-date. Enables them to manage files and images upload, new html pages, links creation, database tables, etc effectively by easier means of features.

46)   Metaverse Content Server
This multi-use content management software offers lot of solutions to integrate your content as well as documents, knowledgebase, images etc on your web based systems. Supports XML module with content management.

47)   LiveStoryBoard CMS
LiveStoryBoard CMS provides you easier and effective means of content management solutions which are widely useful to administer stories, templates, user accounts with the help of web based XML and WYSIWYG editors, content repository, file manager and several other in-built tools.

48)   MySiteSpindle
MySiteSpindle is a script for website creation which permits the users to create a professional website for business purpose and for personal use.

49)   eZ publish CMS
This is an open source content management software based on content management framework. This program helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites.

50)   Dotcommunity
This is a website generating program that helps user to build community websites. This program takes care of organizing files and resizing images.

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