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Top 2001-2050 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2001)   Pacestar UML Diagrammer
Pacestar UML Diagrammer helps you to quickly and easily generate all varieties of UML diagrams. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible AND commonly understood notation.

2002)   Data Recovery Application
This tool is used for recovering lost data whichever erased due to some problem. It is an important tool for every users to recover data.

2003)   Complete Process Manager
Complete Process Manager is an utility that comes with the ability to find out and demolish the programs that automatically get started in startup as soon as the computer is turned on.

2004)   QuickLaunch
Quick access files, folder, webpages straight from your tray bar, manage startup services and applications, automate and schedule tasks and actions starting with applications, internet dialing or even get notified when a new email arrives in your mailbox.

2005)   Auction, Web Templates
Users can get different types of free and paid templates from this website. This website comes with auction and web templates. These templates can be used to design the website with better look and feel.

2006)   4-Share Zfilter
ZFilter is a plug-in indexing filter used for Windows servers. It allows them to full-text index the contents of zip archives created with WinZip, PKZIP, or any other compression program that uses the PKWARE compression format.

2007)   CH Web analyzer
CH Web analyzer is an online client server application utility software tool that provides detailed real-time activity tracking reports in line and pie graphs.

2008)   Network Eagle Monitor updated
This network service monitor enables you to monitor the state of servers and various remote services over the network. Whenever, the state of objects being monitored changes, this sends a notification and/or performs the required functions. It allows you to administer large networks with a lot of servers and users.

2009)   PM Rubber
PM Rubber is a program using which users can perform animations, plasticity effects and transformations on images. Users can also utilize this tool to create text effects over images.

2010)   Softdd Software's MP3 Easy Splitter
Softdd Software's MP3 Easy Splitter is a simple Mp3 utility tool designed to create new MP3 files with splitted segments without affecting the original file.

2011)   .htaccess Guide And Tools
This tutorial on .htaccess text file teaches control of web server behavior. It also provides commands that can be used to control the behavior. Some aspects that are covered include covers directory listings, custom error messages, password authentication, redirection and many more.

2012)   NXPowerLite
This is an useful application for optimizing the content of your MS Powerpoint files quickly and easily. It helps to modify your Powerpoint images into customized attractive pictures.

2013)   ScriptWorx
Script worx is a HTML editor with which you can create and edit ASP, Coldfusion, DHTML and many other internet file formats.

2014)   HTTPLook
HTTPLook is a simple, powerful and convenient web traffic viewing tool that increases the efficiency of a developer. It has features such as message filter, data sorting, search functions, instant help and a complete manual on HTTP.

2015)   Advanced Keylogger
Advanced Keylogger -invisibly records keystrokes and sends them to you via email.

2016)   Crazy soft's Bug Tracking Software
This testing tool bundled with automatic task assignment enables software developers and programmers to recognize and track bugs on their projects.

2017)   9.95 FTP
9.95 FTP is a FTP client that allows you to transfer multiple files at the same time. This script will manage your list of favorite FTP servers, monitor file transfers, control bandwidth usage, send raw FTP commands, change file attributes, connect through Secure FTP, and more. It has a drag and drop user interface.

2018)   Office Password Recovery Key
Office Password Recovery Key is capable of recovering large number of passwords for five software application files which are Access, Excel, Outlook, Word and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can use this program on all versions of above said MS-Office products.

2019)   FREE Internet Explorer Search Local Toolbar
This is a toolbar designed to use with Internet Explorer browser. It will enhance your internet experience and contains a new feature which will block the popup ads while you are browsing the net.

2020)   Flash Jigsaw Producer
Create entertaining web-based puzzle games with Flash Jigsaw Producer.

2021)   90z cd-mp3 music converter
90z cd-mp3 music converter can play the song which is in the CD-ROM's CD, and the songs can be converted into WAV format and MP3 format easily and quickly.

2022)   Pro Monthly Poll System
Pro Monthly Poll System is a simple poll system that can create and maintain records. This system archives old result, reset votes every month automatically.

2023)   Audio Converter
Audio Converter is an effective program that can be used to capture audio files from CD and change them to any of 16 file formats such as, MP3, MP1, WAV, AVI etc.

2024)   Proxy Changer for IE
Proxy Changer for IE is a network tools which allows the users to alter proxy connection for IE online. This tool provide support for the URL.

2025)   Admiresoft's Super Mp3 Converter
Admiresoft's Super Mp3 Converter is an advanced audio converting tool that helps users to convert their MP3's and other media players with audio volume normalization.

2026)   OneStopSoft's Audio Converter
OneStopSoft's Audio Converter is a simple online audio file converter that helps you to convert the quality and settings of the audio collections as desired.

2027)   Visual Web Template
This tool is helpful for webmasters to design their webpages with templates. It uses external config file for easy editing of CSS values and it offers many enhanced features.

2028)   iNetAdviser
All-in-one to make your Internet surfing easy. Save time on web pages viewing.

2029)   OSS Audio Extractor
Extract (mp3,wav,ogg,wma)audio from (avi,mpeg,wmv,asf)video.

2030)   ABC Amber XML Converter
ABC Amber XML Converter is a converting tool which is capable of converting the users XML documents into any document formats.

2031)   Interleaved 2 of 5 Bar Code Font Advantage Package
Interleaved 2 of 5 Bar Code Font Advantage Package is a simple and efficient bar code utility tool that helps admin to start, stop and check barcode font characters by compiling barcodes to ANSI and European standards.

2032)   AlbumWeb Pro
AlbumWeb Pro is a tool which permits the users to create photo albums which has a great look and interactive slideshows by selecting the presentation style and images.

2033)   C++ Server Pages
C++ Server Pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web Pages and Web Applications by using C++. You can easily port you C++ projects to the Web, and also, give incredibly high processing performance to your Web Apps.

2034)   Computing Resources is a Directory search providing you with a wide range of categorized computing resources.

2035)   Web Builder Deluxe
This is a windows based program that helps users to manage structured datas on their computers. This program has HTML publishing ability to publish the database on the web.

2036)   siteDirector .NET
siteDirector .NET is a simple program that can manage page errors of websites by updating all available webpages of the site running on a Windows platform.

2037)   Text to MP3 Speaker
Text to MP3 Speaker is an easy to use tool that helps you to change text files to mp3, wav, Ogg or wma files. This tool comes with powerful text editor and web reader.

2038)   Real
Real is an useful site for the web based traders to acquire more customers and to increse traffic to their sites by grasping the top results of Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN, and other popular search engines.

2039)   SmilieWorX Self Expression System
This is a remotely hosted program that gives you the right to access aroung 750 smilie graphics in real time. The smilies can be used in your message posts or anywhere.

2040)   Abc Puzzle
Play tile-based logic games and create your own puzzles.

2041) provides its services on template designing, users can get professional templates as they like by ordering here.

2042)   Free Google Search Website
Download this free Google Search Engine web site. You can download the full site or just download the cut & paste code to place in your site. You can have a Google Search in minutes. No database required. Please visit the site for a live Demo and free downloads.

2043)   Hide & Protect any Drives
A simple and effective solution to protect your disk drives using hide and protect method, that bars access to the partition on hard disk and ensures the safety of your important data.

2044)   DanDans Media's Easy Audio Editor
DanDans Media's Easy Audio Editor is an effective online audio editing tool that allows admin to perform all audio related editing operations with full control over their audio files.

2045)   MyDB Converter
MyDB converter is a database tool used on the website. This tool is used for converting MS Access database to MySQL or to convert MySQL databases into Access database.

2046)   Criline Search and Replace
search and replace utility (regular expressions support)

2047)   Compare & Backup
This is a simple and powerful backup software that can be used to synchronize your directory. Before taking backup, it allows you to compare with source and destination.

2048)   OCP@Whiz-1Z0-121
This comprises of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of OCP (Test 1Z0-121 : Developer 2000 Build Forms 1). The salient features include High Level of Customization, Detailed Explanation, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and much more

2049)   Trace Remover WinCleaner N' Optimizer
TraceRemover WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

2050)   Wyncs Professional- Wyncs Manager Software
Wyncs professional version allows users to host entire syncable links. This tool helps them to link with PDA and Microsoft Outlook express with your website.

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