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Top 1951-2000 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1951)   Alive CD Ripper
Alive CD Ripper is an online advanced CD ripper designed ultimately to convert CD tracks to various file formats with a perfect balance between quality and speed.

1952)   Access Manager for Windows
Password protect your PC & Restrict access to to key features of Windows

1953)   OSS Video Converter
Video Convert - Convert AVI, ASF, WMV & MPEG Video files.

1954)   EOF Production's SnatchIt-Video Screen Capture
EOF Production's SnatchIt-Video Screen Capture is a simple online movie screen capture program designed ultimately for video files supported by windows media player.

1955)   OutlookReminder
This is an useful communication tool that can be used as your personal assistant which reminds you of important appointments or calls and notifies you over phone.

1956)   Whizlabs Oracle 9i DBA OCP (1Z0-001) Exam Simulator
This is the associate level exam simulator for Oracle 9i DBA OCP certification. It contains 300 questions in five mock exams and are explained in detail by certified professions.

1957)   EZ Mp3 Recorder
EZ Mp3 Recorder is an effective audio file recorder that has the ability to record audio files in either MP3 or WAV format similar to a CD product. This tool supports almost all sound cards.

1958)   Sound In Depth
This program is helpful for the multimedia technicians which allows them to edit, mix and covert any type of audio files easily. Easy to setup and to work.

1959)   ViewLetBuilder
ViewletBuilder is an authoring tool which helps you to create animated online software demos called Viewlets. Its enhanced features include improved sound management features and full Unicode character compatibility (for use with any language). It Creates small files, and no plug-in is required, making it perfect for web demos.

1960)   Catalog Max
This is an useful disk catalog software that can be used to create catalogs and reports for CD-ROMs, ZIP disks, floppy disks etc. It can also be used to export printable HTML reports.

1961)   10-Strike LANState
Visual network monitor allows you to see your network's state at any time.

1962)   Barcode for Office
Barcode for Office is a tool which has the ability to generate barcode images that can be embedded into the users documents. This utility provide support for barcode types.

1963)   Absolute Log Analyzer
Popular log analysis tool for professional webmasters managing multiple sites.

1964)   Movie Catalog
This is an easy to use organizing program that can collect and organize movie related information. This program supports multiple data entries and can sort them automatically.

1965)   dtSearch Network with Spider
"Finding a virtual needle in a digital haystack is now much easier" MS OfficePRO. Searches terabytes of word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, XML, PDF, HTML, emails & more. Built-in Web Spider. See for more products

1966)   Quick Image Transfer
Quick Image Transfer is a program that can transfer the image files from the camera to the storage place of the users system with a single click.

1967)   Emerging Technologies Toolkit
Emerging Technologies Toolkit is a tool which has the ability to develop, execute and design the web service technologies. An useful utility for the users and webmasters.

1968)   Slayer's Editor
This is a file editor which contains syntax highlighters supporting nearly 30 different programming languages.

1969)   eBook Pack Express
This e-book viewer will help you to create your own manuals, ebooks, ezines etc., with customizable icons, table of contents and splash screen.

FreshTemplates provides users a collection of templates to suit the creative needs of the website. It provides templates including website templates, logo templates etc.,

1971)   Visual Comparer
This tool is used for comparing source code which contains text files. This tool allows users to load their system with comparable files to edit fully functional text.

1972)   Wintraday
Wintraday is an online stock marketing financial tool designed to help stock brokers and investors to keep live stock updates of paris stock exchange market.

1973)   ReaThumbnails - thumbnails creator
Make images ready for the web and create thumbnails for your web photo albums.

1974)   Network Management Software
This is a WMI VBS script that is designed to maintain inventory of end-user computers. It can be placed in the users NT loging script for the purpose of auditing their systems to record their IT related data.

1975)   Email Subscriber
Intended for organizing subscription to mailing lists

1976)   EzGis
This tools is helpful for developers or for programmers to develop Geographic Information System applications which is useful for distributors and corporates.

1977)   Stamp Catalog
Stamp Catalog is an organizing software that is capable of gathering and organizing stamp related information. This program has an intuitive user interface.

1978)   Visual Audit Trail new
Visual Audit Trail can be placed on any table in a database to track changes in terms of who and when. It gives options on audit to be selectively triggered, which fields to be audited, saving of data before or after audit and many more.

1979)   AlertPingPro
While your hosts are hanging-up,your income is falling. St it with "AlertPing".

1980)   FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition
This is a powerful online searching tool that can querry multiple search engines and provides visual presentations for all your search results.

1981)   Booby
Booby is an utility with which users can create and manage a Personal Information for contacts, bookmarks, tasks and news etc.,

1982)   SC Net Speed Booster
Boost and optimize the speed of your Internet connection with this set of tools

1983)   1st Security Administrator
Protect PC, restrict access to Windows applications, password-protect boot.

1984)   DailyEdit
This international text editor is easy to use and available in four languages. It provides a versatile command set that can simplify most editing tasks. While it offers source code for most popular programming languages, syntax files can be created to support other languages.

1985)   Hardware Catalog
Hardware Catalog is a windows based organizing script that can collect and organize computer hardware related data. This program uses catalog like interface.

1986)   Vevo! CatalogBuilder
Do-IT-Yourself Cataloging for business and personal use, as web catalog creator, multimedia CD brochure maker, photo album creator and slide show builder. User can customize and configure catalog contents, language, theme and design setting.

1987)   TKSee
TKSee is an image viewer for LINUX. This program helps you to see .jpeg .bmp .gif .xmp files for linux. It is written by using Perl Tk and has been compiled by using perl2exe.

1988)   Easy Blogs by
Easy Blogs allow anyone to write and publish his or her very own blog or journal. Simple enough for the non-technical, and yet with enough extra features to please the demanding too. Use one of the many included web-site templates or design your own.

1989)   1st Desktop Guard
Stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver.

1990)   DocBook SGML Toolbox
DocBook SGML Toolbox installs DocBook, OpenJade and other SGML Utilities with ease using an automated install script. While DocBook is a great language and documentation system, its associated tools are tough to install especially if you are new to Unix/Linux. DocBook SGML ToolBox solves this problem by installing everything for you, even automatically configuring your environment variables. Will save you hours of installation time.

1991)   Python Web services developer: Python SOAP libraries, Part 5
SOAPpy is a component used for python projects. It has advanced and most impressive arrays. This utility is also used for accessing Amazon web services and google search engine.

1992)   Malware Scanner
Kills Spyware,Trojans Adware ..

1993)   SQL Delta
SQL Delta is a great value, fast SQL database compare tool used to analyze, compare and synchronize database structures and data. SQL Delta also reports on structures and data including differences and exports reports to HTML and XML.

1994)   Backup for Outlook Express
Backup restore and move your Outlook Express's identities, messages and so on.

1995)   CRT
Rock-solid terminal emulator with tabbed UI and advanced session management

1996)   MP3 To All Converter
This tool is helpful for the users to convert their MP3 format files into wav, wmv, VQF etc., With the help of this program the users can burn their wav audio CD from MP3 format audio.

1997)   Complete Anonymous Internet
Internet utility to hide your IP address when using internet programs.

1998)   Paessler SNMP Tester
Test and debug SNMP requests with Paessler SNMP Tester for free. Run simple SNMP requests against a device in your network, testing each single step of the SNMP request as it is logged into a logfile for analysis.

1999)   CamZoomer
CamZoomer is an excellent online webcam utility software that is capable of providing users with several advanced features of an expensive pan-tilt-zoom camera.

2000)   MySQL Maestro
A Windows GUI tool for MySQL administration and database development.

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