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Top 1401-1450 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401)   Stamp Organizer Deluxe
This is a stamp related data management program that would be helpful for stamp collectors, clubs, philatelists etc to catalog and manage datas of stamps on computers.

1402)   Password Maintenance
Manage, print, and update passwords, with the ability to auto-open websites.

1403)   EMS PostgreSQL Manager Professional
EMS PostgreSQL Manager is a tool for PostgreSQL administration and development.

1404)   IE Internet Security
This script allows you to customize and secure the Internet Explorer.

1405)   Web Template Zone
Web Template Zone is a program which provides numerous customizable templates to suit the webcreating needs of the users. The users can select any template at their own choice by searching with the help of this system.

1406)   Ranking Advisor
This is a program that can analyze the HTML code on web pages and provides suggestions to improve the existing meta tags that are found on the web page.

1407)   IE-Internet Security
IE-Internet Security allows you to customize and secure the Internet Explorer Web browser.

1408)   Spy Sweeper
You can perform an effective way to protect your system from adware programs, hackers, keyloggers and Trojans by using this software. It helps you to access your system more securely and ensures privacy.

1409)   Network Mechanic
Network Mechanic optimizes your Internet connection, providing faster speeds...

1410)   DriveScrubber
DriveScrubber allows you to securely wipe away data left on your drives before donating, reselling, recycling, or even cleaning up after virus attacks. It's fast and easy to use, and works with ANY PC, and wipes ANY drive, regardless of its format.

1411)   Free Website Templates
Free Website Templates is a collection of free templates that are premade web page designs which can be used for creating website with better look and feel.

1412)   Pool 3D Training Edition
3d Billiard simulation game to learn and play billiard games with your friends.

1413)   MSSQL Express
This tool is an integrated development tool for MSSQL environment. This tool enables users to develop their MSSQL databases.

1414)   Deformer
Deformer is an advanced multimedia utility tool specialized in image deforming techniques that allows you to transform images in realtime with powerful visual tools.

1415)   Visicom Media's Ace FTP
AceFTP is an easy to use and flexible FTP client. AceFTP combines Windows Explorer with WS_FTP. It offers features such as site manager, advanced interface customization, access rights management, file management, high-end file-transfer features, and more.

1416)   Outlook Express Backup Restore
Backup your Outlook Express and restore it when it is necessary.

1417)   IPBlocked
IPBlocked is a popup advertisement blocker that is capable of stopping annoying messages from displaying on your computer. With the help of this tool, you can even stop future viruses to get into your computer.

1418)   e-Contacto
e-Contacto is a simple customer support help desk tool that allows you to communicate with your online customers on your website in real time. A commercial Pro version is available with additional features.

1419)   Multicom
Multicom is used for controlling and testing all devices on your computer using com ports. This tool is perfect for getting statistical data.

1420)   WebQuiz
WebQuiz is a full featured software that can be used as a promotion tool on your website. With the help of this tool you can design or frame interactive games or quiz. You can set up any number of quizzes with different levels.

1421)   Scriptomizers- Free Code Generator
This tool contains different types of code generation tool which allows webmasters or developers to build website or front end page perfectly. This tool is understandable and easy to use.

1422)   Password Commander
Keep your passwords safely encrypted, fill in login forms automatically

1423)   Simple Banners System
Simple Banners System is a php based script and is a banner management program that helps users to create and maintain banners on websites.

1424)   Link Popularity Check
This is a link popularity checking program that analyse your website with other competitors to improve marketing starategy. This program is used to discover exactly what pages are linking to the search engines.

1425)   SearchBliss Free Web Design Tools
SearchBliss offers webmasters several free code generators for web design. From creating various menus and buttons, to meta tags and web pages, SearchBliss has it all.

1426)   The Ultimate DIY Internet Marketing Handbook
This is an useful tool for any type of websites and helps them to create the traffic to your website. It teaches you how to submit links to various search engines so that your website will be listed on the top of the search result.

1427)   Email Subscriber Pro
Intended for organizing subscription to mailing lists

1428)   CD-DVD Lock
Hide your devices from viewing or lock access to them

1429)   Heavy Metal Shopping Cart Software
People who want to build an online shopping cart for their auction listings, selling electronic products and who needs to implement a full featured content system with their websites can get more benefits from this Heavy Metal Shopping Cart Software.

1430)   Accessibility Toolbar
This program contains tools in different range. It helps users to know more about the aspects of HTML documents. It has different functions which enables users to validate HTML code, CSS code etc., of the current page.

1431)   SEO Report
Comprehensive unique SEO reports, including monitoring your ranking in Google.

1432)   NewsPiper
RSS feeds and Web news reader and news ticker that can speak headlines

1433)   EzVoice
Full featured answering machine software with voice mail support.

1434)   Code 128 Barcode Font Advantage Package
Code 128 Barcode Font Advantage Package is a powerful barcode utility tool that allow users to generate their own customizable code128 bar code fonts to implement in their web based applications.

1435)   DVD Clone Studio
DVD Clone Studio is a program that enables users to copy DVDs. Using this program users can effectively back up all their DVDs.

1436)   Amazon WebServices Tools
Using Our Amazon WebServices Tools you can add dynamic content to your site, providing any kind of items you want from to Entire Catalog of both Amazon.Com or Amazon.Co.Uk.

Templates Web's Templates website is capable of providing different types of paid templates which allows user to create their own high quality websites.

1438)   Project Password Recovery
Recovers lost passwords for any Microsoft Project 2002/2000/98/95 documents!

1439)   Access2PostgreSQL PRO
Bi-directional effective conversion tool for MS Access and PostgreSQL databases

1440)   MailDetective
Monitor incoming and outgoing emails to expose employee internet abuse

1441)   MS Access2MySQL Pro
This tool is used to convert data records from MS Access database to MySQL database and from MySQL to MS Access database. It has several main features.

1442)   Rich Chart Builder
Rich Chart Builder creates enjoyable interactive data charts.

1443)   BackLinks Master
Find who is linking to your website with this freeware tool

1444)   Agenda At Once
Agenda At Once is a powerful todo and schedule software for a windows based system to keep your events stored into this system. This is a simple to use and is a memory consuming program.

1445)   VShell Server for UNIX
SSH2 server providing fine tune control over access and file transfer privileges

1446)   Applet Effects Factory
Applet Effects Factory is a simple online multimedia software utility tool that enables users to create different image effects based on java using GIF and JPEG files.

1447)   OSS Audio Extractor
Extract (mp3,wav,ogg,wma)audio from (avi,mpeg,wmv,asf)video.

1448)   GPTEngine™
GPTEngine™ is the ultimate "get paid to" solution. Powerful tools for customizing and automating your affilliate/advertising program.

1449)   HTMLCompact
A powerful HTML compression tool whose effective compression algorithm provides a size reducing up to 20% of original while keep every other thing untouched. By using HTMLCompact, your web pages will become much smaller and faster for downloading, and you will save up both website bandwidth and disk space.

1450)   Pix2Fone
Pix2Fone can be used as an extension for MS internet explorer browser, by using this tool users can have options for uploading and saving pictures to their mobile phone.

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