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Top 2101-2150 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2101)   Searchbliss Slide Link Drop Menu Generator
This tool is helpful for users to generate code for slide link drop menu. Users can use it on their web pages. Installation of this tool is quite simple.

2102)   Biometric Employee Punch Clock
Biometry is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. Instead of badges or passwords that can be lost, forgotten or deceived, the Biometric Employee Punch Clock verifies an employee's identity based on his fingerprint. Pay your employees for the exact time they work.

2103)   Dr.Tag Plus!
With an intuitive interface, Dr.Tag Plus! let's you organize your MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA collection in no time. Beside renaming, restructuring, tagging, playing, previewing and batch editing you can burn, rip and encode your music.

2104)   Host Evaluator
Host Evaluator is a simple and useful program that helps you to decide on where should your website be hosted. This is done by analysing various important attributes like storage space, bandwidth, email, support, features, connection speed etc.

2105)   SQL7Print
Document schema of your Microsoft SQL Server 7 database by printing it in your own custom style. The printed output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF format to enable it to be incorporated into a word processors.

2106)   One Stop Soft's Audio CD Maker
One Stop Soft's Audio CD Maker is a simple online multimedia software that allows you to copy all your favorite MP3 and WAV files in to a CD with a perfect MP3 decoding quality.

2107)   Trellian Button Factory
With this tool, you can create impressive buttons, menus, logos, icons for your website quickly and easily. It contains a library of predefined button styles that gives you an option to design your own button with various effects.

2108)   Coding Ground - Online Webmaster Tools
This tool is helpful for webmasters to build their site. It offers different resources which helps them to develop websites. It is easy to setup and to work.

2109)   Surfpack
Put your favorite newsfeeds, links, and search tools together on an HTML page.

2110)   Wyncs Standard- Wyncs Manager Software
This tool is used for creating syncable links on your website. This utility is used as plug-in for windows browser with the external device like PDA's and MS outlook.

2111)   Security Administrator
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.

2112)   Zexer Soft's ANI Extractor
Zexer Soft's ANI Extractor is an effective multimedia tool that provides custom solutions for the admins to extract animated cursors for their online applications.

2113)   Nevron HTML Help Toolkit
This tool is helpful for programmers to process HTML help creation automatically for applications under .Net platforms. It has two help kits like, NReference creator and NPage formatter.

2114)   Proxy Inspector
This tool is helpful for the users to monitor their internet operations and the behaviour of the users with internet and displays those reports in a graphical format.

2115)   Screen Capture Master
Screen Capture Master 2.9 - is a powerful screen capture application that prints screen and grabs screen shot from Windows desktop. If you want to capture desired desktop screen pictures at will and select capture area in rectangle, control, games.

2116)   Domain Inspect
This is an advanced domain name checker that contains WHOIS lookup tool and also a domain name generator. It contains a built-in database that consists of the popular gTLDs and ccTLDs.

2117)   Easy Watermark Creator
Easy-to-use tool for addition of visible watermarks to your pictures and photos.

2118)   Advanced Emailer
Sending customized emails to subscribers and manipulate mailing lists.

2119)   Email Security
Email Security helps to send mails in a secured manner that can eliminate the temporary files on your computer system. You can use this program with your existing email account such as Outlook Express, MS-Outlook, Eudora and manymore.

2120)   VBScodePrint
Prints the source of VBScripts in your own custom style. The source code can be printed and exported to HTML, RTF and PDF formats.

2121)   SIBPROvider updated
This is an OLE DB provider that is meant to access database servers Interbase and Firebird. It has unique features such as auto command parameters creation and auto command type determination.

2122)   MySQL to Access
This tool is helpful for the users who needs to convert MySQL database to MS Access database. It converts all database contents of MySQL database to Access database.

2123)   Zero-Force Script
Zero-Force script is an easy to use mirc script.

2124)   Paessler Site Inspector
Paessler Site Inspector is a web browser that combines the two most frequently used browser engines; Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Gecko into one program. Its advanced analysis features make it the perfect companion for webmasters and web developers.

2125)   Kiwi Secure Tunnel
Free Secure Tunnel Service for use with Kiwi Syslog Daemon (or compatible)

2126)   MIDI Sleuth
MIDI Sleuth is an advanced search engine software capable of searching MIDI files on the net and also allows you to export those search results in various formats.

2127)   RatScan
RatScan is capable of scanning all your programming source page to detect all possible security problems with coding. Also, it offers the resources to repair the problems. Supports multiple programming languages.

2128)   Animate Me!
Animate Me! creates gif animations on the base of effects quickly and easy.

2129)   Bullet Proof Soft's Audio CD Rip N' Burn
Bullet Proof Soft's Audio CD Rip N' Burn is an efficient multimedia utility tool designed to extract audio tracks and files from CD's to store it in the hard drive without any additional disk space.

2130)   Public PC Desktop
Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC and disable access to vital files.

2131)   a.Paper
a.Paper allows you to create your animated themes and also place themes that are based on Flash, Java, Active X components and HTML pages onto your Windows desktop. These themes can be used to liven up your desktop or for other tasks.

2132)   Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5
Creates virtual serial ports and connects them to each other for data transfer.

2133)   MediaOne+ DVD DivX
MediaOne+ DVD DivX is a powerful audio and video player available with multiple subtitles and angles to enable users to play all types of audio and video files.

2134)   Colasoft Capsa
Capsa is a powerful but easy to use network monitor and analyzer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosis.

2135)   Online MYSQL Database Manager
It is an Online MYSQL database manager to create and manage all your MYSQL databases anywhere on the web. There is no requirement of extensive knowledge of SQL. You don't even have to remember number of fields, types etc as the Console shows them all for you.

2136)   SannySoft Perl Editor
SannySoft Perl Editor is a fully integrated developer environment.

2137)   Advanced Password Generator
Advanced Password Generator is a application designed to generate passwords of any length and character content.

2138)   myTopSites
myTopSites consists of several product categories where with sites are listed as per high to low hits. Given link with list helps you to view the details from the original site.

2139)   NB-safecolor
NB-safecolor is a unique color tool that allows you to choose the right color combination for a webpage.. This tool offers a user-friendly interface to try different color combination, switch between colors, undo color choice, swap color coding between items, and much more

2140)   AceaXe Plus Windows XServer
SSH XServer for Windows, Secure way to run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop.

2141)   ByteRun HTML Protector
This security utility can encrypt all HTML source codes so as to protect your website designs and contents from hackers and frauds.

2142)   Trellian Internet Studio
This tool is helpful for webmasters and contains several tools for ecommerce, search, web authoring etc., This tool contains several features to enhance webmasters to build their site.

2143)   Web Replay
This is an effective macro recorder that automates your surfing activities by remembering your username and passwords without affecting your privacy.

2144)   RHCE@Whiz
This comprises of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of Red Hat Linux Certification Exam. Salient features include High Level of Customization, Detailed Explanation, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and much more.

2145)   Bokai Barcode Image Generator .Net Control (Barcode .Net)
Bokai barcode image generator .Net control is a .Net component that generates barcode images in GIF, PNG and JPEG format. It can be used on web servers (ASP.Net) without programming or used as a control in developing native Windows applications.

2146)   East-Tec FormatSecure 2005
Don't give away private information with the floppy, CD/DVD-RW, ZIP or hard disks you exchange with your co-workers or friends. East-Tec FormatSecure 2005, unlike the normal disk format, eliminates old sensitive data from the disk beyond recovery.

2147)   Keyboard Collector
Secretly record and view all keys typed on your pc while you are away.

2148)   MP3 WAV Converter
The MP3 WAV Converter is the ideal all-in-one tool to convert batches of mp3 file format into wav file format for burning onto a CD,. It has an easy to understand interface, is easy to use, gives wonderful output quality, can Convert mp3 into CD quality format wave files which are ready to burn

2149)   Tortoise
This is a desktop modem imitator which allows to browse your web documents (HTML, JPEG, GIF) locally with a slow (modem like) speed. Using this tool you may visually and locally check if your web documents are acceptable for modem users.

2150)   Take Command
Take Command supports existing CMD.EXE commands and batch files, and adds thousands of new features.

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