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Top 2051-2100 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2051)   File and Folder Protector
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

2052)   AVSD
AVSD is an useful tool and utility with which software developers and programmers working with COM-ports can create and manage virtual COM ports in simple and comprehensive models.

2053)   Cyclano id
Play tile-based logic puzzles and create your own games.

2054)   1st Subscription Manager
Parse your POP3 messages containing subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

2055)   Email Hunter
This is a web based tool which helps you to extract the email addresses from the websites, clipboard and files. This tool has a built in automatic copy and paste feature.

2056)   Download Free Animated Screen Savers
You can download beautiful animated screensavers for the desktop on your computer. All the screensavers are checked for viruses and are safe for download.

2057)   Net Streams
The NetStream is a library that has a collection of ActiveX components useful for networking. It has some utility objects that contain the details about theSFStream, SFStorage, SF Record etc.

2058)   Model Agency Builder
This is a useful tool that helps you to create your own online model agency quickly and to manage it effectively. With this tool, you can serve as middle men between models and various ad agencies.

2059)   Realtor Organizer Deluxe
This is a database managing program where realtors and real estate agents would be benefitted by managing property listings and customer contacts. Users can easily access and manage the database from an easy and intuitive interface.

2060)   NoSpamToday! SMTP Proxy
This is an essential tool for every webmasters which helps them by protecting SMTP proxy that avoids spammers from entering into the website.

2061)   Voicent AutoReminder
This is an online auto reminder program that reminds you regarding the customer calls through your phone. It contains a calendar to store the important events and appointments. It is very simple to use and to manage.

2062)   E-Store Builder
E-Store Builder is an useful utility that allows you to create your own online store on your website with shopping cart and various other options. It also helps you to automate your accounting, inventory control and reporting and much more.

2063)   Malware Scanner
Kills Spyware,Trojans Adware ..

2064)   Email Newsletters Publishing Software
This is a C based program which is used for building a website with email based newsletter publishing method. This program is easy to install and to configure.

2065)   DanDans Media's MP3 CD Writer
DanDans Media's MP3 CD Writer is a simple online multimedia utility tool used to write and copy audio files and musical tracks in audio and MP3 CD's.

2066)   SC Video Cut and Split
powerfull video editing program ,you can apply varity and wide range of effects

2067)   CorporateVisions Icon Deployment VBS
This script can deploy icons on to any version of Microsoft Windows Desktop, Start Menu, and Favorites from a Microsoft Server. It allows easy addition and removal of icons to be deployed and can be used on any Microsoft Network.

2068)   U-Wipe
This utility allows you to clean the history of your path on the PC and Internet. It also lets you free up the disk space from and increase the speed of your computer speed. It offers easy interface to manage digital certificates and cookies.

2069)   NetMarks Manager
NetMarks Manager is a program that can manage your favourites. You can store thousands of bookmarks and view them.

2070)   VPF Heading Composer
VPF Heading Composer is an utility that can be used by the users to compose the Versatile Pixel Fonts (VPF). This will be useful for the users in generating VPF fonts from the color images.

2071)   Recipe Organizer
Recipe Organizer is an easy to use organizing program that can be used by chiefs and recipe collectors to organize and maintain recipe data on their local PC system.

2072)   1st Mail Bomber Pro
Professional mass mailer, bulk mailerfor fast sending personalized emails.

2073)   1st Security Agent
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows.

2074)   FTPMonster
Ftp Client to Easily Transfer Files Quickly and Reliably

2075)   4IE Internet Macros Web Testing PlugIn
Auto-Form Filling, Data Extraction and Web Testing Internet Explorer PlugIn

2076)   SC Free Video Converter
Video Convert - Convert AVI, ASF, WMV & MPEG Video files.

2077)   Component conversion Utility
The Component Conversion Utility is designed to simplify component creation and minimize the time needed to create skeleton code in a variety of languages. Given a database connection, for example, the CCU can use existing tables to create skeleton Java code. In addition to translating programming languages, it allows a user to define entities/attributes in a friendly GUI. Supported languages include Java, HTML/JavaScript, XML, SQL, VB .Net, and C. Requires JRE 1.4+.

2078)   Data Base Scripting Pages
DBSP accelerates the development cycle of complex database Web solutions.

2079)   PHTML Encoder
Protect your PHP scripts from prying eyes

2080)   Ad Nuker Popup Blocker & Spam Filter
Filter E-Mail Spam, Viruses, Tojans pop ups, Spyware. Works with POP3 & IMAP

2081)   web graphic
web graphic is a network tool which shows details like proxy, system name and IP address of visitors system. This tool provides more security to the users website.

2082)   Advanced Call Center
An advanced, yet simple-to-use phone answering machine for your voice modem.

2083)   InfoMail Editor
This is an useful tool to generate and send personalized newsletters for products with letterhead, text, images, audio and video presentations etc.,

2084)   Access Administrator Pro
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete

2085)   DW Work- Script Walker
This tool allows users to navigate to find and replace code wrap and code navigation for dreamweaver. Dreamweavers user interface allows users to edit complex text and code blocks easily.

2086)   Database Generator
This tool is helpful for the webmasters who wants to build their site with database to manage data. This tool receives windows based applications. Searching facility is also included in this tool.

2087)   SC Free Icon Editor
An easy Free program for editing and creating icons, cursors, animated cursors

2088)   ScreenDiscoverer
ScreenDiscoverer is a reliable tool for zooming, snapshoting and color picking.

2089)   AdsCleaner
AdsCleaner is a perfect ad stopper, pop up blocker and online privacy tool

2090)   Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect
Encrypt and protect your HTML pages or a whole web site with a password!

2091)   CSE HTML Validator Standard
This tool is used to validate HTML, XHTML, CSS and links. It helps any users and it offers many enhanced features to guide users in many ways.

2092)   P2P Share Spy
Find and browse shared files of any type, all over the world.

2093)   Zilla Anonymous Surfer
Zilla Anonymous Surfer is a powerful utility that enables you to browse and access online freely without ads, banners and popups and even conceals your IP address.

2094)   Service-Oriented Architecture expands the vision of Web services
This utility is used for interchanging platform from client server implementations to server functions. By using this utility users can develop their own models for, message exchange, standard transport etc.,

2095)   IntraLaunch
IntraLaunch has been deigned for intranet usage with Windows based workstations that need to use a web browser. It allows execution of programs both locally as well as over a network. It has features such as password protection, attaching sound events, custom graphics, drop down lists and many more.

2096)   Visitor Security Information Graphic
This little module is widely useful for the webmasters to know who access their websites. Can list the details with graphical formatted output. Supports modifications with resource if you want.

2097)   mnoGoSearch Lite for Windows
Search engine to organize search within a website, intranet or local system.

2098)   Bullet Proof Soft's Video Converter and Decompiler
Bullet Proof Soft's Video Converter and Decompiler is an unique video converter program designed ultimately to extract video frames to images along with the actual settings and effects.

2099)   Vitalmaster's Website Templates
Vitalmaster's Website Templates website provides collection of paid web templates that are premade webpage design that can be used for creating website with better look.

2100)   Music Organizer Deluxe
This is an windows based organizing tool that helps users to manage their collection of music on their personal computers. This program is helpful for music collectors, hobbyists and dealers to manage all datas related to music.

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