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Top 101-150 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   Site Tracker
Site Tracker is a simple online tool designed to assist webmasters in tracking their website traffic from various search engines and other active websites.

102)   Online Image Editor
Online Image Editor (OIE) is a special enhancement for any Content or Website Management System. The user only once downloads the special component (ActiveX) and from that moment on he can edit images directly from within his browser.

103)   How to Import Excel, Access, XML Data into MySQL using Navicat
This article is useful for the novice to import MS-Office tools to the MySQL database. That database is maintained by a tool called the Navicat. It helps to attach files of different formats into the MySQL database.

104)   CodeLifter
CodeLifter is a source code viewer that lets you see the code on any http:// html page. You can also access .css (cascading style sheet) scripts, external .js files (JavaScript files), and any other text file at an http:// address.

105)   Active Multimedia - Sound Effects Library (PC,MAC)
Active Multimedia is a sound effects library that has 500 sound and musical effects. You can use this library for developing your applications with various special musical effects especially for games projects.

106)   WS_FTP Pro
This is an efficient File Transfer Protocol program that helps users to move files from their local system to their FTP server. This is simple and easy to use program.

107)   Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition
This is a database tool used for generating a database tool of your own. This tool is used in big enterprises to maintain their data.

108)   Audio Editor Pro
Audio Editor Pro is a simple online multifunctional audio file editor specially designed for windows media applications to implement full featured recording studio on your system.

109)   Boxer Text Editor
Save time and effort with this versatile, full-featured Windows text editor. Boxer is extremely powerful, but remains easy-to-use for both beginners and experienced users. Features macros, 2GB files, syntax coloring, FTP, HTML, undo and much more!

110)   XRunAs
XRunAs is a network security tool that enables the local system administrators and user groups to utilize remote computer resources. No schedule service is needed. Supports transmitting of encrypted information over network.

111)   Creating a cron job
This is a basic guide to create a cron job for your control panel. This tool is useful for webmasters to contact their associates at anytime upload files.

112)   Page Extractor Standard
This tool is helpful for webmasters or programmers to extract several important fields like, images, email address, IP addresses etc., Linking and analysis, list management and many different categories are available with this utility.

113)   Web Page Maker
Web Page Maker is a tool which permits the users to upload and create web pages fastly without the HTML knowledge. This tool provides pre designed templates for the users website.

114)   Editize
It is a rich text editor which con be written in ASP, Cold fusion, PHP or and is implemented into any content management system.

115)   UPS Shipping Rates Realtime Calculator - Active-X Edition
This is an Active-X Control designed specially for windows based shopping cart to calculate the UPS shipping rates for products in real time.

116)   Keyword Analyzer
This is a keyword analysing script that helps users to analyse keyword phrase that are used on their webpages and to calculate keyword density to that webpage.

117)   Searchbliss Slide in Menu Generator
This utility is used for generating slide in menu for website by webmasters. There is no limitations in amount of links and it has customization facility.

118)   SQLyog
This script is used for building a database tool on the website to maintain data records. It has customization facility and it supports multiple queries. Users can save resultset in CSV, HTML and XML.

119)   WebTrends Log Analyzer
WebTrends Log Analyzer is a powerful, easy-to-use web site traffic analyzer that gives its users detailed graphical reports of web visitor behavior. WebTrends highlights which areas on the site visitors like, how they get to the site, how the corporate intranet is being used, whether traffic affects server performance, and more.

120)   WinAVI Video Converter
WinAVI Video Converter is an easy to use utility which converts all the video formats files to AVI, DivX, XVid, ASF, WMV files. You can convert the files in real time preview with this utility.

121)   VBAcodePrint
This add-in enables you to print Microsoft VBA source code in color of your applications across the entire Microsoft Office 2000 suite of applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, and FrontPage and any other VBA enabled software.

122)   Searchbliss- Webmaster Tools
These tools are helpful for webmasters to build their website. There are maximum utilities which helps them while generating their website.

123)   WirelessMon
Monitor 802.11 wireless networks,access points, speed, channel & signal strength

124)   0-Code HTML Converter
0-Code HTML Converter will convert HTML to different programming languages. It will also convert ASCII to HTML.

125)   Business Planning Software
Business Planning Software will be useful for all merchants to develop their business through this business planner. Provided solutions can be embedded with your existing business which outputs a new environment to run your business successfully.

126)   ABC Amber Text Converter
ABC Amber Text Converter is a conversion program which performs email, images, databases, text conversions. This tool converts the documents into PDF and HTML form.

127)   ZipCentral
This is a free, easy to use zip file manager that let's you create new, open existing, add to and extract from zip files. It can also create Self-Extracting archives and archives spanned across multiple floppy disks. It is a great tool for the beginner as well as the expert.

128)   MuseBook Tuner
MuseBook Tuner is a simple online multimedia tool with which you can detect musical notes in real time to display them on stave with the syllable and its octave number.

129)   MD5 Checksum File Parser Class
PHP class that helps you to parse and output checksums from the files generated by FastSum. As well as the regular checksum files created by other similar utilities this class extends limits and can also handle extra information that may be stored in these files.

130)   SecureCRT
Rock-solid terminal emulator for encrypted Secure Shell (SSH1 & SSH2) sessions

131)   Xilisoft CD Ripper
Xilisoft CD Ripper is an user friendly CD ripping and audio conversion tool. Using this tool you can retrieve CD information from remote CDDB. This tool supports ripping audio formats such as Wav, WMA, OGG, Mp2, VQF etc.,

132)   BajieServer
BajieServer is an easy server for programmers. Features include, automatic reload of servlet, war and jsps and much more.

133)   Live Site
Video chat support software for your site. Your e-shop is more real now!

134)   Patch Management Software
Patch Management Software is an effective utility that gives more features to protect your existing patch management system and is also capable of creating new patch management tools for you.

135)   FaxRush
FaxRush is an effective tool with which users can enable their CRM systems to post and receive faxes. This program has efficient merging capability.

136)   Ringtones - Polyphonic Ringtones Ringtones - Games - Logos for mobiles - Give a new look to your mobile !

137)   Jumpstart-it Event Management Software
Great Windows + Internet event administration: online forms, email, letters, $$$

138)   EncryptHTML
EncryptHTML allows you to encrypt any HTML page with a password of your choice (128 bits key). The new HTML includes a JavaScript to ask and decrypt the encoded HTML, there is no requirement of extra CGI or other program to read the HTML. All you need is a browser capable of running JavaScripts.

139)   DivX Pro
DivX Pro is a simple video production tool that helps you to produce studio quality video files compatible with either with TV sets or home PC.

This is a server management tool which helps the webmasters to find whether their website is active or not. If their site is currently inactive this tool indicates them with an alert sound.

141)   Telephone with iBe
Telephone with iBe enables you to make telephone calls with video compatiblity. You can send both audio and video to your friends using this utility. Requires a web camera, microphone and large bandwidth.

142)   Absolute Lab's HopeJump
Absolute Lab's HopeJump is an online multimedia utility tool with which users would be able to play with balls and diamonds in various levels. USers are taken to next levels after collecting all diamionds through the obstacles.

143)   AITOC BackUp Manager - MS SQL Server Backup Solution
This tool is used to dump database table with data separately and also users can restore database using previously created SQL file.

144)   arachnoServer (Limited Demo)
Ultmate professional web server software with 100% VBA compatible scripting language support.

145)   A-Media Scanner
A-Media Scanner is an online tool with which you can create your own audio and video catalogs using the most advanced XML and XSL technologies with java and VB scripts.

146)   One Stop Soft's Video Converter
One Stop Soft's Video Converter is a powerful multimedia utility tool designed to convert all types of video files into AVI and WMV formats with advanced video processing techniques.

147)   IVC Accents
IVC Accents is a tool that helps you to insert French and Spanish accented characters into your documents easily. It provides an accented character chart for your use.

148)   Mixmaster
Mixmaster is the type II remailer protocol and the most popular implementation of it.

149)   nBit WYSIWYG HTML Editor ActiveX Control
An HTML WYSIWYG Designer ActiveX Control for Website CMS designers. Features table editting, has a built in FTP component. CSS style sheets can be applied to editted documents via a URL or a valid CSS text string.

150)   Webob Server Monitoring Software
Webob Server Monitoring Software is a tool which permits the users for monitoring trends with a dashboard. This program has ability to track the users applications.

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