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Top 51-100 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   IAS Log Viewer
The IAS Log Viewer program helps to read and interpret the log files from Windows 2000 Routing and Remote access service. It Works with log files at real time. It support both IAS-formatted and database-import formats of log file.

52)   CVS for Dreamweaver
This is an useful development tool that provides webmasters, a simple and easy platform with GUI to work with macromedia dreamweaver.

53)   DevGuru WML Quick Reference Guide
This is a reference source for all the tags and attributes that compose the Wireless Markup Language (WML) version 1.2. This Reference also includes some real working code examples tested on the M3Gate version 0.4 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) web browser simulator

54)   ABC Amber CSV Converter
This script is a database tool that helps users to convert data from CSV file to any database. Batch conversion and command line are supported by this database tool.

55)   Easy Meta Tag Generator
This utility is used for generating meta tags on the web pages to attract search engine robots or spiders and thereby increase web traffic and revenue.

56)   Pathalizer
Pathalizer is a simple online log analyser capable of generating statistical graphs from apache log files to facilitate admin with visitor reports.

57)   Designer's Dream! 555+ Ready2Use Website Templates
555 Templates you can use, to JUMP START your graphic projects! - 55 Premium Website Templates - 300 Standard Website Templates - 100 Selling Specific Products Based - 100 Extras! RETAIL VALUE : $9999+

58)   CodeCharge
CodeCharge is a code-generating tool designed for web developers and Internet consultants. It allows you to speed the deployment of database driven web applications: shopping carts, online stores, message boards and surveys, easily add dynamic content to your webpages. CodeCharge produces robust, bug-free code in the language of your choice - PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, Perl and ASP.NET.

59)   Deep Log Analyzer
Website analytics and statistics software wtih interactive hierarchical reports.

60)   eZ publish online editor
This online editor allows you to write and edit all content on your eZ publish site through a user friendly interface. It allows you to make headers, bold or italic text, tables, links or add pictures. It does not require any html type tags and works like a normal word processor.

61)   LogRover
LogRover - Advanced web server log file analyzer with comprehensive reporting.

62)   WRQ Reflection: Secure Telnet and Remote Access
WRQ Reflection: Secure Telnet and Remote Access provides users some main solutions to meetout their needs in host accessing.

63)   zbackup
zbackup is an advanced backup tool for the cPanel system which is useful for taking backups of MYSQL databases and user defined 'system' files. This tool is helpful for the system administrators.

64)   SiteExpress
SiteExpress is a tool and a website builder which allows the customers to build powerful websites directly from the users server quickly. This program helps customers to build attractive websites in a very short time.

65)   Flash-db Web Services Directory
This is a directory of web services that is browser and machine based. The listed services, however, can be consumed with any programming language. It also offers a Flash WSDL Inspector which parse's any WSDL file that works along with the Directory to display all parts of any listed WSDL file in an easy to understand format.

66)   waRmZip
waRmZip is a file utility which allows the users to clean up the spaces which are free in the folder and subfolders. The files can be moved by the users to other disks and folders.

67)   Stats
Complex user tracking system, cookie based, providing detailed reports about accesses to your site.

68)   iTechies Templates
This is an online collection of all kind of smart and editable templates with which you can design your applications.

69)   Free Search Engine Submission
This is a site submission program that helps users to submit their websites to over 300 search engine in the database. This is a simple and very easy to use program.

70)   ActiveStat
ActiveStat is a simple online log analyzer designed for internet promoters and marketing analysts to access real-time visitor statistics with live and interactive reports.

71)   SecureCRT
SecureCRT combines the secure login and data transfer capabilities of Secure Shell™ (SSH®) along with the reliability, usability and configurability of a proven Windows terminal emulator.. Key features offered are One client supports SSH1, SSH2, telnet, serial and other protocols, Secure Shell encrypted login, data encryption, Port forwarding securely tunnels SMTP, POP, other TCP/IP data, ZModem file transfer and more.

72)   GameCP
This is a powerful integrated game server control panel through which you can install games files on the server. This program is designed specially to work on linux platforms.

73)   Web Log Storming
Web Log Storming is a simple online log analyzing software that provides detailed website statistics with interactive graphs and users can bookmark customized reports.

74)   Google Backlinks Comparison Tool
Compare the number of backlinks your site has against your competitors' sites. This SEO tool is free to use and makes checking backlinks a breeze.

75)   FTP Wanderer
An incredibly simple FTP client: moving files to/from the Internet is a snap.

76)   Genealogy Enhancement Tools Multi Sound Edition
The multi sound edition of this tool can be used to allow more than one person to describe a photo and also allows your website visitor to comment on each and every photo in the gallery.

77)   Excel-to-MySQL
This tool is helpful for database administrator who wants to merge data from excel database to mysql database. It converts individual spreadsheets also.

78)   Kiwi CatTools
Free network management and config tools for routers, switches and firewalls

79)   WebSphere Application Server
WebSphere® Application Server, Version 5.0 offers a cost-effective, integrated foundation platform for foundation messaging flows and applications. Provides an all-in-one deployment model, administration point, programming model, and integrated application development environment.

80)   iDevX2My - Excel To MySQL Converter
This program is used for converting data from excel sheet to MySQL database. It has different styles and the users can select any style as they like.

81)   WHG FTP Backup
This is a simple utitlity which helps in providing daily back up facilty for the control panel files. This utitlity helps to store the control panel daily back up files to be stored in remote FTP server.

82)   Zeroo HTTP Server
Zeroo is a simple, small, portable, fast HTTP server. It works on Win32/Linux systems.

83)   Posting Station
Posting Station is a tool which enables the users to create websites for their club, associates and family. A useful tool for the users and the webmasters.

84)   EzCAD
EzCAD is an useful drawing component which allows developers to design several projects using different components of this tool. It has more than forty five components with three thousand two hundred and fifty functions.

85)   Microsoft SMS Sender
Microsoft SMS Sender is a simple and easy to use tool that can be used to send SMS text messages from windows XP machine using your GSM cellular phone. It also supports any type of characters.

86)   Absolute Log Analyzer Lite
It is a client-based log processing solution designed for web traffic analysis. It is Informative and accurate, flexible and easy-of-use tool that will allow you to get full information about your web site's visitors.

87)   LyricsManager
LyricsManager is an online music management tool with which admin can search for popular lyrics on the net to organize their MP3 files as karaoke playback.

88)   Bello Network Monitoring WinGUI
bello network monitoring offers reliable network and website monitoring, web or windows user interface. Sensor types include PING, PORT, HTTP, HTTPS, Advanced HTTP (e.g. for content checks), HTTP Transaction, DNS, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, FTP and more.

89)   Flash .SCR Master
This script offers a tool to create your own screen savers. These shall be high quality and self installing. These can be installed as well as shared.

This is a tool that provides solutions for communication purposes. This phone tool helps to contact any number in the world. It contains a global number by which any subscribers can be reached on any device.

91)   Happy Browser
Happy Brower is a powerful networking tool by which the system administrators can query IP address, ping, traceroute, cookies etc.,

92)   Web Log Suite
GUI/command line powerful log analyzer. Analyzes most popular log file formats.

93)   OpenWebScope
OpenWebScope is a shareware Web Statistics Software Package that produces reports that detail the complete visitor experience on your website. It sorts through all of the invisible information that users leave behind when visiting a website and gives you a statistical representation of the most valuable thing on your site ie user interaction.

94)   Mambo Dreamweaver Template extension toolbar
Mambo 4.5 template builder extension by Adds a custom toolbar to Dreamweaver MX or higher to enable you to quickly and painlessly insert the needed MOS php code to create your own Mambo Open Source 4.5 and 4.5.1a templates.

95) offers a collection of free Templates to suit their needs. It provides templates for website and flash website for the usages including professonal and webdesigning.

96)   File Service Extension for IIS
It enhances Internet Information Server with: Anti-leech; Concurrent connections limit; Concurrent connections from same IP limit. It can also sets limits like the Traffic per day limit; Open hours control; Maximum session time limit. It can even do Real-time connections tracing; Real-time connections handling; Easy IP deny/allow setting; Custom server software signature; Custom directory browsing page and much more.

97)   Free Templates by provides a set of templates for the users to let them use for various purpose. This program has various types of templates including Web Template, Hightech style, Car Company style etc.,

98)   Articles and Content
Original web content. Writing, Copywriting services.Unique web content providers.Original keyword articles for SEO. Ghostwriting and e-book content. Grab your original web site content today!

99)   EMS IB Manager Professional
Simple and powerful GUI tool for InterBase server adminitration and management.

100)   Free Templates
This program is a collection of free templates helping users to enhance their own website. This is a simple and very useful handy tool for webmasters.

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