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Top 251-300 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher
An easy to use Windows solution for network/bandwidth usage monitoring. The software supports SNMP, packet sniffing and netflow to generate live readings and trend data to optimize the efficiency of routers, servers and other network components.

252)   FileAmigo
FileAmigo is the professional web file and report maker. It can create a web database with the kind of data that's important to you for tracking and organization. Custom reports can be created. Data can be imported and exported. FileAmigo handles many tasks better than text editors and spreadsheet programs which were not designed to handle this type of data processing.

253)   GoECart Shopping Cart Software
GoECart Shopping Cart Software can help you launch your business into the 21st century whether you already selling online or are about to start doing so. With our most user-friendly ecommerce solution, You can build your Online Storefront in minutes.

254)   EFS Key
All files of NTFS partitions protected by EFS encryption can be retrieved by EFS Key program. You can use it on NTFS 1.1 and NTFS 5.0 on Windows XP and 2000.

255)   HTML-Kit
This is a very useful text editor which is designed to help the authors of HTML, XML, and other sctipts.

256)   Whizlabs CNE/CNA 50-677 Exam Simulator
This is an exam simulator software from whizlabs for CNE/CNA certification exam. It contains about 504 fully explained questions under five mock exams and a customizable quiz. This simulator can be used to test the analytical skills and basic understanding of netware concepts of the candidates.

257)   Advanced Outlook Express Repair
This is an useful online tool that can be used to backup important emails from corrupt files on your Outlook Express. It is packed with lots of features like supporting command line parameters and much more.

258)   snapGallery
snapGallery is a fast, easy way to create a quick web gallery of pictures.

259)   Call Corder
Record telephone conversations directly to your hard disk

260)   FEX F-Cart Paypal for Dreamweaver
Never was so easy and fast to sell with Paypal.

261)   Popups Nuker
Popup Blocker, Cookies Cleaner & Ads Filter. Works with all web browsers.

262)   ZipSplitter
ZipSplitter is a file compressing tool which has the capability to split larger files into smaller files to copy them on floppy disks.

263)   tcpIQ Thread Pool
tcpIQ Thread Pool is a .Net component for the efficient and elegant management of multiple threads in a .Net application.

264)   Communicate
Communicate by Aquasoft is a completely different customer support tool that can be installed on any website to monitor the actions of users and to locate the geographic location of your website visitors and allows webmasters or site owners to communicate with their online customers instantly.

265)   CamSplitter
CamSplitter is an advanced multi media software offering customizable solution for all users to use a single webcam device for simultaneous applications.

266) offers a vast collection of templates for the users to let them build their own websites. It provides web templates as well as flash templates for multipurpose usage for the users.

267)   Outlook Security Manager
One-line programming tool to disable Outlook security warnings. .NET and VCL.

268)   CoffeeCup Firestarter
CoffeeCup Firestarter is an online multimedia tool that allows admin to design their own complex text and image flash effects with 'action script timeline' for their website.

269)   Xitami
This is a high-quality portable free web server that has features such as support for HTTP/1.0, FTP, CGI/1.1, SSI protocols, server-side image maps, user-defined MIME types, multiple document roots, persistent connections, multilingual HTML documents and multilingual CGI scripts, HTTP GET, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, MOVE, and COPY methods and many more

270)   SQLScan
With the help of dictionary file, SQL Scan can perform scanning function for a single or a wide range of hosts and recovers passwords. This program enbles you to include unlimited member accounts if SQL server account found.

271)   SWF Toolbox
SWF Toolbox lets converting SWFs into Projector EXE, JPEG, animated GIF formats.

272)   Macro Scheduler
Save time and automate your PC. Record macros and build scripts with the powerful, easy to use scripting language. Assign macros to schedules, hotkeys or desktop shortcuts, or compile to standalone EXEs. Automate those mundane, repetitive tasks.

273)   Oracle to MSSQL
This tool is used to convert the records that contains in a Oracle database into microsoft SQL database. Conversion of database is quick and secured.

274)   Personal Firewall für Ihren PC kostenlos
Personal Firewall für Ihren Windows-PC. Sicherheits-Software bei uns kostenlos downloaden und installieren.

275)   GraphicGroups
GraphicGroups would be greatly useful for the website designers to collect the information about the webdesigning service providers at a particular location. Reports the results on the same page with details like company name, URL, service category, location etc.,

276)   Backdoor Guard
Firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.

277)   spambully
This is a spam filter tool which helps you to protect your mail box of your email address from spam emails. Using proactive methods, it is capable of blocking nearly 99% of your spams.

278)   LiveBandwidth
LiveBandwidth is a program which initiates the admin to identify websites that utilize the bandwidth of server. This script mainitains the users system clean.

279)   Advanced Replace Tools
This is a simple utility that allows you to browse all files, search for documents, replace entire or batch of files with any sepecified text etc.,

280)   iRiver Textfile Formatter
This is a powerful file manipulation tool using which you would be able to translate text files to be understood by iRiver IHP-120 player.

281)   9Rays.Net TreeView for ASP.NET
Treeview for ASP.NET (client model, ADO.NET, load-on-demand, drag-and-drop, ...)

282)   R-Wipe & Clean
Disk Wipe and Clean Software to delete and erase data, files and keep PC privacy.

283)   Redakto
Redako includes WYSIWYG HTML editor. Its user interface allows you to manage your content in a workgroup. Redakto is the professional solution for small to mid sized companies.

284)   File Splitter Deluxe
Split any type of file, then easily rejoin without this software.

285)   Software Book
Software Book is a windows based organizing tool that helps users to collect and organize computer software related data. This program uses catalog like interface.

286)   Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP
Two virtual serial ports linked to each other via virtual null-modem cable

287)   SMTP and POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++
This utility is used for sending and receiving emails. This tool is used in XBase++ using SMTP and POP3 protocols. It has control switch to send and receive email.

288)   EZRound
Rounded Corner HTML Tables and Forms with Drop Shadows and other effects in seconds! Built-in graphics editor creates high quality designs, slices them and writes HTML from menu selections. 70 Designs included. Also imports over 40 image formats.

289)   Clouds Screensaver
This screen saver shows drifting clouds in the sky. This dynamic representation permits adjustment of weather conditions such as cloudiness in the sky, wind direction, speed of weather changes.

290)   WebVideo
WebVideo is an online multimedia tool with which you can organise live audio and video chat programs with all your clients either through single or multiple camera support.

291)   Rich Chart Builder
Rich Chart Builder creates enjoyable interactive data charts.

292)   CleverEye
Availability monitoring, alerting and reporting software. Automatically measure response time and trigger alerts when thresholds are broken. Easy to install, agent-less, Web based. Test from network layer, application layer, SNMP & OS perspectives.

293)   Control Remote PC
It helps you to control any computer on remote server location by IP/name. Features that can be remotely controlled are Reboot, Shutdown, Logoff current user, Stop, start, disable and enable services, Show service dependencies, List, Kill, Execute processes, Show drive, Drive free space, Partition, Logical memory, CPU and OS info, List, create and delete shares, List printers

294)   Apache Admin
Apache Admin is a powerful server management program using which you can configure webfiles to run your online application on apache servers with a pull down menu interface.

295)   SafeLogon
This security script allows you to configure the access of users to your system at home as well as at office. It offers features such as numbered log ins, timed log in, restricted access, day/time optional usage and many more.

296)   SubmitWolf
This is a website promotion tool that helps users to promote their web pages and to increase their site visitors. This is a completely automated program.

297)   Easy Karaoke Player
It plays karaoke, records karaoke song to wav file. It can play all kinds of multimedia files with a build-in powerful multimedia player. You can sing your favorite song and record it to high quality WAV file.

298)   INetMail
INetMail is an utility that can be used for enabling email functionality for small organizations or companies that have below fifty staffs or members.

299)   MP3 Cutter Joiner
This is a powerful audio editor using which you can either merge several audio files into a single file or slice large audio files in to small files with high quality precision.

300)   FTP Navigator
The superb options of FTP Navigator program include: directory synchronization on local and remote access computers, a full range of keys and options to monitor command line control, manual input of FTP commands, etc.

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