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Top 1701-1750 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1701)   Image Thumbnailer and Converter
You can use this tool to create thumbnails, convert images, and to create an album with your digital photos in real time. A picture preview window is provided in this tool with which you can see the edited image quickly.

1702)   Email Privacy
Ensures email security by sending messages directly to recipient mailboxes

1703)   activePDF WebGrabber
This allows you to recreate HTML to PDF and also emails the report to the end users. It affords full control over headers, footers and page breaks. This makes it easy for you to turn your existing web application into a PDF reporting engine.

1704)   sMonitor
sMonitor is a network monitoring tool which has the ability to validate the network connection of TCP and IP hosts on lan and internet. This utility alerts the users when remote host fails, through emails, modem and telnet connections.

1705)   Sawmill
This allows on the server fast, accurate statistical management. It supports multiple log files, can be run on your home PC or the server itself.

1706)   Codabar Bar Code Fonts
Codabar Bar Code Fonts is a simple code utility program containing scaleable bar code formats that can be directly included in the applications from the keyboard.

1707)   Advanced HTML Protector
Protect your hard work on the web including text, links, graphics, HTML source

1708)   1st Evidence Remover
Clean your Windows of any evidence and temporary files.

1709)   Clone Hunter
A Clone Hunter is a handy tool for duplicate files monitoring and removing.

1710)   Notesbrowser
Notesbrowser is a tool which allows the users to store scheduled dates and notes through a web based interface. This tool is perfect for the personal and business applications.

1711)   ReaViewer
ReaViewer is an image viewer tool with which you will be able to view an image in your folder in various formats like JPG, GIF, BMP etc. It also contains different items for controlling the view of the image.

1712)   Axios Systems
Axios Systems is a leading provider of consolidated IT Service Management software solutions. Our core solution, assyst, enables our customers worldwide to successfully manage their IT services using ITIL Best Practice frameworks.

1713)   dbQwikReport Pro
Web Report Generator for ASP and PHP creates real-time reports with ease.

1714)   Book Organizer
This is a simple and easy to use organizing program that would be helpful for book clubs, private or public libraries, book collectors to maintain book related data and organize them on their local computer.

1715)   Ariacom Business Reports
Easy-to-use database reporting and multi-dimensional analysis tool with dynamic SQL generation

1716)   EMS PostgreSQL Manager
This is a tool for for administration and development of PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL database can be easily created and edited and you can run SQL scripts using this tool. It also allows you to manage users and their privileges, build queries visually and many more.

1717)   PHP Search by Seduction 747
With this script, you can easily search the online reference manual. It is very easy to configure and lets you set up PHP Search to use different PHP mirrors. By typing the key word you obtain the online PHP reference manual.

1718)   Easy Watermark Creator
Easy Watermark Creator is an easy-to-use tool for addition of visible watermarks to your pictures and photos. The watermarks can contain text, image, date, which can be solid or semi-transparent.

1719)   Car Organizer Deluxe
Car Organizer Deluxe is an information ogranizer for cars that can create car catalog and organize car model details. This is suitable for car dealers, hobbyists and car collectors.

1720)   Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click is a network tool which has the ability to track the site traffic and combine easily into any website. This utility is useful for the webmasters.

1721)   MCSD@Whiz
This comprises of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of MCSD Exam (70-176). The salient features include High level of customization, Questions like Exhibit, Drag n Drop, Detailed explanation, Quick revision tips, scorer of the month.

1722)   Windows Standard Serial Communication Library for Delphi
It is a serial communication library based on windows API used for Delphi. This tool has modem control. It can be used with any borland delphi version.

1723)   Easy Backup for Outlook Express
Backup restore and move your Outlook Express's identities, messages and so on.

1724)   Proxomitron
Proxomitron is a powerful utility that comes with the ability to protect the details about the computer systems. This program hides the details about the location of the computer and browser details.

1725)   The Favourite link Search Toolbar with Free Pop Up Killer
This is a simple search toolbar utility that helps you to search for favourite links on the web and displays the search results with highlighted links.

1726)   Searchbliss Menu Tree Generator
This allow users to generate menu tree on their website. They can generate menu with three heading and sub headings. Easy to setup and to use.

1727)   dbQwikSite PE
dbQwikSite PE: Free Software to Create Database Web Sites in Seconds

1728)   VSS Remoting
This developement tool will provide secure accessing rights to work on your SourceSafe database from anywhere on the net. You can share your files and folders between your work groups thorugh this program.

1729)   ED for Windows
ED for Windows is a tool and a programming editor which allows the users to be more productive by following the options provided with this tool.

1730)   SQL Stripes
This tool is used for monitoring your SQL server. This tool automates your daily tasks as a database administrators and will give an alert message if anything is wrong.

1731)   ABC Amber PDF2Image Converter
This is an image converter tool which helps you to convert your PDF documents into any graphic files. With this tool, you can export all pages or a selected page. It is capable of supporting over 50 languages.

1732)   FastReport CLX
This is the first powerful cross-platform report generator for Delphi and Kylix. It allows you to create very efficient cross-platform reports for Windows and Linux with a minimum of manual coding. It supports Delphi7, Kylix3 and CBuilder 6.

1733)   Hardware Organizer
Hardware Organizer is an intutive and easy to use organizing program that can be used by hardware dealers, computer owners etc to add, delete or edit hardware related data and to organize them on their local computers.

1734)   DOS 6.22 Boot Disks
This is a simple zip file that contains about 40 files like io.sys, config.sys etc that helps you to boot your system to DOS version 6.22.

1735)   OCR-A, OCR-B & Eurobanking Font package
OCR-A, OCR-B & Eurobanking Font package is a simple and effective font generating tool that allow users to create OCR fonts with euro banking specifications.

1736)   Easy File & Folder Protector
Password protect files and folders by a time schedule

1737)   PublicPC Desktop
Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC and disable access to vital files.

1738)   Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2003 (ARKSP)
ARKSPS is a powerful configuration and usage reporting tool for Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

1739)   Peachtree Password Recovery Key
This program suits to recover passwords for Peachtree Complete Accounting application. All older and latest versions are supported. Can copy the retrieved passwords.

1740)   Free Meta Tag Generator for Search Engine Optimisation
This is a meta tag generating program that helps users to generate meta tags for their websites. If the page has meta tag already you can import and edit them.

1741)   HTMLProtector
This is a tool to protect the content of your web page. It can protect your text, graphics or prevent others from watching or reusing source code. With its help, spammers are stopped from extracting your email address from web page. In addition, it can prevent unauthorized users from using offline downloader to download the whole website to local disk.

1742)   Zilla WinCleaner N' Optimizer
Zilla WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

1743)   Find Protected
Search for password protected files on local disks and across a network.

1744)   Alleycode
Alleycode is a tool which acts as a html editor that presents an sensitive interface for speed operation. The users can create and update external and internal style sheets.

1745)   VoiceRush
VoiceRush is an utility that can be used by the users to automate their CRM system to make phone calls with their contacts by the use of recorded voice.

1746)   Email Director
Send personalized email to a group of recipients.

1747)   CommView
A program for capturing and analyzing network packets

1748)   Lucid Spec
Lucid Spec - Better software through better GUI specifications!

1749)   Gen-Tile
Creates an infinity of tile wallpapers. Generate and edit random images.

1750)   ABC Amber Lotus Converter
This script is used to convert data from Lotus to any types of files. It supports nearly fifty types of different files. This utility converts data quickly.

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