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Top 401-450 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

401)   WavePad
This is a program that allows users to create and edit any type of sounds with ease. This program comes with several edit functionalities and can be utilized for multiple file formats.

402)   Merchware.NET
Merchware.NET is a simple online e-commerce financial tool designed to assist small to medium size webstore owners to process order forms with customizable invoices.

403)   InfoMail Editor
Database that exports personalized product selections into HTML e-mail messages.

404)   Free Download Manager
Pure free download manager and accelerator. Download files 600% faster.

405)   Kirux WebEnabler
This helps to transform the existing Windows XP system into a web and e-mail server. It provides many ideas to host website and maintain website. This tool will be very much useful for the novice and webmasters.

406)   Password Generator
It is an useful utility through which you can create random password for your system devices to protect your system devices.

407)   TextArea Rich
TextArea Rich allows you to replace the standard html tag with a content rich, free WYWISYG editor. Built upon the old TextArea Rich Pro, this free version has right click context menus, fully customisable options.

FFA POSTER is one of the efficient submission tools which is more helpful for the advertisers. Through this the advertisers could promote their products on

409) offers more webdesigns including templates, arrows, interfaces, animations etc., for the users to meet out their designing needs.

410)   AdmWin
AdmWin is a Windows, Linux & Novell network toolkit. Batch manage accounts, passwords & settings on many OS platforms at once. Transfer accounts & passwords. Explore accounts. Collect system info & event log records. View remote services & processes.

411)   Excel Server
This is a Excel tool which is used for designing templates, fetching data, workflow, data management, worksheets etc., Can querry data's in a LAN.

412)   SliceTheWeb
Arrange and store both whole web pages and/or fragments

413)   WinAgents MIB Browser
Comfortable MIB Browser with SNMPv3 support. Includes MIB Editor.

414)   Kernel Novell - Data Recovery Software
Nucleus Kernel Novell - Novell Netware Data Recovery Software recovers data from corrupt volume(s) of a crashed Novell Server. Kernel for Novell - Novell Data Recovery Software can recover and allows access to the data when the volume cannot be mount.

415)   Mass File Editor
Mass File Editor is a tool which allows the users to perform editing process on unlimited number of files. This tool has the ability to transfer the files in a single pass.

416)   VisualSoft SecureDesktop
This provides strong security for files and folders. With this a desktop user can encrypt/decrypt files/folders and send them to the FTP Server for secure file/folder exchange. VisualSoft SecureDesktop can be used to digitally sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt Microsoft Word and Excel documents. The suite comprises feature enhanced version of VisualSoft FileSecure, VisualSoft OfficeSecure and VisualSoft EnterpriseSecure.

417)   LiveStats.NET
LiveStats.NET is a simple online log analyser with which you can create custom reports with live web statistics for both clients and website activities.

418)   Code Explorer
With the help of this tool we can find functions and routines in script files simply by selecting the script file, parsing it and browse through the functions

419)   OCP@Whiz-1Z0-007
This comprises of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of OCP (Test 1Z0-007 : Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL). The salient features include High Level of Customization, Detailed Explanation, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and much more

420)   Biometric Employee Punch Clock
Biometric Employee Punch Clock is a simple and powerful solution to manage your employee time and attendance using biometric fingerprint identification hardware.

421)   AKGBackup
A great tool for backing up data and compressing files at a very fast pace.

422)   Advanced Excel Repair
Advanced Excel Repair is a tool which allows the users to repair the degraded excel files. This utility scans the users data. This program provide support for repairing batch of excel files.

423)   1st Security Agent
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows

424)   Deonix Design's Templates
This website provides collection of paid templates that helps users to create their own website with an attractive and professional design.

425)   Alpha ZIP
Alpha ZIP is a simple tool with the latest ZIP file technology helping users to work with all types of archive file formats. This program has the ability to open the files directly from the ZIP folder.

426)   Trace Remover WinCleaner N' Optimizer
TraceRemover WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

427)   Student Organizer
This program has three seperate modules such as terminology book, course book and reference book. All these program can be used to track technical informations such as important book title, assignments etc.

428)   SC Free Video Converter
Video Convert - Convert AVI, ASF, WMV & MPEG Video files.

429)   Fireserv
This is a complete pre-configured web server suite that includes Apache 1.3.24, PHP 4.2.1, Perl, MySQL 3.23, phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimiser 2.1, MySQL Front, Fireserv Control Panel, Easy to use installer and Uninstall feature.

430)   1stTheBest web templates offers a variety of web site templates - design templates, Front Page and Dreamweaver templates, splash pages.

431)   Virtuosa Gold
Virtuosa Gold is a powerful windows media player that allows you to play both audio and video tracks on your own PC's. You can even rip and convert CD's into any desired format.

432)   Free Ebooks Download Site
Home business software and ebooks. Earn money selling ebooks and business software.Helps you get targeted traffic.Read review of business ebooks in my ebook forum

433)   Monitor & Free RAM
Utility to monitor and free unused RAM. Speed up your PC.

434)   Epopup Mailer
This is an Instant messaging software that can be used to communicate with computers for which you have an IP address. The program does not display your IP address anywhere and the messages are virtually untraceable. This can be utilized for advertising, messaging as well as web sales.

435)   LaunchIt NOW!
Using this script, you can have a small, desktop like window with full size icons that can be utilized to launch all your frequently used tools and applications, all kinds of files, folders and favorite URLs. It's completely free and very easy as well as fast to install.

436)   Pipeline Inspection Software
This is a software that provides you an analysis of data that is obtained after inspecting the sewer pipelines. It will be helpful for contractors and inspection engineers to inspect new and existing pipelines.

437)   CashRush
CashRush is a powerful tool that allows users to perform credit card processing with their CRM systems. This program automates the email and invoice printing functionalities.

438)   ZipZag
ZipZag is a file compressing utility which enables the users to archive the several files with extensions like Mn3, Ntx, Obpack, Pak etc. A nice utilty for the users and the webmasters.

439)   Alter Jig
Play tile-based jigsaw puzzles and create your own games.

440)   Pattern By Example
Modern object-oriented software development requires generative Programming with Adaptive Patterns. Pattern are essential at all levels, from architectural pattern to design pattern up to code pattern, to intensify efficiency and quality both. A tool for deployment of such patterns is essential. This script has a comprehensive solution for both these requirements.

441)   Color Master
This development tool is used to customize and to manage colors of Macromedia dreamweaver. Users should just "point n click" the color to change and it is simple to use.

442)   NeoLoad
Load Testing Tool for Web Applications. Simulates hundreds of users to answer these questions: how many users does my site handle? Will my site crash under load? What are the response times? Easy to use, no scripting but can design advanced scenarios

443)   Private Shell ssh client
Private Shell ssh client is a system which provides security establising with autoconfiguration wizard and remote server diagonastics. It is easy to setup and use this tool on Windows servers.

444)   Hide & Protect any Drives
Pasword protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash

445)   File Recover
File Recover is an easy-to-use file recovery and undelete program.

446)   Spy Striker
Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.

447)   Argentum Backup
Easy backup for your documents and folders.

448)   Crystal Button
Easily create 2D/3D web buttons with this button maker program

449)   Search Engine Optimization ebook
This program offers variety of promoting tools and ebook for webmasters and site owners to optimize and promote their web pages. This is a simple and easy to use program.

450)   Roman Numerals Converter
This powerful javascript calculator can be used to transform integers to roman numerals or vice versa and to validate roman digits.

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