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1-50 Database Tools (Tools and Utilities) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Database Documentor
This script automatically generates MS word documentation for selected databases. Users should just enable word macros and security settings. Double clicking on a database name listed on a tree like menu starts the documentation process.

2)   WinSQL Professional
This database tool is useful for all programmers or database administrators that allows them to submit SQL queries to any database via ODBC and more enhanced features are available with this tool.

3)   MSSQL-to-MySQL
This program is used to export MS SQL databases to MySQL server. It supports all MS SQL data types and attributes and works with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers. It has a very easy to use interface which has been built like a wizard.

4)   MyDb Dump
Mydb Dump is powerful utility used to Dump Access databases or mysql db into sql file ,OR php file As you select, you can choose to include structure of database only , structure + records or only records ,and more advanced options Many advanced options; dumping access relationships and indices

5)   MSSQLMySQL Converter
MSSQLMySQL Converter can be described as MySQL to MS SQL converter, vice versa in one wizard.

6)   ABC Amber CSV Converter
This script is a database tool that helps users to convert data from CSV file to any database. Batch conversion and command line are supported by this database tool.

7)   Excel-to-MySQL
This tool is helpful for database administrator who wants to merge data from excel database to mysql database. It converts individual spreadsheets also.

8)   iDevX2My - Excel To MySQL Converter
This program is used for converting data from excel sheet to MySQL database. It has different styles and the users can select any style as they like.

9)   EMS IB Manager Professional
Simple and powerful GUI tool for InterBase server adminitration and management.

10)   How to Import Excel, Access, XML Data into MySQL using Navicat
This article is useful for the novice to import MS-Office tools to the MySQL database. That database is maintained by a tool called the Navicat. It helps to attach files of different formats into the MySQL database.

11)   Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition
This is a database tool used for generating a database tool of your own. This tool is used in big enterprises to maintain their data.

12)   SQLyog
This script is used for building a database tool on the website to maintain data records. It has customization facility and it supports multiple queries. Users can save resultset in CSV, HTML and XML.

13)   AITOC BackUp Manager - MS SQL Server Backup Solution
This tool is used to dump database table with data separately and also users can restore database using previously created SQL file.

14)   Excel-to-MSSQL
This database tool is used to convert data contents in excel database into microsoft SQL database. It supports command line. This tool is helpful for database administrators.

15)   Access2MySQL Sync
Bi-directional convertion and synchronization of MS Access and MySQL databases

16)   DBSP
DBSP is a program which can be used by the webmasters or web developers in creating website using database or any dynamic content. It also brings webmasters customer needs solution.

17)   Automatic MySQL Backup
This script will take daily, weekly and monthly backups of your MySQL databases. Daily and Weekly backups are automatically rotated. It uses cron, mysqldump (included with MySQL) and gzip to make backups.

18)   AddressDoctor for Excel
This is a powerful database tool that can be used to search for exact postal address on 'AddressDoctor Web Services' database and helps you to export those address to excel spreadsheet.

19)   FileAmigo
FileAmigo is the professional web file and report maker. It can create a web database with the kind of data that's important to you for tracking and organization. Custom reports can be created. Data can be imported and exported. FileAmigo handles many tasks better than text editors and spreadsheet programs which were not designed to handle this type of data processing.

20)   Oracle to MSSQL
This tool is used to convert the records that contains in a Oracle database into microsoft SQL database. Conversion of database is quick and secured.

21)   MySQL-to-MSSQL
This is a program to convert MySQL databases into MS SQL format. It supports all MySQL data types and attributes and works with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers.

22)   Advanced Access Repair
Advanced Access Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Access databases

23)   Excel Server
This is a Excel tool which is used for designing templates, fetching data, workflow, data management, worksheets etc., Can querry data's in a LAN.

24)   Kahuma
Free and easy online databases for dummies and other. Individual or professional, Create yours in a few seconds or use our templates designed for many usages.

25)   ABC Amber DBF converter
This tool is used to convert data in a DBF database into any database. This tool supports fifty different file types and also it has batch conversion facility.

26)   Access Autopilot
Schedule Automatic Backup, Compact and Archive of Access Databases.

27)   File Maker Web Digger
This tool is used for testing file maker web server. This utility is basically for security purpose without the help of http realm authentication.

28)   Xpressprops
This tool is helpful for the users to add and maintain their records in SQL server. This is a simple SQL tool for SQL server.

29)   MySQL Archiver
This is a simple script that allows you to save a Mysql Db into a custom tar.gz file, and then copy it into a floppy all automatically. The inputs that you require to give are to choose a database and an archiver name for the database.

30)   ABC Amber TBB Converter
This tool is used to convert email databases (TBB files) to any file types. It supports nearly fifty file types. This tool converts five fields of email database.

31)   FmPro Migrator - Migrates FileMaker to Oracle
This script can be utilized to convert databases in FileMaker Pro databases to Oracle. The migration is achieved by converting the structure and data is to a database table. It also allows automating conversion of text and container field data.

32)   SQLOne Console - Java Edition
Using this SQLOne Console - Java Edition you can effectively build portable database applications and allows you to perform SQL dialect conversions.

33)   IntelliVIEW
This tool transforms data from any source, easily designs interactive reports, integrates reporting into various applications, analyzes information in real time to enable better decisions. It is an XML based reporting solution to query, view and manipulate data.

34)   Live Database Migration with SQL Porter
This tool is used to migrate, move or convert databases from source database to destination database. This tool supports several databases for migration like, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, MS Access etc.

35)   Access2MySQL PRO
Bi-directional effective conversion tool for MS Access and MySQL databases

36)   MySQL Report Generator
This database tool is helpful for the users to produce reports. This script is useful for any growing business persons to manage their company reports.

37)   SQLArt
SQLArt is an efficient online database utility through which you can easily deal with SQL database. You would be able to create custom connect strings to perform all basic functions on the database

38)   Rubico Report Editor
This tool can be utilized to define the extract requirements of a report for a database. It does not require any knowledge of SQL and comes with a testing tool that allows you to view and debug the extracts. The program also offers a design for an HTML report layout.

39)   DBPix: The Database Image Control
This tool is helpful for the users to build their databases with image handling capabilities. Asynchronous background decoding and jpeg rotation are available with this tool.

40)   Oracle to MySQL
This is a database converter tool that converts data from Oracle to existing MySQL database or into a new database. This tool supports all datatypes of oracle excluding Bfile and mlslabel and attributes.

41)   aneVe.ESM(eBay Sales Manager)
This tool is used for growing business management solution. ebay sales manager is used to manage access based system for customers, orders and sales for ebay sellers. It has customization facility to manage order reports, customer reports etc.,

42)   pgAdmin III
This database tool is useful for PostgreSQL database. It supports all graphical interface and features of all PostgreSQL. It does not require any additional driver to communicate with database server.

43)   Aqua Data Studio
Aqua Data Studio is a SQL editor and developer tool that allows developers to easily create edit and execute SQL scripts as well as browse database structures

44)   EMS MySQL Manager
This tool is used for creating and editing MySQL database objects. Graphical User Interface is used in this tool which allows users to customize database easily. This tool will make your work with MySQL server very easy.

45)   Calistra ODBC MySQL Administrator
Calistra's ODBC MySQL Administrator (Coma) is a complete database construction tool for MySQL databases. You can manipulate any MySQL database via an ODBC link. Without even writing a single line of SQL you can: select any MySQL database that has an ODBC driver to it; view the structure of the databases; create Databases, Tables, Columns and Indexes; Rename Databases, Tables, Columns; Delete Databases, Tables, Columns; View data in any table; and Edit data in any table.

46)   MySQL to MS SQL converter
This database tool is used for converting the data records from MySQL to MS SQL database. This tool has very fast conversion of database. It converts all datatypes and stored into MS SQL database.

47)   DumpTimer
This program allows you to access every MySQL database on the web even when it is hosted behind a firewall. This can be achieved through HTTP Port 80. This can also be used to transfer a database or table between servers.

48)   DBQwikEdit
This utility is helpful for developers or administrators to create, edit and manage their own database very easily. This tool creates SQL tables in seconds.

49)   DB Maker
Using the DB Maker will help you get a handle on large external information flows and make them an integral part of your mainstream business database.

50)   MSSQL-to-Access
This database tool is used to convert data from microsoft sql database to microsoft access database. It converts individual tables or tables with data.

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