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Top 1851-1900 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1851)   OCP@Whiz-1Z0-026
This comprises of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of OCP. Salient features include High Level of Customization, Detailed Explanation, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and more.

1852)   Sambar Server
This is a multi-threaded HTTP, FTP and Proxy server that enables additional server functionality: Mail, DNS, SOCKs, Document Management and many more. Its key features include: Multi-threaded WWW Server with highly programmable API, ISAPI Extension support, DLL-based server APIs and many more.

1853)   Webmenu Genie
This tool is helpful for developers to create webmenus and coding is not required to develop this program. It has automated function. It offers several important and powerful features.

1854)   Tiff To Pdf Converter
Tiff To Pdf Converter is a program which perform the convertion of TIFF images into a PDF documents. Users can handle the packages like library, dll and exe.

1855)   Spy Guardian Pro
Spy Guardian Pro is an efficient protective program that can automatically monitor any spyware, adware, password grabber etc., present in your system. Prevents all abusing tasks such as password stealing, logging into your chat and spam emails.

1856)   eZip Wizard
eZip Wizard is a file utility which allows the users to create and unzip the compressed files through a web based interface. Helpful tool for the webmasters and the users.

1857)   ZeroTraces WinCleaner N' Optimizer
ZeroTraces WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

1858)   TheDowser Professional
TheDowser Keyword Research & Management Tool

1859)   Project Planning and Management
This is a program that helps users to plan and manage any kind of projects. You can change project dynamics and monitor their performance by using earned value analysis.

1860)   Security Protector
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.

1861)   File & Folder Protector
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

1862)   Data Replication Software
This tool is used for protecting the data from system failures, power outages and from any other external resources by storing the data into the other network desktop and also it is integrated with windows scheduler.

1863)   Hide Files & Folders
Hide Files & Folders from viewing and searching, or protect them by password

1864)   dbQwikSite
This tool is helpful for webmasters to build dynamic websites using ASP or PHP scripts. It supports three limited fields in dynamic pages. This tool is simple to install and to use.

1865)   Zexer Soft's WAVE Extractor
Zexer Soft's WAVE Extractor is an online multimedia utility software designed to assit admin to extract audios in WAVE format from different audio files.

1866)   SlowBlast
SlowBlast is an online musical slow down program designed to assist musical lovers of all age to learn and play musical notes along with the recordings.

1867)   Site Search Pro Lite
This is a tool and utilities software and is a site searching program that helps users to search their websites on the search engines from a web based interface. This is a perfect choice for private websites.

1868)   CGI Non End Poll System
CGI Non End Poll System is a CGI script and is a poll system that helps users to add, delete or edit records. This program comes with fully fucntional admin control panel.

1869)   Absolute-BoXplosion-for-Palm-OS
BoXplosion is a collection of interesting arcade games with several play levels. You can enjoy these games through 'palm OS 5' and 'sony clie' with multimedia support.

1870)   WinaXe Plus SSH X-Server for Windows
SSH X-Server for Windows, Secure way to run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop.

1871)   SQL2000Print
Document schema of your Microsoft SQL Server2000 database by printing it in your own custom style. The printed output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF format to enable it to be incorporated into a word processors.

1872)   S.O.S.Automation
Baby - sickroom monitor and alarm system. Implemented in software on a home PC. Constantly monitors the surroundings and calls you upon emergency. Supports telephone audio monitor and internet audio/video monitor independently.

1873)   Bug Brother
This tool is used for sharing bug data from different computers by using any platform or operating system and it stores defect data inside the database.

1874)   Orbital's SQL Decryptor
SQL Trigger, user defined functions, stored data can be decrypted by this SQL decryptor tool. T-SQL syntax highlighting and multiple format exporting is used that allows users to view decrypted code easily.

1875)   Website To Country
Website To Country is a utility which displays the location of the website address specified by the visitors. A useful tool for the webmasters and the users.

1876)   Fast Mailer Pro
Fast Mailer Pro is an ultra fast subscription-based mass mailer.

1877)   PrimaSoft Web db Server
PrimaSoft Web Database Server is a web based application that helps you to create, manage and share databases across your company over the Internet or Intranet. You can set up contact database for your business, or a knowledge base for your organization, or even a product catalog for your corporate web site.

1878)   PicaJet Photo Album
Organize, enhance, view, print, find, and share your digital photos with this elegant, all-in-one, digital photo organizer.

1879)   Products Generator
Products Generator is an EMS E-commerce Management System. Offers eccommerce solutions for websites to sell things.

1880)   1st Security Agent Pro
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows

1881)   Page Extractor Professional
This utility is used for extracting IP address, phone numbers, email address and more and it gives detailed reports after extraction. Other than extraction it offers huge facilities.

1882)   MP3 To Wav's DVD TO AVI
MP3 To Wav's DVD TO AVI is an useful tool with which you can convert DVD movies to Divx file formats. This simple utility supports even PAL and NTSL in the conversion process.

1883)   Batch Replacer for MS Word
This utility allows to make a multi replacement operation in MS Word files. Expressions for replacement must be specified in Excel document.

1884)   Inventory Organizer Deluxe
Inventory Organizer Deluxe is an inventory management and organizing tool that helps users to organize their private or business possessions on thier local PC from home.

1885)   Xenu's Link Sleuth-URL Link Checker
Xenu's Link Sleuth-URL Link Checker is an online URL link checker capable of reporting admin about the detected broken links and redirected URL's on their website.

1886)   1st Privacy Tool for Windows
1st Privacy Tool protects your computer and Internet.

1887)   SearchBliss Toolbar
SearchBliss is a toolbar which allows the users to perform search any development resources on the web. Users can have instant access to website contents and free web tools.

1888)   Email Security
With this script a you can make sending e-mails more secure.

1889)   LaunchIt NOW! Plus
Using this script, you can have a small, desktop like window with full size icons that can be utilized to launch all your frequently used tools and applications, all kinds of files, folders and favorite URLs. This supports add ons which are small and very useful tools that enhance its utility.

1890)   OSS Audio Converter Pro
Convert any audio file from one to another, extract audio from video or record.

1891)   WMIControlCenter
This program provides a tree view of specific machine available remotely to give an easy platform for running new script on the remote system.

1892)   MCSE@Whiz-70-215
This is a set of five mock tests with 300 questions on the latest pattern of MCSE Windows 2000 Server Certification . The salient features of this set is the facility to customize, detailed explanation, facility for quick revision tips and more.

1893)   Time Fencer
This is an useful time tracking software that can record all working process of a systems and generates shareable database on all those operations.

1894)   iSpace Desktop Blog Reader
iSpace Desktop is a integrated PIM system, it includes: RSS Reader,Contacts, Calendar,Content Categories, Documents, Multi-page internet browser. It is a content management system on Desktop as it shows currently. Everyone may use it as a PIM.

1895)   ActiveXperts Network Monitor
ActiveXperts Network Monitor monitors servers and workstations for availability. Alerts and corrects. Runs as a Windows Service.

1896)   Desktop Notes
This is an online desktop organizer that contains a notepad, desktop system and a desktop architect. It is a convenient and a comprehensive help system that can be easily customized.

1897)   1 Click & Lock
Secure your desktop when you step away from your PC

1898)   AlarIT Net Serial Driver
This tool is used for sharing devices using COM ports from different locations using different platforms. This tool can access remotely to the serial port via TCP/IP protocols.

1899)   Online Store Kit Lite
Online Store Kit Lite is an online shopping cart package that is powered to integrate your online sales without any effort. In-built tools take care of products and customers adminstration.

1900)   Website Template
This is a web templates collection through which programmers can generate cutomizable websites according their needs.

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