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1-50 Miscellaneous (Remotely Hosted) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   BFN Country Flag
Add your visitors home country flag to any HTML document.

2)   Astrology Affiliate Program
This script is used to provide the website with an astrology program. It will increase your site traffic. This script helps the visitors to know their forecasts, to find baby names etc.

3)   RSS Ticker Widget
The RSS Ticker Widget enables even non-techies to put a live, scrolling, completely customizable RSS feed on their website, for free! All you have to do is copy and paste.

4)   Online reservations
Webmasters can use this script to facilitate their site with online reservation by which the web visitors can reserve hotel rooms, cottages or any other through online. It has different facilities that makes easy for the web visitors to use this tool.

5)   SiteExpress
SiteExpress is a suitable remotely hosted software for internet company / MLM firms which would like to provide webhosting and designing services to their customers. Site maintanance can be done without much effort with the provided editor.

6)   Start your free webhosting service
This remotely hosted system is helpful for the webmasters that allows them to run their own free web hosting service. Users should just signup the form to get this service.

7)   WebRunner
WebRunner would be an adaptable solution for internet based businesses to integrate the website with interactive tools. And this remotely hosted application offers hosted services to manage shopping cart, event calendar, surveys, mailing lists etc.

8)   eBoard
eBoard provides features to organize classroom schedules and also acts as a bridge between students and their parents and teachers. Supports file attachments, photo uploads etc.,

9)   Babylon Pro
This script is helpful for the webmasters to build their site with dictionary that allows their site visitors to find accurate meaning for particular word in different languages.

10)   Free Backwash Content Feed
This script is used for providing the contents on the website. The contents may be mp3, news, articles, downloads etc., It also allow users to create their own personal channel on their website to reach their site visitors. All links related backwash content is appeared in backwash frame.

11)   JustInTime Scheduler
JustInTime Scheduler is a Remotely Hosted Program Which can be used by the webmasters to make a schedule in staff handling in a group or hospitals.

This remotely hosted application is more beneficial for internet based small buisnesses which offer services to promote the productivity and increases their customer satisfaction. In-built marketing techniques lets you run a successful business.

13)   NearestOutlet Dealer Zip Code Locator Solution
This script is helpful for the webmasters to build their site with zip code locator which is helpful for finding the dealers location to buy a product.

14)   Bpath Rank
This script is helpful for the webmasters to list their site on search engine to get more traffic on their website. Community tools and Ad units are available.

15)   Ipage
This user friendly hosted application is very useful one for those who want to build a website without any knowledge about it. Allows you to define your desired name for domain name.

16)   Monster Tool Box
Variety online tools to help promote and manage websites.

17)   sbSiteBuilder
With this remotely hosted sitebuilder application creation of webpages can be done more easily using in-built templates and modifications can be done with the help of WYSIWYG editor. Information can be maintained up-to-date.

18)   Image Hosting Site
This is a remotely hosted image hosting website for your members to post their images, arts and share their images. It has many enhanced features with this system.

19)   ZY Web Builder
This cost effective and time saving webpage builder helps you to design your website pages without the help of any extra hardware and sofware requirements. Customizable buttons, backgrounds, font etc are available.

20)   Link Popularity Checker
This script is helpful for the webmasters to find how many links point to their site. Most popular search engines are using link popularity in their ranking algorithms to give ranks to most popular sites.

21)   Bookmarks2
This is a remotely hosted application to bookmark number of lists. It lets you to share the bookmark with your associates. It is an easy to use web tool.

22)   Free spell checker
This program is used to check the spelling mistakes that found in the URL or in any text. It supports six thousand and one forty four characters.

23)   Expired domains registered in Yahoo, Dmoz with built-in traffic
This script is used to find the expired domains. This script gives you the list of expired domains and which are going to expire soon. These sites are listed in yahoo or dmoz domain names.

24)   Free IP banning service, remotly hosted
Invisible, free service that allows anyone to have IP banning on any page of their website. No advertising, no pupups. A simple, free service that should have been done long ago.

25)   RSS Scrollbox Widget
Liven up you site by adding dynamic self-updating content from up to three RSS feeds with just a copy & paste. Nothing could be easier! Not only that, but the look is completely customizable.

26)   eTapestry
This web based hosted application is an online fundraising system that will help you to handle your donors, alumni and prospects via intuitive interface. In-built search engine helps to find required donor accounts with detailed info.

27)   Copyright Button
This is a remotely hosted system that allows web owners to display copyright button on their website which contains the details about copyright notice of their site.

28)   Patrol Express
This script is used for monitoring different types of applications, storages, systems and networks for reducing the operating costs by monitoring remotely about the availability of storage and network devices, systems etc. It also monitors how the problems are affecting the end user experience.

29)   Link Finder
This script is used to check the number of links on other sites that links back to you. This script can be used to check even competitors websites links.

This is a hotel reservation system where visitors or surfers are allowed to book their stay from anywhere. They are allowed to check the room availability.

31)   Multimedia Website Builder
A website with professional and pleasant look can be obtained from this multimedia supported online website creator application. Supports animations with page content and keeps them in safety.

32)   Fully Developed Domain Rater Website
This is a remotely hosted application through which website owners can post the detailed information about the current appraisal domain value and its various categories. Using this application you can also promote affiliate banners.

33)   NetshopperUK
This remotely hosted software lets you integrate various modules on your site like shopping cart system, online payment transactions and designing web pages. You can access existing modules with the help of given individual solutions.

34)   Free image hosting
This site is helpful for the users which allows them to upload their pictures, movies, flash files, graphics etc., Users have to just browse and upload their pictures from their system to this site.

This is a site which guides the users to gain knowledge about conversion like, length, area & surface, mass, temperature, speed storage, pressure and more.

36)   Environment Data
This system is remotely hosted application to fetch your site visitors IP address and their browser type. This is an alternate to SSI, CGI and PHP.

37)   Winstar Business Internet
Any kind of business applications can get more benefits from this internet based business solution. And a wide range of services are given through this remotely hosted application that lets you run your business globaly and helps you to get more profit.

38)   Free Dealer Locator
This script is helpful for the clients to find the dealers location by giving zip code as input and then it gives full information about the dealers.

This site allows user to book their favourite domain name. This checks for your domain name and display them as a subdomain with another domain.

40)   SiteExpress
SiteExpress is a suitable remotely hosted software for internet company / MLM firm which like to have a website for universal based business. Site maintanance can be done without much effort.

41)   Syndicated weather content
This is a remotely hosted weather forecast service provider. Webmasters can use this script to build their site with weather forecast indicator. It allows site visitors to view their countries weather report.

42)   ePageCity
You can easily create a website with all facilities using this remotely hosted ePageCity program. Powerful marketing tools lets you improve your business to a greater degree. Customer supportive tools helps to increase your visitors satisfaction.

43)   SiteReportCard: WebSite Optimization Tools
This is an optimizing tool for your website to check for broken links, spelling mistakes, check keywords, meta tags will be checked and the results will be sent to your mail.

44)   Web Page Monitoring Services
This is a remotely hosted application which monitors the content on your website and if found any changes, mails you immediately to your inbox.

45)   HaloSites - Church Site
This remotely hosted software offers you several features to build a church website. Consists of several tools like online bible, animation gallery, daily verse and many more.

46)   Country Flag
This is a remotely hosted script to display your site visitors contry flag. This is an useful tool to provide security to your files or folders.

47)   Usability Market
This system is stock market simulation. This system allows user to fill the usability surveys for websites and receive $10 when visitors clicks the link on their webpage.

48)   Cache me
This script is helpful for accessing the required webpage if the server is down or very busy to access. It gives you the web link through cache. It is fast to access and saves servers bandwidth.

49)   greatplaces4u
This is a place where you can remotely host any application for your websites like, job market, work for freelancers, yellow pages and more.

50)   internetVista
Internet vista is a remotely hosted service center which helps in monitoring the users website. The monitoring of website can be processed by internetVista service centre and they involve in monitoring the websites of the registered members.

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