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Top 1001-1050 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1001)   Source Edit
This is a tool used to develop Java, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Pascal, Perl, ASP, XML, HTML, SQL, PHP and if developed in any other language, it has the flexibility to add to it.

1002)   AutoFTP Premium
AutoFTP Premium is a FTP program that helps users to transfer files to and from their FTP server. It has an inbuilt scheduler to automate file transfers.

1003)   Iraqi dinar value
You can use this currency converting tool to convert Iraqi dinars to American dollar values with just a mouse click.

1004)   Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003 (DocKIT)
Document Import Kit for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (DocKIT)is a simple tool to import documents from multiple file systems & sources into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SQL Store).

1005)   90z mp3 player
90Z MP3 PLAYER is a simple MP3 tool software. It provides beautiful interface for the user.

1006)   Port Reporter
Port Reporter is a network tool which allows the users to log UDP and TCP port activities on a local system. This tool is helpful for troubleshooting scenarios and security purpose.

1007)   WinTopMost
Disabling close button automatically to keep users from closing a Word, Excel, Telnet or any Windows program.

1008)   Mail Server Pro
Bullet-proof SMTP POP3 server software used by corporations and ISP

1009)   Handy Keylogger
Handy Keylogger - superior stealth keyboard monitor for family and business use.

1010)   Pivo Whois Component
Whois Tool is a client utility that communicates with WHOIS servers located around the world to obtain domain registration information.

1011)   DEKSI Network Inventory
This is an useful software that gives you a report on disk drive details, the hardware and software installed on all computers connected to your network.

1012)   Veraci StaffCal - Scheduling Software
Using this Software you can create schedules for human resources and equipment sources etc., and can generate real-time calendars for appointment, meeting etc., with several facilities such as email reminder, print option, and a lot more.

1013)   Advanced Excel Repair
Advanced Excel Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Excel xls and xlw files. It can scan the corrupt Excel files and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption.

1014)   AOLserver
AOLserver is America Online's Open-Source web server. AOLserver is the backbone of the largest and busiest production environments in the world. AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled web server used for large scale, dynamic web sites.

1015)   SiteRecon
Email and web site monitoring service.

1016)   SearchBliss CSS Generator
This tool allows you to add style to your headings, paragraphs, and links with several options that you control. You can use its CSS generator or even add it to your own site for free.

1017)   Advanced PDF to HTML converter
Converts PDF files into HTML format with graphics, hyperlinks and bookmarks.

1018)   1st Mail Bomber
Professiona mass mailer, bulk mailer for fast sending personalized emails.

1019)   MP3 To WAV org's MID Converter
MP3 To WAV org's MID Converter is a simple and effective utility tool with which you can convert midi files to MP3, WAV and OGG files with excellent sound effects same as that of the orginal source.

1020)   IE-3PG
This disables logging of your form data, usernames and password by auto complete. It also has an advance guard mode where it can disable logging even if access to the PC's control panel or registry is locked by the system admin.

1021)   URL Protector
URL Protector offers handy security tools to protect your files, directories via powerful user authentication system. All data contents are saved with session catching. Protection can be done either by group or user.

1022)   Thumbs Up Professional
Thumbs Up Professional is a tool which has the ability to design the users galleries on internet. This tool provide eight various types of templates for the users.

1023)   Cross-Numbers
Arrange the numbered tiles in natural order, by moving the rows and columns.

1024)   SQLOne Console For Visual Basic
SQLOne Console For Visual Basic is a powerful SQL dialect converting program capable of supporting multiple databases like Sybase, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, MySQL, ANSI-SQL etc.,

1025)   My Thumbnailer
My Thumbailer provides for comfort of search and browsing graphic pictures.

1026)   Whizlabs Oracle 9i DBA OCP (1Z0-007) Exam Simulator
This is an exam simulator for Oracle 9i DBA OCP 1zo-007. It covers wide range of topics like controlling users access, writing basic SQL select statements, single row functions, manipulating data, creating and managing tables, subqueries and much more.

1027)   DevPlanner
Right estimations trainer, can improve results and prepare weekly reports.

1028)   Useful File Utilities
Useful File Utilities is a tool which is a file browser that provide utilities for the webmasters, any users and programmers. It has both external and internal utilities for users.

1029)   Search Engine Search Box Script
This is a search engine script that provides search box to search the web from a browser based interface. This is an easy to use program.

1030)   Catalog-CD
Catalog-CD is a suitable software for web based traders to track their sales through CDs. Both CD / DVDs can be published with encrypted data in animation format. Acrobat PDF, PowerPoint, ASP, HTML files can be included with CD that acts as a portable dynamic files.

1031)   ReaConverter Pro
ReaConverter Pro is an advanced image converter tool with which you can convert any type of image files of your choice. This new version is capable of supporting more saving parameters.

1032)   Decrypt WS_FTP passwords
This is a password retrieving program that can decode and retrieve WS_FTP passwords. Simple and very useful to use.

1033)   WinNc.Net
WinNc.Net is an program that can be used by the users in managing files on Windows servers. It serves independently in direct dragging and droping access to network neighbourhoods, network servers etc., which are in the double pane interface.

1034)   Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting
Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting is an online utility software capable of recognizing value drivers to forecast series of data in a timely manner.

1035)   ABC Amber DBX Converter
This is a simple and easy to use DBX converter program that allows you to convert DBX files into DBF, XML, CSV and XLS format in real time. It is also capable of coverting six type of fields like From, To, CC, Subject, Received, and Memo field and supports multiple languages.

1036)   Registry Analyst
A Registry Analyst is a handy tool for the system registry analysis and cleaning

1037)   Cyclanoid
Play tile-based logic puzzles and create your own games.

1038)   PractiSearch
This is a searching program that helps user to search the websites on any windows based system. You can use hotkeys to send the text to the searchbar.

1039)   Template4life - Website Templates
This website offers collections of paid templates helping users to build their own high quality websites. This website comes with HTML and premium web templates.

1040)   PopMessenger
Use this complete small to large enterprise level instant communication solution to set up instant communication environment on corporate network without having to use dedicated server or third party services.

1041) Toolbar
This is a browser toolbar that can be installed to your web browser to that enables you to perform a quick search with keywords on the web. It will automatically update to any version.

1042)   1 Cool Menu FX Tool
This is an easy to use menu building software that assits software developers to design attractive java based menu systems for their website with flash animations and java applets.

1043)   Advanced Web Ranking
Advanced Web Ranking is a tool used to find the websites position and ranking on the search engines. This tool attracts the search engine robots and increase the number of hits to your website.

1044)   Dominion Script Language (beta)
This utility is helpful for the users to design their program with a simple visual interface. This tool supports text objects, input box objects, button objects and more.

1045)   Innovate Mail Studio
This is an useful application software that can be used to manage the mailing lists and serves as an out of the office utility that contains forwarding and messaging functions.

1046)   SC Free Image Viewer
Manage and edit images apply many operations.contains wide, varity features

1047)   Linux WebHost Manager
Linux WebHost Manager is a tool which manages the linux operating systems online. This system supports all versions of linux like redhat Linux, debian Linux, cobalt Linux, conectiva Linux, suse Linux and mandrake Linux.

1048)   TinyWeb
TinyWeb is intended to be a simple Win32 daemon for regular (TCP/http) and secure (SSL/TLS/https) web servers. TinyWeb can: Handle http-requests, Execute CGI applicaions, Keep logs, and Allow using CGI instead of index.html.

1049)   WS_FTP Password Reminder
WS_FTP Password Reminder is a handy tool that can be run with windows2000 based systems. All WS FTP passwords can be decoded using this module.

1050)   Website Hosting, Domain Website Host, Cheap Web Site Hosting & Ecommerce
Website Hosting, cheap web hosting packages, domain, ecommerce, small business, reseller. Website host, instant activation.

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