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Top 2451-2500 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2451)   Audit My PC
Audit your PC's security with this free online security check. Results are instant.

2452)   IIS URL Scan Log Analyzer Tool
IIS URL Scan Log Analyzer Tool is a simple online development tool with which you can generate detailed report on the log files of your IIS webserver.

2453)   RegCool
RegCool is a full-featured Registry editor and manager. In addition to all the standard features, RegCool adds a variety of powerful features that allow you to work faster and more efficient with registry related tasks. It allows you to cut, copy, paste, move, delete, and rename keys and values. It offers an explorer style; interface remote Registry editing; .reg and hive (Regedit and RegEdt32 compatible) file editing; import, export, backup, and restore functionality; and flexible property pages for setting keys and values.

2454)   ePassword Keeper
With ePassword Keeper, you will not have to waste time trying to remember a password. It has features such as ability to keep track of unlimited passwords, credit card and pin numbers; encryption; drag and drop capabilities; password generator; a lock feature for extra security, integrates with your browser and much more.

2455)   Code 11 Bar Code Fonts
Code 11 Bar Code Fonts is a bar code utility program designed to provide users with application independent printable fonts of Code11 bar codes in different versions.

Make perfect-quality backup copies of all your DVD movies to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW

2457)   Email Security
Email Security helps to send mails in a secured manner that can eliminate the temporary files on your computer system. You can use this program with your existing email account such as Outlook Express, MS-Outlook, Eudora and manymore.

2458)   Internet Speed Booster
This is a networking tool which can be used for boosting the speed of internet. This tool helps the users to monitor their net connection regularly.

2459)   Zilla WinCleaner N' Optimizer
Zilla WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

2460)   FuzzySecurity Auditing
FuzzySecurity Auditing consists of several techniques that can audit your entire computer and can monitor all insecure files and passwords and security holes. Also, it provides solutions to eliminate security problems.

2461)   MP3 To Wave
MP3 To Wave is a friendly used tool to convert MP3 to wave file. With the build-in multimedia player, you can listen to the MP3 file, set the start time and end time, convert any audio section of the file without quality loss.

2462)   SplitCam
SplitCam would be greatly used with Windows based applications that enables you to utilize a video capture device like web camera, dv-camera, TV-tuner, and other devices for several applications simultaneoulsy.

2463)   Outlook Express Backup Restore
Backup your Outlook Express and restore it when it is necessary.

2464)   CodeThatIndexer
CodeThatIndexer provided with the fast and straight way to add the search engine power into the any web site in minutes.

2465)   JB Internet Explorer Tools
This tool has collection of explorer bars. It is used for facilitating internet explorer with bars and to make easy for the website visitors. It contains several important features.

2466)   Malware Scanner
Kills Spyware,Trojans Adware ..

2467)   Daily Note Book
Daily Note Book is a program that helps users to refer different types of notes and to sort them by subject or by date. This program supports unlimited number of data entries.

2468)   WebTools Pro
WebTools Pro is a tool which allows the web designer to view the images, styles and tables on their favorite site. This tool has the ability to generate many reports.

2469)   Searchbliss Free Download resources
This tool offers different resources for free which helps developers to build websites easily. This tool is user friendly and easy to use.

2470)   AlbumCreator
This script allows you to create albums in HTML as well as Flash from your photos. You can also modify created albums and publish these albums on the Web. It allows you to set album parameters such as album name, image names, image comments etc.

2471)   Trace Zapper WinCleaner N' Optimizer
TraceZapper WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

2472)   Advanced Outlook Express Recovery
Advanced Outlook Express Recovery is a powerful tool to recover deleted email from Outlook Express mail folders. It uses advanced technologies to scan the mail folders and retrieve deleted email in them as much as possible.

2473)   Live Theater
Playerless streaming video server.94%audience and 100%success. Try Live Theater!

2474)   Nihuo Web Log Analyzer
Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a simple online log analyser capable of generating comprehensive statistical reports of your visitors by reading all your server log files.

2475)   Coffee Cup Free Image Slicer
This tool is used to optimize images for faster loading on websites using slice methods. This tool is very useful for all webmasters.

2476)   Control Kids
This is a computer parental control tool that helps to filter unwanted or objectionable contents from the internet. Once installed, it will also monitor the websites visited and even the keystrokes.

2477)   QuickBooks Password Recovery Key
QuickBooks Password Recovery Key is one of the efficient ways to recover passwords for QuickBook files such as .QBW and .QBA which supports all versions of QuickBooks.

2478)   HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL
DLL/COM version for converting HTML to RTF - work in VB.Net, C#, Java, VBA etc.

2479)   Searchbliss Dynamic Menu Generator
This utility is used for creating dynamic menu. It allows users to generate menu with three heading and four sub headings. It has several followups that users need to follow to generate a menu quickly.

2480)   DW Work- Color World
This tool is used for controlling color of Studio MX applications from customizable color wizard. Sample color schemes is included with this tool to guide users. It accepts both HEX and RGB inputs.

2481)   Online Store Kit Standard
Online Store Kit Standard is available with innumerable facilities that are found with an efficient shopping cart management. Capable of handling all subscriptions, dealers, wholesale, retail sales through fax, email, phone and web based interface.

2482)   MySQL Service Center
This is a simple Win32 GUI utility designed as database management tool to maintain MySQL server and data reservation with an intuitive GUI.

2483)   MySQL Data Wizard
MySQL Data Wizard is a powerful database tool that provides an intuitive GUI for manipulating MySQL database reecords with SSH tunnelling support.

2484)   IE Internet Security
Customize and secure the Internet Explorer

2485)   One Click Spamshield
This tool is helpful for all users which gives them security for their emails from spammers by filtering spam from inbox. This tool offers many enhanced features for security.

2486)   Ease MP3 Recorder
This program is helpful for the users to record their favourite music from any source to their system either in Mp3 or in wav format. It does not create temporary files while recording sound in a system.

2487)   POSTNET Barcode Fonts
The POSTNET Font Advantage package contains many different font versions in six different font formats. These can be integrated into your applications through the provided font tools, macros and source code.

2488)   Free PDF Converter Service
The Pdf Converter is an easy and quick solution to create professional PDF brochures, e-books, reports, and webpages for a fraction of the cost of any other PDF conversion service on the internet.

2489)   CamUniversal
CamUniversal for all WebCams, NetCams and video devices!

2490)   vCompiler
vCompiler is an useful tool for protecting your PHP source code from others by encoding the variables, class name and functions in your source code.

2491)   SWF Live Preview
View Flash files' thumbnails using standard Windows Explorer.

2492)   Acrobat Password Recovery Key
Acrobat Password Recovery Key provides services to retrieve passwords allocated for the users to open the Adobe Acrobat program files. Also, it is able to decrypt PDF files with password protection.

2493)   Subscribe Emails
Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites.

2494)   CoffeeCup Image Mapper
Easily make complex image maps with JavaScript mouseover hint.

2495)   Form Validation
Form Validation is a tool which has the ability to create a form with one text area and four textfields. This tool can be customized by the users.

2496)   Server Header
Server Header provides the tips about web server and it is used to collect the information of server header details for a particular website address.

2497)   EMS DBISAM Manager
Simple and powerful GUI tool for DBISAM adminitration and management.

2498)   Advanced Security Administrator
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.

2499)   PHP Processor
PHP Processor is a php based script and is an encrypting program. This program is used to encrypt your php codes and protect your intellectual properties. This program comes with safe backup system.

2500)   VisualSoft FileSecure
VisualSoft FileSecure is a cryptographic product that helps encrypt/decrypt files and/or folders using symmetric key mechanism. It is a robust and very fast medium that enables users to easily encrypt the files. It encrypts selected files and/or folders and produces a self-decryption archive. The encrypted file can be decrypted simply by double clicking the archive with the given passphrase

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