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Top 151-200 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   Multicom.Net
This utility is used to share and test different types of equipments using com ports. It allows users to receive statistic data from other equipments.

152)   PowerArchiver 2000
PowerArchiver is the ultimate archive utility for the Windows® family of products. With a modern easy-to-use interface, PowerArchiver provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools. PowerArchiver is the most complete archive utility available today.

153)   File & Folder Protector
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

154)   RapTier
This tool is used for generating database driven using, SQL code generator. This tool takes less time for development and it reduce the testing time.

155)   Freelance BBS
Freelance BBS connects freelancers working in Programming, IT, Web Design, Music, Photography and Business to companies and individuals that hire them.

156)   DirectAdmin Web Control Panel
DirectAdmin Web Control Panel is a program which avoids downtime of the server by recovering files from crashes. This control panel can run faster. It has many enhanced features. Mysql is used as a backend.

157)   CV Voice Chat
This is a voice chat tool with which you can chat online with anyone through a mike. It is packed with numerous features like text emoticons, one-to-one private voice chat communication and much more.

158)   World Mini Flags
This is an online world flag icons with which webmasters can make use of these flags with their corresponding countries for their international websites.

159)   My IP Suite
My IP Suite is a internet and network tool which works with IP addresses. This tool combines IP country converter, tracert and IP domain converter into single interface.

160)   Coffee Cup Free Scrollbar Wizard
This tool is used to create scroll bar on the website. This tool is used to scroll web pages on any directions.

161)   1-2-3 EZ Text Editor
1-2-3 EZ Text Editor is an easy, powerful online text editor with easy to use WYSIWYG view, bold, italicize, & underline text and more.

162)   AutoFTP Professional
This is an utility that can tranfer files to and from FTP server. This program has enhanced features.

163)   Chat Rooms For Your Website
Chatfiles is live java chat service that provide real-time communication. Just copy and paste java chat code to your web page and allow your visitors to chat ONLINE.

164)   dbQwikSite Professional
This tool is used to generate a dynamic webpage by the webmasters. It supports unlimited fields with ASP and PHP pages. Users can also generate static HTML page. It offers several enhanced features for webdevelopment.

165)   Universal Desktop Ruler
Measure not only a straight line distance but any curved distance on the Screen

166)   eCommerce System
Through this advanced e-commerce program you can design store front for your shopping cart with all essential functionalities to put forth your products for sale.

167)   EmailRush
EmailRush is a program that comes with the ability to take care about posting bulk emails with personalized details. This program comes with effective SQL merging functionality.

168)   SitePublish
Programmers without prior knowledge in HTML can use this CMS with WYSIWYG editor to authorize their website contents easily with a simple interface.

169)   Aladdin Expander
StuffIt Expander easily expands and decodes all those files you download from the Web or receive in your email. It quickly accesses StuffIt™ files, unzips zip files created by WinZip® and other zip utilities, plus decompresses tar, gzip and bzip files for Unix users. It offers a drag, drop feature fro easy working. Expander works seamlessly with Web browsers such as Internet Explorer™ and Netscape™. From BinHex to zip, StuffIt to MIME.

170)   eScan 2003 Virus Control
eScan 2003 Virus Control is a powerful utility that enables users to secure their computers from the attack of virus programs.

171) is a site where users can find web templates and flash templates for building their own websites. All are professional templates.

172)   Dynasite
Dynasite is an advanced software development tool useful for creating interactive and dynamic websites. This application does not require any addtional softare to install on your computer.

173)   KReveal
This program reveals the passwords hidden behind the asterisks. Select the field and unmask the passwords.

174)   Anti Cut and Paste
This tool is used for searching text fragments which are pasted in source code of programming language. Easy to setup and to use.

175)   Trellian SiteSpider
This is a site spider tool that can extract data from any website and organize the data into a easy to navigate panel. This is a simple and very useful program for webmasters.

176)   Web Filter Proxy - Privoxy
This is a web proxy system that contains advanced filtering features to protect your privacy. It can run on stand alone systems as well as in multi user systems.

177)   HTML Tables Generator
HTML Tables Generator is a tool which allows the users to build table on their websites. This tool can be configured and customized easily for users.

178)   Pro Clip Library
Pro Clip Library is an utility which is a shortcut and reference for the commands handled by the users. This tool allows the users to save the new commands used by them.

179)   Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control
Create custom additional virtual serial port in system and fully control it.

180)   pdf-Office
pdf-Office is a program which allows the users to create texts, pictures, form fields, documents in a different form from scratch. This program initiates the users to handle images and texts.

181)   HTML Squisher
HTMLSquisher compresses each web page that you want to download. HTMLSquisher only works on HTML pages. It is particularly useful for large HTML pages but it can't compress your images or anything else. Java and Javascript must be enabled for this utility to work.

182)   News Topic Icons Project
The News Topic Icons Project is a project to create news topic icons for use on news websites. It is a collection of topic icons for news sites such as slash, phpnuke, and many others.

183)   MetaCompress
MetaCompress - ISAPI compression filter. Compresses requested content on-the-fly

184) offers users a free photoshop tutorial templates to let the users build a high quality website.

185)   Random Number Generator Pro
Generate random numbers.

186)   dbQwikSite - Ecommerce Edition
This template driven e-commerce package will help you to build powerful websites with all essential commerce functionalities supporting image uploads, categorization, simple pagination etc.,

187)   mSpace Toolbar
This is an useful tool for Myspace users in surfing through Myspace website. Some of the useful tools include login, google searching, browser maintanence tool etc.,

188)   Firestorm Remote Edit
Firestorm is a true WYSIWYG Remote editing suite which makes website updates and amends hassle free. Designed to work along side professional HTML authoring software such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage, Firestorm is the perfect tool for quick online editing.

189)   SD Virtual World
SD Virtual World provides an immersive and interactive 3D experience where you can chat with other people in 3D cyberspace.

190)   Ultra-Dvd2Mp3
Ultra-Dvd2Mp3 is an easy to use DVD audio ripper tool using which you can convert DVD audio files to Mp3 format. This tool supports all types of audio streams. You can also use this tool as the DVD audio player.

191)   Biometric Employee Punch Clock
Biometry is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. Instead of badges or passwords that can be lost, forgotten or deceived, the Biometric Employee Punch Clock verifies an employee's identity based on his fingerprint. Pay your employees for the exact time they work.

192)   Mp3Eater: Mp3 Bit stream
Mp3Eater: Mp3 Bit stream is a program based on C which can be used by the users to collect the information from the MP3 Bit stream and thereby to sort them in frame order.

193)   Photo, Picture Organizer Deluxe
This is a windows program that helps users to manage their digital images and graphic catalogs. This program has an easy to use interface allowing users to access and manage their pictures.

194)   Contact Book
This is an easy to use organizing program that can collect and organize addresses information. This program is suitable for both personal and business use.

195)   Total Commander
Total Commander is a file manager for Windows platforms. It offers Multiple language support and Enhanced search function. It will let you Compare files / synchronize directories; Quick View panel with bitmap display. It allows you to handle ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archiving functions + plugins. It has a built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and more.

196)   MP3 Tag Clinic
It is a tag editor program for all MP3 tag types. This tool supports almost maximum tag frames and fields of MP3's.

197)   Meredith's MP3 Tag Editor
MP3 Tag Editor is a simple online audio utility tool with which you can edit MP3 musical text file within tags effectively using both ID3v1 and ID3v2 field editors.

198)   SC Free Image Viewer
Manage and edit images apply many operations.contains wide, varity features

199)   Advanced Find and Replace
Advanced Find and Replace is a tool which searches the documents and replaces the text. This utility can replace multiline text in unlimited files.

200)   Browser Based HTML WYSIWYG Editor (Script Add-On)
As it is based on standard icons and functions the creation of web content can be done fast.

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