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Top 1251-1300 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1251)   Protector Plus 2000 for Windows
This security software performs the scanning function in various mode of automatic, manual, schedule, realtime, etc., on your entire system to detect and monitors adware, trojons, and malware through emails, pop-up windows, free software uploads etc., and supports deletion on them.

1252)   siteRocket
siteRocket is a content management program which satisfies the needs of the users by delivering the requirements without web development languages like ASP.NET, coldfusion and PHP.

1253)   Backup Tool For Ensim(R) PRO
You can secure your sever as well as customer details using this backup tool. You can define the local partitions, remote folder structures and the size for the backups.

1254)   SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition
This database tool enables webmasters to convert all functions, triggers, procedures of Oracle to MS SQL server and employs advanced graphical user interface for the migration.

1255)   Absolute-Bubble-Shooter-2-for-Palm-OS
This is an efficient arcade based shooting game where a lot of play bubbles are available for you to shoot in different modes to win the game.

1256)   Program Lock Pro
Lock and unlock any program on your pc so it cannot be used.

1257)   Malware Scanner
Kills Spyware,Trojans Adware ..

1258)   WAV MP3 Converter
This is a simple multimedia tool capable of converting WMA, OGG and MP3 files into WAV files. This program supports both continous and batch conversions.

1259)   W3C Meta Tag Generator
This online meta tag generator is used to make your site more accessible to the search engines.

1260) is a web site which offers you a variety of templates through which you can build your website with an attractive and professional design. This is an useful site for the web designers.

1261)   IconXP
This IconXP program will help you to capture screen images to design web based icons for your website with 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel.

1262)   Robust Internet Speed Booster
Boost and optimize the speed of your Internet connection with this set of tools

1263)   Atrise HTMLock
Atrise HTMLock is an enhaced method to protect your HTML and text files in encryption format and those password protected files can be stored on hard disk, DVD and CD. Logon form can be used to access the restricted application with password facility.

1264)   Lasso Tutorial for Beginners
This set of tutorials is aimed towards intermediate students and includes chapters such as Getting Started, Variables, HTML Forms and Lasso, Control Structures, Using Strings, Using Numbers and many more.

1265)   One Stop Soft's Video Decompiler
One Stop Soft's Video Decompiler is a simple online video compling software designed to assist users to extract specific image frames from the files.

1266)   RAR Password Recovery
RAR Password Recovery can be used with all Windows based platforms where it can grab out all kind of passwords for RAR and WinRAR archives. Passwords can be collected at a rate of 22000 per second.

1267)   ActivXperts Network Monitor
The primary goal of ActivXperts Network Monitor is to reduce downtimes of the network servers in your LAN/WAN. The software monitors Windows, UNIX, LINUX and Novell servers for availability. ActivXperts Network Monitor makes sure that the servers in your network are functioning well. It illustrates ways to avoid and detect serious errors on your servers. It uses different ways to monitor the states of the network servers, like: ICMP checking, TCP connectivity checking, service state detection, event log content checking, disk space checking, database checking, and many more.

1268)   Free Web Templates
This website offers variety of templates that helps users to design their own website with better look and feel. All these templates are available for free.

1269)   Searchbliss toolbar -The Web Developer's Toolbar for IE
Searchbliss tool bar is a search tool for Internet explorer. It allows users to search resources from any website. This tool is easy to use and customizable.

1270)   4-State RM4SCC Barcode Font Package
4-State RM4SCC Barcode Font Package is an efficient barcode utility software that allow users to print scaleable RM4SCC bar codes in machine readable formats.

1271)   MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR
MySQL 2 Excel KonvertR is a application that automatically exports the entire contents of a MySQL Database to an Excel Workbook, without using ODBC. Here all tables of MySQL database get converted simultaneously;

1272)   Subscribe Emails
Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites

1273)   Keyword Ranker
Quickly and easily track your keyword ranking in Google.

1274)   Apycom DHTML Menu
Create professional DHTML menus for your web site.

1275)   Easy Backup for Outlook Express
Backup restore and move your Outlook Express's identities, messages and so on.

1276)   System Shield
Fight identity theft! Anything you've ever installed, used, or viewed on your PC STILL exists, EVEN if you delete or format your drive! Thieves can steal credit cards and other private data using simple tools. Use System Shield to protect yourself!

1277)   Courser WebTreeview Builder
This is a user interface to generate customizable tree views easily without the knowledge of programming languages. This works on most primary servers and allows you to specify the font, color, icon, button, line style and other details.

1278)   WebMaster FTP
FTP client program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts

1279)   ASP - IIS real-time monitor
Real-time monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS scripts (asp/cgi), uploads and downloads.

1280)   Advanced MP3, WMA Recorder
This is an online sound recorder that can be used to record sound from CD, DVD video files, pheripheral equipment such as microphone etc. This program also detects recording formats.

1281)   East-Tec Eraser 2005
Protect your data and privacy and remove all evidence of your computer and online activity with East-Tec Eraser 2005. Eraser removes every trace of sensitive data from your computer with methods that go beyond U.S. Department of Defense standards.

1282)   SearchBliss Web Development Tools
This set of tools allows you to freely generate codes for menus, buttons, forms etc. It also offers webmaster tools that allow you to customize your site and also to be added on site for a very small fee.

1283)   RegFreeze
An effective solution to the spyware problem.

1284)   AlterJig
Play tile-based jigsaw puzzles and create your own games

1285)   A->P
This tool is helpful for the administrators to convert data from Access database to PostgreSQL database. This tool also generates PHP page and process the files into a MySQL data table.

1286)   Core FTP Lite
This FTP tool is used to transfer files from your local drive to the remote server instantly. This tool has many enhanced features.

1287)   CommFort
A flawless network communication utility for home and corporate networks

1288)   ChronoFish FishBowl Browser
An HTML 4.0 Compliant Internet Browser with a multiple document interface that simulates a web server for local CGI programs. It will execute EXE and scripts (such as Perl) and pass environment variables to them like a Web Server would.

1289)   FireBallFtp
Ftp Client to Easily Transfer Files Quickly and Reliably

1290)   Zexer Soft's GIF Extractor
Zexer Soft's GIF Extractor is a simple and effective GIF extractor capable of capturing GIF images from several source files.

1291)   TemplateMonster
TemplateMonster provides users ready made website templates to be used in building their own websites. It provides over 3000 templates for the benefit of the users.

1292)   Dreamlevels logos
Professionaly looking logos. We offer bright appearance of logo design that attracts your visitors.

1293)   Printfil
Printfil permits printing of ASCII text files on any printer with a Windows driver. These files could either be generated off a Dos/Windows application or a Unix/Linux application as long as it resides on a system that can be accessed from Windows.

1294)   Nevron 3D Text
This utility is used for generating multiline text. Users can create text either in 2D or 3D to display. This tool is an active X component that uses openGL 3D engine to display the text in 3D.

1295)   MySQL to Excel
By using this database converter tool one can convert their data inside MySQL database into Excel database. Conversion of data will happen so quick and easy.

1296)   MICR E13B Font Advantage Package
MICR E13B Font Advantage Package is an unique barcode utility tool with which webamsters can create MICR E-13B barcode fonts with ISO specifications.

1297)   FlashPlayerControl .NET
A .NET component to enhance Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX features.

1298)   A free full feature FTP program
This is a great FTP program , It has all the features you would expect a FTP program to have. and best of all its free. please take a min and download a copy and test it for yourself

1299)   Artistscope Secure Image
Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft. Image encryption protects the image that can be retrieved from the Temporary Internet Folder and cache. Options include targeted hyperlink on the image, status bar and image messages with optional border frames.

1300)   MP3 To WAV's DVD Duplication
MP3 To WAV's DVD Duplication is a simple online application that can backup DVD movies with high quality from your DVD burner. This utility supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.

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