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Top 1051-1100 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1051)   Aprelium Abyss Web Server
This free personal web server for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems supports HTTP/1.1, dynamic content generation through CGI/1.1 scripts, SSI, custom error pages, and access control. It also has a remote web management interface that allows easy hosting of web site and PHP, Perl, or ASP scripts.

1052)   PDFreports
Web based PDF reports from database.

1053)   Admin Report Kit for Windows Server - ARK
Admin Report Kit (ARK) is a powerful, general-purpose reporting tool for the Microsoft Enterprise Network.

1054)   pdfmachine
This is an useful communication tool through which you will be able to send PC-documents to anyone through email and without changing or modifying the format of the original document.

1055)   Hoover Web Templates
Hoover Web Templates is a collection of free and paid templates helping users to create a professional website. They can add their own content such as, music, graphics, text etc on their website and to improve their website.

1056)   Ewisoft Template Builder
This tool allows users to convert HTML data into a template file to help them while building their website. It is convenient and more flexible for webmasters for their site development.

1057)   SID Image In Depth
You can use this image editing tool to encrypt images, to capture screen shots, to apply special effects on images and for many more.

1058)   MP3 WAV Converter
You would be able to convert MP3 audio files into WAV format with both encoder and decoder interface by automatically normalizing the volume consistency.

1059)   SecureTE SUITE
This is an SSH1 and SSH2 client that provides maximum security and flexibility when connecting to remote UNIX or Linux based servers. The companion file transfer application allows secure file synchronization between Windows and secure servers. Use these tools to achieve extremely secure SCP and SFTP connections to your UNIX / Linux servers.

1060)   DriveCrypt
DriveCrypt keeps all your confidential information, stock quotes, corporate plans, and much more content more securely using encryption methods. Supports lot of features with portecting your computer files through efficient administrator.

1061)   SOS Crash Recovery
SOS is a software application that protects your system and files in a virus proof image file that can be used to restore an entire system or select files in the event of a system failure of system crash with ease and speed.

1062)   Zexer Soft's Icon Extractor
Zexer Soft's Icon Extractor is an advanced multimedia tool capable of extracting icons from the files effectively and easily. This program applies masks and filters in the extraction process.

1063)   Disk Cleaning and PC Privacy
Disk Cleaning and PC Privacy is a simple to use PC protective software that is capable of running as a background process as per created schedule. It automatically removes all unsolicited programs and info from your hard disk.

1064)   Offline Downloader
This is a downloading utility that can download a large number of websites to your local system for offline browsing. This utility can download upto 100 files at a time.

1065)   Genealogy Enhancement Tools
Genealogy Enhancement Tools is a program that can be used to create genealogy photo albums with your digital camera images or scanned images and also add audio files to the pictures in the album.

1066)   XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001
XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001 is a powerful tool to import workspaces, profiles, categories, folders along with the approvers, security and linked profiles, documents along with its associated metadata of one Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) to another or between different SPS.

1067)   CreateInstall
This is and powerful installer for developers that allows creation of fully featured installation programs for applications. This is a script language, that provides superior flexibility and power for the creation of setups with any degree of complexity.

1068)   Zilla CD-DVD Rip N' Burn
Zilla CD-DVD Rip N' Burn in an online CD utility tool that enables you to create your own CD's from DVD's with simple drag and drop operation.

1069)   PKZIP
PKZIP is a file compressing tool which enables the users to compress files. This cross platform tool provides a suitable graphical user interface with many features for the users.

1070)   Trellian ImageMapper
This is an image mapper tool that helps you to create image mapped images for your website quickly. It contains a built-in image map previewer and generate HTML codes automatically.

1071)   SiteSwitcher
Core features of the SiteSwitcher service provider is to improve your business by global level. Offers marketing soltions and services by implementing every aspects of your site with various attractive design.

1072)   Security-Administrator
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.

1073)   Alert LinkRunner
Automatically downloads Web pages and checks all links to validate them.

1074)   SDS PassGen
SDS PassGen enables you to create as many passwords as you want from a set of characters. Beneficial for windows 98/2000/XP. Provides you an easy to access user interface form for generating passwords.

1075)   Video Man
Video Man is a powerful video editing tool designed to assist users in composing video files with sound, titles, transitions, dynamic effects etc., using advanced capture modules.

1076)   Insert Xpress
This tool is used for transfering data between two similar database tables. This utility is simple to use and to setup. All field types could be transfered using this program.

1077)   Ensim Pro
Ensim Pro is a web hosting control panel which allows the users to perform a web hosting business. This script benefits both the customers and resellers.

1078)   Audio To Video Mixer
Mix audio files into video, Convert audio and video to AVI, Join video into AVI, Bundle a microphone recorder. support different codecs such as DivX, XviD. Change video file size, encoding bitrate, frame size, codecs, adjust the video aspect ratio.

1079)   ASPcodePrint
ASPcodePrint is designed to print the source of their web pages written using HTML, VBScript and JScript. The output can be printed and exported to HTML, RTF and PDF files.

1080)   SC UniPad
It is a tool that displays over 52000 Unicode characters instantly without installing extra fonts, Character map for easy selection of any Unicode character, on-screen soft keyboard, over 60 built-in keyboard layouts, Import / export of over 60 codepages, encodings, Unicode formats UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, UTF-7, Compression Scheme and more

1081)   CommTraffic
A program for collecting, processing, and displaying traffic statistics.

1082)   ARELIS
ARELIS is a top rated software program that helps you to build a powerful business network quickly and easily. You'll benefit from highly targeted free traffic to your web site, new business contacts, a higher link popularity, higher search engine rankings and more sales.

1083)   Access-to-MySQL Pro
This is a tool used for converting Access database into MySQL database and users can fetch the stored profiles to reuse the conversion settings. It also exports access databases into a dump file.

1084)   Defragmenter Pro
Automates the necessary steps for an efficient and problem-free disk defrag.

1085)   Buffer Component
Buffer Component is a utility which describes about file operations that enables the users to read and write binary and text files.

1086)   ImTOO DVD Ripper SE
Copy and backup DVDs to VCD, SVCD, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI.

1087)   Super DVD Copy
Super DVD Copy is an advanced tool which is specifically designed for copying your DVD movies to DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R or DVD-RW disc with 1:1 ratio. This tool supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movie.

1088)   WordReport
It is a Word report generator through which users can generate various kinds of word reports with SQL statements in MS Word formats. It is an easy to use tool.

1089)   Warp9 Whois Plugin
Warp9 Whois Plugin is an utility developed for the IE browser which has the ability to add button to the users toolbar. A useful tool for the webmasters and the users.

1090)   Webgenz
Webgenz is a powerful, practical solution for front-end web development. It is an object-oriented content management system and web site development tool for Windows. Webgenz is a shareware content management system (CMS) for individual developers or teams.

1091)   Excel Password Recovery Key
A great way to find out the lost or available password with all Excel modules such as spreadsheet, workbook etc.,. Recovery speed is about collecting 75,000,000 passwords per minute. Non-English based characters can be accessed.

1092)   ClickTrack Professional
ClickTrack Professional is a simple log analyzing software designed ultimately for medium and large size website to process all log files of the server to reflect site hierarchy.

1093)   BPS Win Trace Remover
Cleans cache, manages cookies, history, temporary logs &

1094)   Site Builder
This is a simple and easy to use site builder. It does not require any downloading but just requires you to copy and paste the result HTML code to your site.

1095)   VBAcodePrint97
VBAcodePrint97 enables you to print the VBA source code in color of Microsoft Office 97 suite of applications: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

1096)   CleverEye
CleverEye is an advanced performance management suite that can monitor, analyse and alert admins about the performance of their web application. This program comes with two modules such as node watch and user watch.

1097)   Metadata Generator
This software is useful for safer website developing purposes. It can also trace any kind of metadata files from a webpage. It provides many help categories for handling codes.

1098)   FTP Client Engine for Visual FoxPro
This utility is a FTP client engine which is used for Visual Foxpro. This tool has control over FTP protocol which uses Windows API.

1099)   FTP Commander Pro
Upload and download your web pages to the Internet - super fast and easily.

1100)   eBooks with Resell Rights
The newest site about ebooks with resell rights: cheapest prices online, starting from a low 1.45$, affiliate program, free articles for your education and free ebooks to jumpstart your business!

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