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Top 1351-1400 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1351)   Robust FTP And Download Manager
FREE FTP Client Powerful FTP/HTTP Fast and Easy Download Manager

1352)   SMS Gateway
This is an advanced communication tool through which you can send and receive SMS to and from any mobile phones. You can even get your emails on your mobile through this program.

1353)   Constant Content
Constant Content implements web based services in two aspects - webmasters and writers. For webmasters, it offer features to consrtuct their content pages with adequate. And lets the writers to signup to feature their creativity on website content design.

1354)   Regular Expressions for MS SQL Server
This script is used to search, extract and format string data. By using this tool users can find match with some pattern or one can search for whole words.

1355)   Uplog
Uplog is a networking tool which provides an ASCII graphical log of the packet losses. This utiliy launch packets to echo port of the target host and wait for the reply.

1356)   FileTime
FileTime is a program which allows the users to change their files date and time stamp. The users can set the current timings with this tool.

1357)   dtSearch Spider
dtSearch Spider is a networking tool which has the ability to develop the searchable database ahead of local area network database to the contents of the website.

1358)   Vevo! CatalogMaker
Do-IT-Yourself Catalog Maker & Digital Cataloging for business as well personal use. Build catalog with MS Office Power. User can customize and configure catalog contents, theme and design setting.

1359)   dfg BackUp XP
The best, award winning backup solution for nearly all backup medias. Unlimited backup profiles, ZIP compression, file&directory synchronization, FTP&eMail backup,file&directory filters, encryption, advanced search&restore, scheduler, statistics,etc.

1360)   Remove
A full-featured uninstaller for removing shown and hidden applications and entries from the Windows' Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel. In addition to the standard uninstall option, it allows you to modify, backup, and restore entries.

1361)   1st Evidence Remover
Clean your Windows of any evidence and temporary files.

1362)   Zilla Audio Converter- Extractor
Zilla Audio Converter- Extractor is a simple online audio utility script that allows you to convert and rip all your audio files into most desired audio form.

1363)   DeGPG
DeGPG is an useful and easy to use program with which you would be able to provide your webscripts the ability to access GPG encrypted datas.

1364)   Casale Media
Casale Media is an useful program for the publishers to earn percentage commision rates for their network ads and banners based on CPM.

1365)   Students Search Website Tools
Students Search Website Tools renders services to increase your site traffic and provides tools to get high ranking on search engine results.

1366)   Coffee Cup Free Icon Studio
This tool is used for creating icons in different sizes and in various colors. Users can use flip and rotate icons. This tool is easy to install and to use.

1367)   GetAnonymous
This is a set of privacy services that include Proxy Server, Chain of Proxies, Referrer Blocking, Hiding Page Titles, Parsing Engine, Multiple IP Addresses, Hiding IP Address, Defensive Operating System, Content Control, JavaScript Filter, Online Privacy Control and many more.

1368)   Web Stream Recorder Pro
Softwar that allows you to save multimedia streams coming from the Internet.

1369)   Advanced Page Rank Analyzer
PageRank and link popularity analysis tool.

1370)   dfg ShutDown XP
PC shut down,time sync.,disk cleaning,PC protection and automation utility. It will time control and automatically shutdown, restart or log off your system. Optionally it will run as a NTservice. Many other built in functions. 12/24 hour time format.

1371)   Abc Puzzles
Play tile-based logic games and create your own puzzles.

1372)   Access Administrator Pro
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete

1373)   SQL Centric
This is a database tool used for monitoring network database. Now this tool is available with several enhanced features. It monitors everything related to SQL Servers.

1374)   Alchemist Code Generator
This tool has various code generator that helps programmers to build software applications easily. This tool is based only on XML.

1375)   Music Organizer
This is an organizing program that can maintain music related data and organize them on computers. This program would be helpful for audiophiles, clubs, music collectors etc.

1376)   Advanced Security Administrator
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.

1377)   Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper
It is an DVD audio ripper software which helps in ripping DVD audio and store it in Mp3 or wave format. This ripper helps in extracting the audio from DVD.

1378)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Visual FoxPro
It is an important tool for sending and receiving email using SMTP and POP3 protocols for Visual Foxpro. This tool has many control switches to send and receive emails easily.

1379)   MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL
This is an online database designing tool with which users can create, edit and design MySQL database. This program supports different types of MySQL table such as Berkeley DB, InnoDB etc

1380)   Keyword Suggestion Tool
This is a keyword suggestion tool where users can search keyword phrases on websites and get similar words to that keyword phrase. Users can place it into their website by pasting a single html code.

1381)   Spam Nullifier Pro
Eliminate Junk E-Mail Spam, Viruses, Tojans & Spyware. Works with POP3,IMAP,HTTP

1382)   Cleaner Kit
A bundle of powerful tools for cleaning and optimization of your system.

1383)   Template Forever - Templates
Template Forever - Templates is a premade web page design that helps users to build their own high quality website. They can get these templates at low price.

1384)   FastStats
FastStats is a quick, easy, and interactive software for web server log file analysis. FastStats tells you the who, what, where, and why of your web site, and does it at incredible speeds. FastStats generates over two-dozen reports that cover a wide range of statistics.

1385)   Email Subscriber Pro
Intended for organizing subscription to mailing lists.

1386)   Kill The Popup
Popup Killer, Cookies Cleaner & Ads Filter. Works with all web browsers.

1387)   MasterSoft Power Image Team's Super DVD Creator
MasterSoft Power Image Team's Super DVD Creator as the name implies is an efficient DVD utility tool available with several advanced audio and video controling techniques.

1388)   Apache Log Reset
This program creates an Apache log file for each day it has been running. This helps you to avoid referring and using one big logfile. You can choose the time when the logfiles are to be reset, and the program runs as a tray icon.

1389)   Corporate SMTP Server
High-performance outgoing SMTP mail server program for large organizations.

1390)   Maven Audio WASP
Maven Audio WASP is an effective utility tool with which you can publish audio and videos online with attractive captions.

1391)   J2EE with Rapid Application Development
This tool allows users to build J2EE Enterprise applications using a browser. It removes duplicate effort in development.

1392)   WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor updated
WEB-ED is two editors in one. The HTML and VBScript editors share the same window. Each language has its own color coding, format debugging and language-specific functions. VBScript color coding and line debugging also work in HTML files.

1393)   ChequePRO Cheque Printing writing System
ChequePRO (Cheque Printing writing Software)

1394)   Express Thumbnail Creator
This is a simple tool that helps you to build your own web based image galleries on the fly. With this tool, you can upload the images immediately on your website.

1395)   Fast Mailer Pro
Fast Mailer Pro is an ultra fast subscription-based mass mailer.

1396)   Type Pilot
This script automatically types frequently used text(phrase or a paragraph) as soon as the corresponding word is typed. This works with all text editors and is useful for insertion of standard things like signatures, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers etc.

1397)   Mail Broadcast
Mail Broadcast is an e-marketing tool that uses bulk mail sending technique.

1398)   SC Free Audio Converter
Easily convert between audio file types from one to another and record them.

1399)   WinAudio Recorder
It records all kinds of sound from sound card with high quality. It records the sound from other Windows applications with CD quality. It also supports to record sound from microphones, line-in, Cassette Tape, Video Tape and more input devices.

1400)   VqServer
This is a personal web server that has support for password protection, file uploading, Java servlets and CGI scripts. Its features include: enables hosting of web sites, password protection of files and directories and more.

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