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Top 1201-1250 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1201)   ClickTracks Analyzer
Analyzes the webserver log file and displays how users interact with the site by overlaying data directly on the HTML pages of your site. Each link on your site is superimposed with a chart indicating the number of people clicking that link.

1202)   IDAutomation Barcode Label Software
IDAutomation Barcode Label Software is an efficient barcode utility with which admin would be able to create labels for the barcodes through WYSIWYG label design interface.

1203)   Coffee Cup Free Flash Text Wizard
This tool is used to create flash text animations. Webmasters can use this tool for their website. It makes their website filled with cool designs.

1204)   pdf-FieldMerge
pdf-FieldMerge is a content management program which permits the users to fill the data in an existing PDF form fields. The users have ability to edit the form fields.

1205)   Secure HTML
If you have some information that should be kept confidential, but still easily accessed from your browser (for example, logins and passwords), this free program can solve the problem. It takes any HTML file and creates new "secure" HTML file that is encrypted and asks for a password when you try to open it. If you enter the correct password, you'll see the original document, otherwise you'll see the blank window or a few meaningless characters.

1206)   Wolverine Firewall
Wolverine Firewall is a prompt-driven firewall configurator for IPTABLES.

1207)   BPS Spyware and Adware Remover
Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.

1208)   XML Converter with command-line interface
This is a simple and easy to use program with which you will be able to convert data source to XML in batch mode with no user interface. It also allows you to map and integrate some types of data.

1209)   File Sorter
File Sorter is a file manipulating program which has an ability to sort the users files based on keywords. A handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

1210)   W4 WebMerge
WebMerge completely automates your workflow. It generates static HTML pages from your exported database. It works with output from nearly any database or spreadsheet. It can use your favorite HTML editor to design custom templates for your index and details pages. WebMerge also lets you build catalogs, ezines, contact lists, image galleries and more, quickly and easily.

1211)   Weiser Creations Free Templates
This is an online resource centre that offers free photoshop templates for web applications. Each template could be previewed before downloading by the users.

1212)   Web Log Explorer
Full-featured Log file analyzer. Analyzes most popular log file formats.

1213)   Encrypt Easy
Encrypt Easy is a highly secure file encryption program enabling fast and simple one-click encryption and decryption of single files, folders and entire directory trees using most secure algorithms. It also features shredder and wipe-out utilities.

1214)   Search Engine Saturation
This is a simple tool that helps users to check the number of web pages listed on search engines. This is an important program that helps your overall link popularity when more of your pages are indexed on search engines.i

1215)   BeOnTop
This is a program that can analyse top ranking results from the major search engines. This program displays report on how a URL is ranked on a particular search engine.

1216)   EShopper Deluxe
This is an organizing program that can maintain and organize electronic coupons, purchases, auction bids and online stores on local computers. This program would be helpful for web surfers.

1217)   ETagFix
ETagFix is an ISAPI plugin which integrates directly into IIS and other web servers to alter the etag that IIS produces so that web crawlers will not check your web site so often.

1218)   Bocazas Live Support
This is an online customer support help desk tool which can be used to provide live support to your online customers in real time and helps you to increase your business volume, build better relationship with the customers and much more.

1219)   Enterprise Mail Server
High-performance SMTP POP3 server program designed for large enterprises and ISP

1220)   PageRank Toolbar Widget For Macintosh
This online tool can monitor all active pages of a website and gives the page ranks for the particular web page on which you currently reside.

1221)   iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security
Protect data at any Wi-Fi Hotspot, wireless network with VPN - NO configuration

1222)   SurfStats Log Analyzer Professional
SurfStats Log Analyzer Professional is an online log analyser that provides complete and optimum solution for all webamsters to log their server files to generate statistical reports of their client activities.

1223)   SurfStats Log Analyzer Enterprise
SurfStats Log Analyzer Enterprise is an online log analysing software capable of analysing proxy and streaming media log files to provide a detailed statistical report on the website visitors.

1224)   Powerpoint2DVD
This is an useful tool for every web users who want to burn powerpoint files to DVDs and they can view it on televisions. It supports maximum features for burning in DVDs.

1225)   ABC Amber Becky Converter
This is a simple and useful tool that can be used to backup and restore all your important emails, newsgroups mails etc from email client named Becky into any type of formats that you would like to convert. It is capable of supporting multiple languages.

1226)   Access Lock
Lock your system with a password

1227)   Port Scan
The motive of Port Scan module is to check the security level of your computer and it reports the holes with firewall protector. Many principles are followed to execute the port scanning and all 65,535 ports can be tested out.

1228)   Axessh Windows SSH Client
SSH Client for Windows, secure the connections to your remote systems

1229)   ServerMask for IIS
ServerMask removes, randomizes, or modifies the HTTP server response header to help hide IIS servers from bots and worms that may be looking to find servers to exploit. It is implemented as a super-fast ISAPI filter and is easy to install and configure.

1230)   Trellian Meta Editor
Trellian Meta Editor is a tool which allows the users to create meta tags for better indexing of websites on search engines. This tool manages meta tag information of the users easily.

1231)   Web page analyzer
This is simple program that helps users to analyse websites or web pages. This program can query and return results for the status, connection time and website's title.

1232)   Sports Card Organizer
This is a database management program that can list and manage sports card related datas on user's computer. This program would be useful for hobbyists, sports card collectors, sports clubs etc.

1233)   CSE HTML Validator Professional
This utility has collection of tools which helps webmasters, developers or for any other individual users validates HTML, XHTML, Spellings, CSS, Links etc.,

1234)   SurfStats Log Analyzer
SurfStats Log Analyzer generates Website Activity and Conversion Tracking reports from log files. Reports can be generated in various languages with output to screen, file directories, ftp or email. It supports most common log file formats with automatic log file format and compressed format detection. It comes with all the necessary tools designed to automate log file analyzing like a FTP client, E-Mail client, Scheduler, File viewer, and more.

1235)   One Click Sweep
This tool is used for deleting temporary files from the hard disk and also to delete private records both online and offline. It helps the users to get more space on their hard disk.

1236)   MP3 CD Maker
MP3 CD Maker helps you burn audio CD directly from MP3 files, print fancy CD covers, make your OWN favorite CD album in minutes. Supports over 1200 CDR/RW drives and 42 languages.

1237)   Audio Record Wizard
Audio Record Wizard is a real-time sound recorder software, which offers professional recording features with VAS(Voice Active System) and mp3/ogg support.

1238) is a content management program which allows the users to play songs on their website.

1239)   Rase Meta Tag Generator
Rase Meta Tag Generator is a tool which allows the users to enter keywords and descriptions and provides a meta tag code for them to use.

1240)   Genealogy Enhancement Tools Pro
This is the professional version of the Genealogy Enhancement Tools with which you can create genealogy photo albums with audio files to the pictures. In addition, it allows you to attach written descriptions to photos and documents.

1241)   ABC Security Protector
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.

1242)   DivX Player
DivX Player is a simple multimedia playback application that supports almost all types audio/video formats. You can watch DVD movies through this utility.

1243)   Bounce Bully
This is an online communication tool that can be used to protect your email addresses from spams. Once you use this tool, it returns the spam email to the sender as address unknown so that they remove your email from their list.

1244)   PictureMan
PictureMan is a simple online image editor that is designed to assist users to remove scratches and dusts from age old images through filters, brush and advanced paintings.

1245)   FTP Sync new
The FTP Sync provides an interface to synchronize files and folders between a client and a server running an FTP Service. This makes an ideal solution for both client-side applications, and embedding in server-side components and scripts.

1246)   Enterprise Mail Server
High-performance SMTP POP3 server program designed for large enterprises and ISP

1247)   Uptime100 Website Monitoring
Uptime100 Website Monitoring is a tool which is capable of monitoring websites for critical failures. This script alerts the customers for the failure of website service.

1248)   Remote Desktop for Mobiles
Easy-to-use, reliable and secure remote computer control software for mobiles.

1249)   IE-Internet Security
It customizes the Internet Explorer Web browser, lets you apply access restrictions to web browser, restrict access to certain tabs and features of Internet Options, disable certain menu items and buttons and prevent others from editing your Favorites.

1250)   Magic Video Batch Converter
Magic Video Batch Converter is an advanced utility using which you can convert between AVI to DVD, AVI to VCD, AVI to Wmv, AVI to MPEG formats. This utility has an user-friendly interface with large image icons for all the functions.

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