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Top 1101-1150 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   Coin Organizer Deluxe
Coin Organizer Deluxe is a coin collecting and organizing software that can organize catalog and maintain all kinds of coin related data. This program can be used by coin collectors, dealers, clubs and hobbyists.

1102)   Download Analyzer
Download Analyzer is a simple online log analyser designed especially to analyse and provide comprehensive report on all downloadable files such as graphs, softwares etc.,

1103)   123 Outlook Express Backup
An easy-to-use and synchronization backup tool for Outlook Express.

1104)   Backup E-mail
Backup everything from your e-mail client with one click, with Backup E-mail.

1105)   AlarIT USB Virtual Driver
This utility is useful for system administrators to share and use equipments from different locations using USB ports. It has internal error recovery feature.

1106) 650 award-winning web page templates 650 award-winning web page templates provides users a collection of high quality templates for their webdeveloping needs in several aspects including business, galleries etc.

1107)   Advance Service Manager-ASM
Advanced Service Manager (ASM) helps manage Services on NT machines, across the enterprise from a single machine at the same time.

1108)   Passwords by Mask
Generate random passwords by mask.

1109)   BoogiePOP Enterprise
This is an useful tool that offers solution for handling bounced email messages from the newsletters and email campaigns of your company. It is capable of recognizing over 1000 formats of email bounces and is packed with many other features.

1110)   The Free HTML Editor
This is a powerful, full-featured HTML Editor.

1111)   Alive! Jigsaw Producer
A tool for creating jigsaws from user pictures and video files.

1112)   Password Protect Folders
Password protect folders to make them private.

1113)   Eventcorder suite
Eventcorder is a visual, easy-to-use, macro recorder and player. Eventcorder suite is a set of applications and tools to create regression and gui testing sessions, simple and complex automation, self-running presentations, benchmarking.

1114)   CommView Remote Agent
A program for remote network packets capturing, an add-on for CommView

1115)   Advanced Replace Tools
The Best Find and Replace Tools.

1116)   BitMart Restorer2000 Data Recovery
BitMart Restorer2000 Data Recovery is a file manipulating program which can undelete files, recover files and data of users. This tool acts as a user friendly interface.

1117)   Admin Report Kit for IIS - ARKIIS
ARKIIS is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators.

1118)   Site Sleuth
Site Sleuth is a simple online web log analyser that is capable of reading your servers log files to give a clear cut idea of your website users in a customizable format.

1119)   Email Security
Stop leaving traces on the Internet - install Email Security!

1120)   X-NetStat Professional
This networking tool gives you a detailed report on current internet and network connections of your system with an advanced graphical interface.

1121)   WideStep Handy Keylogger
Handy Keylogger is a program that can help protect computers. It watches keystrokes, screenshots and more.

1122)   Scriptomizers- Scrollbar Coloring
This tool is used for coloring scroll bar in different designs. Programmers can customize their scrollbars as they prefer. It is simple to use and to setup.

1123)   Easy Desktop Keeper
Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts, wallpaper and screen saver.

1124)   FryTemplates
This is an online collection of free logos and templates that are professional looking. Users can make use of these high quality templates to enhance their websites.

1125)   BB FlashBack Express
Easy to use screen recorder creates great Flash + AVI movies with sound.

1126)   AllWebMenus LITE
AllWebMenus LITE is a tool which is a web menu builder that allows the users to create menus on web with the cross browser support and capable of satisfying the needs of the web developers.

1127)   Spyware Cops
Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.

1128)   Quality of Networks
Quality of Networks is a tool which maintains the network quality to satisfy the users needs. This tool handles three data resources.

1129)   Keylogger Pro
Keylogger Pro is a highly advanced, low level keystroke logging application that allows you record ALL keystrokes typed (passwords, chat conversations, e-mails, etc) on your PC in total secrecy.

1130)   WebSite Search Tool
This is a tool for the webmasters to search their IIS network. Users are allowed to add or remove the server name or IP address. This tool has many enhanced features.

1131)   MP3 To WAV org's Sound Recorder XP
Sound Recorder XP is an online multimedia utility tool that allows users to record real time musical files from micro phone, internet straming audio, winamp etc., into MP3's.

1132)   BSP Code Editor
arahnoWare Inc. offers a code editor script as well as other scripts.

1133)   Auction Creation and Management Tools
This website offers services to create and manage your auction system with unlimited images. Widely useful for wholesale traders and resellers to feature their sales online.

1134)   Golf Organizer Deluxe
Users are allowed to organize and maintain their golf related informations using this program. This is a simple and easy to use organizing program.

1135)   Phone Book
Phone Book is an organizing program that can collect and organize contact information such as phone number, address etc. This program is suitable for both business and personal use.

1136)   File Recover
This is an useful utility to search and find for deleted files from FAT, NTFS file systems of hard disks, SCSI, ATA, IDE drives etc., by the name, type and date of deletion of files.

1137)   AnalyseSpider
This is a powerful Web Log File Analyzer tool that helps to optimize your site. This allows you to assess if the Web site promotion is paying off. This allows you to see which search engines have found your site and check if they have spidered all your pages.

1138)   Universal Address, Phone Book
This is a simple and an easy to use program that helps users to track contact information. This program is suitable for both business and personal use.

1139)   Art, Antique Organizer Deluxe
This is an easy to use program that can organize catalog and manage art and antique data. This program comes with ready to use inventory solutions.

1140)   Personal Knowbase
Take control of your notes with Personal Knowbase. This freeform text organizer uses a keyword-based system to store and retrieve related information easily by association. Make a personal knowledge base of your research notes, messages, and ideas.

1141)   iShield
iShield is a web browser plug-in that accurately blocks Internet pornography

1142)   As-U-Type
As-U-Type is a spell checking utility which checks the spelling errors of the text typed in a document by the users. This tool provide support for paste editing and copying.

astal TOTF MOBILE is a program which acts as an online WML editor that allows the users to update their website and wapsite. This allows the users to create wap pages.

1144)   1Click Sweep
This is an useful tool for webmasters, that helps them to maintain their privacy by deleting and cleaning temporary files, folders from their system.

1145)   System Mechanic
Fix PC problems fast and keep it running at peak performance and reliability. Version 5 contains several of new tools such as high-speed disk defragmentation, spyware protection, popup blocking, memory defragmentation, registry compression, and more!

1146)   Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup
Arctor is an easy-to-use, powerful hard disk backup solution with a innovative concept, allowing you to use today's cheapest and fastest backup media - hard disks. Take advantage of the fastest, cheapest media today!

1147)   Site Content Analyzer
Analyze keyword weight, density and relevance with this handy application.

1148)   Webmaster Resource Search Engine
This is a searching program that helps webmasters to search resources related to web programming from their own website.

1149)   4NT
4NT is a powerful replacement for CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor. It makes your command prompt far more flexible and much easier to use, supports existing CMD.EXE commands and batch files and adds thousands of new features.

1150)   MySQL Turbo Manager
This tool is used for managing data by storing data into the database. MySQL database is used to store data. This is an user friendly tool. Template options is also available.

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