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1-50 Customer Support (Remotely Hosted) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Xencoders ChatAnywhere
This completely hosted application offers several phenomenal technologies including ChatAnywhere, PrivMail, and XenShield.

2)   Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH)
A live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the written in php and can use a text based database or Mysql database.

Live helper enables companies to handle the array of different communications that occur between customers and businesses.

4)   TiNSupport
TiNSupport can be used to give your customers a high quality service and for reducing customers who avoid the shopping cart. It also gives your website a human touch and an interactive content.

5)   bigWebDesk
This is a web based help desk and asset management software that contains highly customizable ticket fields and routing options. It has the ability to streamline the communication between you and your customers.

6)   Whiz-Ticket
This helps web masters to instantly create a live customer support system on their website. With this system you can serve your customers immediately and to increase the relationship with them.

7)   SiteChat Pro
This is a customer support help desk system that helps you to serve your online customers in real time and thereby increase your sales and to build the relationship with your customers.

8)   iHelp
iHelp provides you a cost effective solution to conduct live chat with your customers online which helps you to build the relationship with your customers.

9)   Free LIve chat customer support
Live chat customer support software will help you to monitor the traffic of your site. You can easily chat with them and solve thier problem . By this way you can increase your site's performance and reliability. We are now giving the solution absolutely free. Just create a account from us. Download operator software , Generate tag ,place it in your site and use it.

10)   Cyracle
Cyracle allows us to get started quickly with low up-front costs, and gives customers many ways to solve their problems and it helps in Customer satisfaction at the same time reducing customer support costs.

11)   SmartService Live
This remotely hosted customer support program helps you to facilitate your customers with live chat through a web based chat window that supports multiple operators.

12)   KnowledgeMessenger
KnowledgeMessenger is an extemely versatile tool that can be plugged into your existing website to provide "Dynamic FAQ", "Ask The Expert", or "Knowledge Base" functionality. A full functioning demo and many client's usage of KnowledgeMessenger is available on our site.

This is a help desk customer support system which offers you a monthly bandwidth of minimum 1000 Mb and allows unlimited number of clients and technicians.

14)   iHelp
iHelp - online sales and customer support for your web site. iHelp offers a timely and cost-effective solution to communicate live with your web site visitors at the right time, converting them into loyal customers and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships

15)   HelpDesk Connect
HelpDesk Connect is a web based help desk system which helps you to solve the trouble tickets of your customers quickly and effectively with features like Dynamic FAQ entries, customer database for easy tracking of customers and much more.

16)   ChatLive121
This remotely hosted chat module lets the webmasters build an online interactive tool to enable their visitors, customers to contact sales personnel to clear the doubts about web services and the software program and other electronic products they offer on their sites.

17)   Get1on1
Get1on1 strives to be the premier supplier of the most cost effective, reliable, and user-friendly online customer support application.

18)   Bravenet HumanClick
This script is the only authorized distributor of the Free Human Click program. It has a number of features like people knowing when you are available to chat, Customizable graphics and colors, no complicated programs to install, etc.

19)   Sohodo CRM
This is a web based customer relation management system which allows you to enhance the customer response time by solving the pending tickets quickly, ability to transfer the ticket to the experts for quick assistance etc.

20)   WCWS Live Helper
WCWS Live Helper is an easy way to enable support on your site and it works on version 4.1 and is reasonably priced.

21)   TalkLive121
A very useful hosted application for call centers to give support to their customers through telephone. Many features like call logs, no-hold option, call inversion, IP banning, redial facility, auto-responders and a many more are available.

22)   Free Stats Service
Sitehosted Stats Service is the best web site tracking service on the web. And it is FREE! Our Stats Service will track your web sites statistics around the clock and you can check them at any time using a web browser from anywhere in the world! Our service is very easy to use and offers more valuable statistics than any other service.

23)   Live Help, Live Support, Live Sales, Live Chat!
Live Customer Service Chat for your Web Site.

24)   UserInteract Live Support Pro
This is an online customer support system through which you can provide live chat session on your website which will build the relationship with your customers and to serve them immediately. It will be helpful for you to support your website visitors and to monitor your website.

25)   ConverseLive
ConverseLive is an online customer support on your site. It is a cost effective, reliable and user friendly Online Customer Support Application.

26)   AIMpromote - Generate More Leads and Increase Sales
The easy to use system for managing leads from first contact through fulfillment in one place. Combining visitor tracking, SFA, and CRM. A truly professional solution.

27)   Omnistar Live Online Chat Support
Omnistar Live! is a popular alternative solution to Human Click (a.k.a. Live Person) Live Customer Support Chat system.

28)   LivePerson Pro
LivePerson Pro saves your support cost with customer support and helps to integrate your internet business immensely. Effective and flexible chat features let your visitors and customers to gain a good online service from you.

29)   Livehelper
This is a remotely hosted customer support utility that can be integrated into users website inorder to provide live help facility for their site visitors.

30)   Help Meister
Help Meister provides remotely hosted help management solutions to enable the webmasters to keep their users, visitors to be clear about every aspects of their website. Supports customization with forms and fields and pop-up feature is included.

31)   Live Support Person
This is an user-friendly online chat tool through which you can interact with the visitors of your web site, guide them through your web site providing necessary information to them. This tool helps you to increase your business volume.

32)   Marshelp
A powerful and flexible web based help desk .The solution is a cost effective method of customer support that manages and tracks customer sales or service problems on the website without the hassles. It is free to use and uses 1.0 as its version.

33)   ExDesk Help Desk Software
This is a complete help desk solution designed for small and medium sized business houses. It is a web based system that can be accessed from any browser and also fully configurable.

34)   LiveOperator
LiveOperator is a customer service script that allows your customers to chat with you in an instant message. Establish great and trustworthy customer support.

35)   Your IT Help Desk
This is a customer support system which is designed especially for the purpose of IT companies. In addition, it also provides you with advice and consultancy services.

36)   HumanHelper
This is an online customer support system which enables your online customers to interact with your support staff in real time. It comes with a wide range of features to provide quality service to your online customers.

37)   Instahelp
Instahelp enables live customer support on your website. Eduinfo InstaHelp is completely Web based, it also provides real time sales and customer support service

38)   Chattalooga Live Help
Chattalooga Live Help offers flexible customer care solutions and allows you to utilize this hosted service without any extra server software, installations and plugins support. Using web based interface, you would be able to manage any number of customers, visitors on your site.

39)   LivePerson Service Edition
LivePerson Service Edition would be an adaptive solution to the large sized e-business to provide customer service through powerful 24/7 chat system. All conversation can be stored into database with encrypted SSL support.

40)   Omnistar Live Customer Support Manager
It gives you the ability to interact with any one visiting your site in real time. The remotely hosted version is $24.95/operator and the installable server version is $99.95/year.

41)   UserInteract Live Support
UserInteract Live Support is a customer support system with which you can provide live chat support to your website visitors thereby increasing your sales, minimising your expenses and helps you to develop customer relations.

42)   PyramidTools Help Desk
PyramidTools provide remotely hosted help desk service for your site Visitors reach your website seeking personal assistance. This fully automated system accepts their claims, and routes their support request to the appropriate technicians.

43)   Live2support
The best CRM solution to Chat live one to one with your customers, offer your special promos, resolve queries in real time and close sale. It provides support/sales from anywhere and any computer and support multiple customers at the same time, thus reduces cost and improve response time.

44)   HelpDeskOnline.Net
It is a reasonably priced fully automated Web based help desk service. Features include: unlimited forwarding for escalation and additional info requests, automated FAQ maintenance, templates based customization, easy setup, etc. Customers can submit requests 24/7 from anywhere in the world and your staff can access the system 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Serve first 20 requests for free.

45) is a knowledge base application that easily and simply integrates into your website. It has multiple levels of security to track both your internal and external information. Data is handled by an administration control center. "admin", "editor" and "reader" accounts have access to your settings, edit and approve your knowledge base content and view internal only information respectively.

46)   Dapper Desk Online Help Desk
Organize your customer requests. Create tickets via login or via email. Unlimited end-users and unlimited customer service reps. Color coded status codes. Customizable autoresponses. Mutliple themes.

47)   CorporateVisions HelpExpress Enterprise
This web based help desk is Accessible anywhere in the world Help Express requires no client no installation, no programming, no downloads to interfere with your current computer configurations just a web browser.

48)   SupportClient
SupportClient is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution for small to large businesses, eliminating the burden of outdated email based customer service for online companies. And no more spam in your inbox.

49)   Hostik Live Chat Services
This is a help desk system which helps you to provide real time support to your customers by offering a live chat support on your website. It provides you with complete reporting regarding the visitors, site hits, referrers etc and also it is cost effective.

50)   LiveChatNow!
This is an online customer support system which helps you to communicate with your online customers through a live chat system thereby solving the queries of your customers instantly and increase the business volume. It comes with a wide range of features.

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