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Top 2401-2450 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2401)   Vembu StoreGrid
Vembu StoreGrid is an innovative, trusted intranet peer-to-peer backup software to backup desktop and laptop data with no additional storage hardware. StoreGrid leverages the free space in your existing network desktops and copies one PCs critical data into other trusted PCs forming a "Storage Grid"

2402)   AccessLock
Access Lock enables you to lock your desktop with a password by several methods, prevent unauthorized access on boot, log the attemps of breaking the lock, allow people around to leave messages while your system is locked.

2403)   Workspace Manager
This utility is used for managing dreamweaver applications like, fireworks, flash, dreamweaver mx etc.,Users can backup and restore configurations in zip file.

2404)   MnoGoSearch for Windows
mnoGoSearch for Windows is a search engine software that helps users to allow their site visitors to search for items through a web based interface on the websites.

2405)   WebEditMaster
WebEditMaster is a html editing tool that allows the webmasters to edit and load any html pages. The users can create websites of their own with this tool.

2406)   ME Cluster - RemoteNet
ME Cluster - RemoteNet is an automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely . Your mouse and keyboard control the remote computer so you can work on the remote computer just as if you were sitting right at it.

2407)   Outlook Express Protector
Password-protect Outlook Express and its e-mail and address data bases with OEP

2408)   e-Surveiller spy software
Monitor and watch what people do on a PC, LAN and across the Internet, live.

2409)   World of Tamil,English,Hindi Monophonic and Polyphonic Ringtones
World of Tamil,English,Hindi Monophonic and Polyphonic Ringtones

2410)   Music Catalog
Music Catalog is a windows based organizing software where users can collect and organize music related data. This program uses catalog like interface.

2411)   OSS Audio Converter
Easily convert between audio file types from one to another and record them.

2412)   TxE8
This is an easy, powerful, and user-friendly interface flexible word processor.

2413)   Security-Administrator
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.

2414)   Wine Cellar Book
This is a windows based organizing software where users can gather wine related information and organize them. This program uses notebook like interface.

2415)   Offshore Software Development
This is an Offshore Software Development center where companies can get their software support or to build a software for their company by outsourcing the software engineers in other contries where the technology is good and the cost is less.

2416)   X-NetStat Professional
Monitor your Internet and network connections. With IP-Lookup tools & more.

2417)   Strong Arm Data Encryption Software
This is a data encryption and copyrighting software that allows you to encrypt copyright data into your files in the form of a watermark to ensure security. It is capable of supporting multiple file types.

2418)   CoffeeCup Marquee Wizard
With this tool users can generate their own scrolling java banners. Banners are customizable, so users can customize the color and design of the banners as they like.

2419)   Complete Cleanup
Protect your internet privacy and clean up the garbage on your pc.

2420)   1ClickPicGrabber
1ClickPicGrabber is a background downloader that helps users to download various kinds of files such as movies, images, music etc to their local system.

2421)   ABC CHAOS
This allows you to easily encrypt files into your personal data archive. The additional special protection feature completely eliminates the ability to selection the password to the encrypted information that was used in generating the passwords and keys.

2422)   PC System Builder
PC System Builder offers adaptable solutions for computer sellers to upgrade their hardware sales world wide. Product management supports modification with presentation, pricing and order forms, invoice forms are browser compatible.

2423)   Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for Visual Basic
This tool is a communication component library for VB. It is based on windows serial communication API. It allows users to communicate with any device connected to serial port.

2424)   File and Folder Protector
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

2425)   Game Editor
This is an useful multimedia tool using which you can create and manage 2D games with as many as characters with events and actions on the game.

2426)   FTPEditor
FTPEditor is an FTP client combined with a multi-document editor that allows you to edit remote files as if they were on your local hard drive.

2427)   eComm STORE
eComm STORE offers functions to design an online store with maximum of products you want to sell all over the world. Editalble templates, layouts, skin, themes and colors are widely useful to construct your product pages in a pleasant look.

2428)   1 Click & Go
This is a password and security tool which is created for the purpose of accessing, opening and executing the frequently used files. It can also be used in multi user mode and has many other features.

2429)   Explorer Bar Maker
This tool is helpful for webmasters to create explorer bar for their web pages. Users can make their explorer bar from any HTML page, macromedia flash etc.

2430)   Trellian's Return on Investment Calculator
Trellian's Return on Investment Calculator is an online calculator designed to make quick estimation on the exact returns of your investment using cost per click ratio.

2431)   Photo Slide Show
It is a tool to convert digital photos to slide show and create stunning slide shows with transition effects. It provides dozens of transition effects,supports mutiple photo and audio formats, output AVI file with higher resolution than DVD.

2432)   Data Matrix Barcode Font and Encoder
Data Matrix Barcode Font and Encoder is an useful barcode utility software capable of printing data matrix bar code as fonts compatible with crystal reports.

2433)   Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool
A visual programming development tool that requires no programming experience and allows for the creation of complex software applications. This is done by dragging and dropping graphical icons that represent software components and connecting them.

2434)   VBcodePrint
This Add-In to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 significantly enhances source code printing capabilities. You can print any part of your VB project's source code from within the VB's development environment. The output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF.

2435)   Evidence Exterminator
This is an advanced security program that destroys all evidence of your online activities by deleting unwanted temporary files & folders, history and other traces from your system.

2436)   AceHTML
This is the advanced HTML editing software which includes efficient and intuitive user interface, HTML checker and more.

2437)   Movie Audio Replacer
Movie Audio Replacer is an useful multimedia utility using which you can add audio tracks to video movies, replace the already existing sound track or even include sound tracks to silent movies.

2438)   AC Protect Professional
This tool is basically for protecting software from hackers. It uses anti crack technique to avoid hackers. This tool supports harware locking and fingerprint technique for protection.

2439)   Online Store Kit Pro
Online Store Kit Pro is highly suitable for all kind of large e- business with which incredible features are incorporated and has full power to adminster all your online sales and product, customer managment.

2440)   Advanced Mail Bomber
Send personalized e-mail to masses utilizing mailing lists and templates

2441)   1ClickPicGrabber with FloatBar
1Click browser-integrated download of video and pictures from websites

2442)   Website Marketing
A 1 line metasearch formatted form for your website. You may set your Visitors at easy by offering to start a search from your page and save a couple of lines form-returns'spaces to win the neverending fight with the web page formatting.

2443)   GridinSoft Notepad
Text editor with highlighting more than 50 formats of files! (C/C++,PHP,...)

2444)   Code Co-op
This utility is used for securing windows development projects. This tool has version control system. No server is required. Code co-op helps users to make contact with others through LAN, VPN and email.

2445)   Tavrida WebSite Editor
This powerful editing tool will help you to authorize the contents of database driven PHP and Perl websites through a 'Delphi'like interface.

2446)   1 Click & Go
Qick access to files and folders

2447)   MyOddIcon
MyOddIcon is a simple online image processing software with which you would be able to create banners, pamphlets, poster etc., with excellent animations.

2448)   SMTP and POP3 Email Engine for Delphi
This utility is an email engine library for Delphi. It provides control for SMTP and POP3 protocols and it has many useful features that allows users to send and receive email.

2449)   EditPad
This is a simple text editor created to replace the existing notepad applet that is installed along with windows.

2450)   Easy Backup for Outlook Express
Backup restore and move your Outlook Express's identities, messages and so on.

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