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Top 901-950 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

901)   My Free Web Tools
My Free Web Tools offers services for novice web programmers to learn all features of HTML to design the pages with customizable color, layouts, templates and themes. As well as increase your website thorugh traffic exchange.

902)   Real WebInfo
Real WebInfo is a networking utility which allows the users to recover the information of the current website with a toolbar button that is added with IE.

903)   1st Email Security
Stop leaving traces on the Internet - install Email Security!

904)   Flash Optimizer Lite for Mac
Optimize and compress Macromedia Flash with Flash Optimizer Lite for Mac.

905)   Active User Manager
Active User Manager is a tool which has the ability to manipulate users and process the organisational units. This tool delete / migrate and share users profile.

906)   Ease Jukebox
This is an effective multifunction multimedia software using which you can rip, record, convert, normalize, combine, edit audio files through a clickable interface.

907)   Advanced Audio Converter Extractor
Convert any audio file from one to another, extract audio from video or record.

908)   Automation Anywhere
Automation Software for Windows. Automate business processes & IT tasks easily.

909)   Arctor D2D Backup
This backup tool copies and restores important data, files and documents from every system connected to a network and provides a second copy along with the history of all processed data.

910)   Eemailer
eemailer is a free email client with IMAP, POP3 and local folder functionality. It has a built-in HTML3.2 compliant webbrowser and integrated SMTP engine. eemailer is completely written in delphi.

911)   Easy GIF Animator
Powerful yet easy to use software for creating and editing animated GIF images.

912) offers the users more than 3000 royalty free templates, these templates are very easy for the users to use.

913)   InterWorx Server Management Platform
This tool helps to make the server management easier by provided complete solution for all clients. Hence, all process that are held in the database server can be handled easily.

914)   ImTOO MPEG Encoder
Convert AVI to DVD. Convert among large numbers of video and audio formats

915)   WebContent 4 all
WebContent 4 all is an easy to use online content management system using which you can easily publish your web contents online with templates, images, CSS etc., from your desktop.

916)   SecureWrap Compiler System
This file manipulation program effectively compiles all your executable files and serializes the files. This program is bundled with an advanced serial number generator.

917)   Asset Tracker
Asset Tracker for Networks is a network tool which allows the users to audit hardware and software components installed on systems on the network.

918)   Wine Organizer
This is an easy to use organizing program where users can add, delete or edit wine related informations and organize them on their local PC system. This program uses notepad like interface to store all data.

919)   ABC Amber Access Converter
This is a database tool that helps users to convert data in MS Access database to any type of database table quickly. This tool supports batch conversion which converts unlimited number of MDB files.

920)   Magic Music
Magic Music is a simple digital audio software supporting almost all file formats and highly featured with essential tools for managing your audio files.

921)   Geo Mapper
This is an ActiveX Control/COM Object with which you will be able to represent locations on a US map with an image. It is a tool for marketing applications where sales data or marketing areas can be plotted on the map for easy identification.

922)   PRdigger
This is a simple application that can be used to search pages in google for your keywords and displays them based on the rank of their page. With this tool, you will be able to search for 2000 domain names in real time.

923)   OCP@Whiz-1Z0-023
This comprises of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of OCP. The salient features include High Level of Customization, Detailed Explanation, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and more.

924)   Oracle to Excel
Oracle to Excel is used for migrating Oracle database contents to Excel spreadsheets. Command line is supported by this tool. Conversion of database performs quickly and easily.

925)   PicaJet
PicaJet is a powerful digital photo organiser using which you can organize your own album online with the ability to enhance, modify, print and share the pictures.

926)   Dreamweaver Templates with javascript menus
Save time, cost and effort by choosing ready made Dreamweaver templates with drop-down menus, swap images, rollover buttons and more.

927)   cPanel Wizard
cPanel Wizard is a tool which acts as an administration panel that guides the users to handle cpanel features. A handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

928)   Money Organizer Deluxe
Users are allowed to organize and maintain their personal financial data on their local PC system using this program. This is a financial organizing program that performs bank account managing, online private account managing etc.

929)   AccessLock
Lock your system with a password.

930)   AHTUBA - Search Your Site
This is a site searching program that helps users to search their websites and to find any document on the website. This is a simple and an easy to use program.

931)   Password Book
This is a windows based secure program that helps authorised users to gather and organize passwords, important numbers, access codes. This program supports multiple data entries.

932)   News Updater
News Updater is a content management program which permits the users to update their websites with a graphical user interface. This tool supports the images added with an article.

933)   2X ThinClientServer for Windows
Convert PCs to thin clients & manage them & thin client devices from any vendor

934)   LyricsManager
You can search for lyrics online, organize and playback musical files through this efficient music management tool with an user-friendly interface.

935)   Media Manager
This is a powerful tool with several helping wizards to help you to organize audio/video files and collections based on any desired criteria.

936)   Network Administrators Toolkit
Network Administrators Toolkit is a network tool which is developed to administer the network. This utility monitors the user servers and provides inventory reports of it.

937)   Free Resume Tracker
Resume Tracker is a program that allows you to create resumes for various job positions available in your company. Once applicants fill out the resume, it is stored in a database which can be searched and sorted. Individual applicants can be rated on various criteria for future reference. Above all it is available for free.

938)   SWF Live Preview
View Flash files' thumbnails using standard Windows Explorer.

939)   Windows and Internet history eraser
This software suits to clean up the traces and footprints of your access info from your windows enabled computer systems. All PC users can utilize this program to keep their confidential information and data away from others knowledge.

940)   Address Wizard Pro
Address Wizard Pro is a network tool which displays the IP addresses, changed MAC addresses and name of the server station. The users are allowed to define up to 15 address range.

941)   Internet Traffic Garbler
Hide sites you've visited and close your Internet traffic from curious eyes!

942)   ABC Security Protector
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.

943)   DevGuru WMLScript Quick Reference Guide
This is an informational reference source for all of the library functions, operators, and statements that compose the WMLScript language version 1.2. This also includes real working code examples that were tested on the "Nokia WAP Toolkit version 2.0" Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) web browser simulator. such simulators available for free on the Internet.

944)   MP3 Converter
This offers a free download CD ripper, an audio grabber, a MP3 encoder, a MP3 decoder, a MP3 converter and other MP3 software. This is a tool to convert mp3 files into wav files.

945)   Cyclanoid
Play tile-based logic puzzles and create your own games

946)   Clean Registry
Software to backup, clean and compress registry. Make your computer run faster.

947)   Passware Kit
Passware Kit will be more useful for all MS-Windows based systems to recover all kind of passwords for many software applications. It can grab passwords more faster.

948)   1st Free Website Layout from TheAnotherWorld
Now our company is mostly engaged in outsourcing projects. Companies trust us, test us and stay with us. Now we offer our services without any risk for your business. Until the 31st of August we create a COMPLETELY FREE WEBSITE LAYOUT for all our new partners. So you don’t risk at all.

949)   Alive! Jigsaw Producer
Alive! Jigsaw Producer is a program that can be utilized by the users to create computer jigsaw game using their own selected images. This program supports WMF and JPEG image formats.

950)   Easy Registry Optimizer
Easy Registry Optimizer is a tool that comes with the ability to clean the system registry. This will make the computer work fast.

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