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Check PageRank
1-50 Search Engines (Tools and Utilities) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Free Search Engine Submission
This is a site submission program that helps users to submit their websites to over 300 search engine in the database. This is a simple and very easy to use program.

2)   Google Backlinks Comparison Tool
Compare the number of backlinks your site has against your competitors' sites. This SEO tool is free to use and makes checking backlinks a breeze.

3)   Keyword Analyzer
This is a keyword analysing script that helps users to analyse keyword phrase that are used on their webpages and to calculate keyword density to that webpage.

4)   Freelance BBS
Freelance BBS connects freelancers working in Programming, IT, Web Design, Music, Photography and Business to companies and individuals that hire them.

5)   Trellian SiteSpider
This is a site spider tool that can extract data from any website and organize the data into a easy to navigate panel. This is a simple and very useful program for webmasters.

6)   Trellian LinkPopularity Checker
This is a link popularity checking program that helps users to calculate the number of websites that are linked to their website. This is a simple and easy to use program.

7)   SubmitWolf
This is a website promotion tool that helps users to promote their web pages and to increase their site visitors. This is a completely automated program.

8)'s Link Popularity Checker designed this link popularity tool for you to check link popularity from websites.

9)   KeyWord Frequency Counter
This is a keyword frequency counting script that helps users to count the word frequency on their web pages and to compare it with other competitors.

10)   Reciprocal Link Checker
This is a link checking program that manages reciprocal links and keeps your link partners on the website. You can see who and who is not linking with your website using this program.

FFA POSTER is one of the efficient submission tools which is more helpful for the advertisers. Through this the advertisers could promote their products on

12)   Search Engine Optimization ebook
This program offers variety of promoting tools and ebook for webmasters and site owners to optimize and promote their web pages. This is a simple and easy to use program.

13)   Google Dance Tool
This is a small and useful tool for webmasters to find out the listing of their sites on google search engine much before the main database is updated.

14)   Keyword Verification
This is a keyword verifying program that helps users to perform keyword searches to the top search engines and to check their websites on top search engines for ranking.

15)   MISS
This search system caters to medium size internet sites and allows users to quickly find any document. It offers the visitors with a high grade search system.

16)   Google Search Add in
This is a searching tool that helps you to search anything in any format like word, excel or powerpoint anywhere. Has a user friendly and intuitive interface.

17)   mnoGoSearch Lite for Windows
Search engine to organize search within a website, intranet or local system

18)   Manvish - Meta tags generator
This is a meta tag generating program that helps users to generate meta tags and title tags for web pages. Effective meta tags help web pages to be highly ranked on search engines helping drive more traffic.

19)'s Meta Tag Analyzer's Meta Tag analysis tool to help webmasters analyze their web pages.

20)   AHTUBA - Search Your Site
This is a site searching program that helps users to search their websites and to find any document on the website. This is a simple and an easy to use program.

21)   Search Engine Search Box Script
This is a search engine script that provides search box to search the web from a browser based interface. This is an easy to use program.

22)   PractiSearch
This is a searching program that helps user to search the websites on any windows based system. You can use hotkeys to send the text to the searchbar.

23)   Advanced Web Ranking
Advanced Web Ranking is a tool used to find the websites position and ranking on the search engines. This tool attracts the search engine robots and increase the number of hits to your website.

24)   Webmaster Resource Search Engine
This is a searching program that helps webmasters to search resources related to web programming from their own website.

25)   Roommate
This is an online search program where users can search apartments, house with a reasonable price and roommates to live with. This program has an interface for paypal subscription services. This is suitable for real estate search portals.

26)   Search Engine Saturation
This is a simple tool that helps users to check the number of web pages listed on search engines. This is an important program that helps your overall link popularity when more of your pages are indexed on search engines.i

27)   BeOnTop
This is a program that can analyse top ranking results from the major search engines. This program displays report on how a URL is ranked on a particular search engine.

28)   Enterprise Search
This is a program that helps users to create web crawling search engine and to index all documents or specific documents on the websites using blue widgets.

29)   Keyword Suggestion Tool
This is a keyword suggestion tool where users can search keyword phrases on websites and get similar words to that keyword phrase. Users can place it into their website by pasting a single html code.

30)   Ranking Advisor
This is a program that can analyze the HTML code on web pages and provides suggestions to improve the existing meta tags that are found on the web page.

31)   Link Popularity Check
This is a link popularity checking program that analyse your website with other competitors to improve marketing starategy. This program is used to discover exactly what pages are linking to the search engines.

32)   Domain Quester Pro
Search for domains by unlimited number of keywords

33)   Overture Top Search Term Extractor
This is a keyword extracting program that helps users to perform keyword searches to overture search engines. Users just have to enter keywords in the box provided on the home page and press a check keyword button.

34)   Professional Web Designers 4 U's Search Engine Optimization
Professional Web Designers 4 U website helps webmasters and site owners to optimize their sites for search engines.

35)   Manvish - Website Analyser
This is a keyword density analysing program on websites that helps users to optimize their pages on search engines. This program analyses a variety of criterias with these spider technology like that of search engines.

36)   WebPosition Platinum
This is an useful online search engine utility with which you can optimize your search engine results through an advanced built-in HTML editor.

37)   Trellian Ranking Analyzer
This is a ranking analysing script that helps users to analyse their web pages as well as online websites for ranking.

38)   AdWords Clever Wizard
An extremely easy to use AdWords suggestion and research software.

39)   Search engine submission
This is a site submission program that helps users to submit their websites to over 230 search engines. This is a simple and very easy to use program.

40)   @Semonitor - Web Ranking Tool
Semonitor - Web Ranking Tool - is a web ranking software.

41)   SEOQUICK Search Engine Optimizer made easy
SeoQuick gives webmasters the tools to acheive many top rated sites on yahoo and google. No cloaking or gateway pages just ethical placement tools to have your website listed fast, accurately and at the top.

42)   Free Meta Tag Generator for Search Engine Optimisation
This is a meta tag generating program that helps users to generate meta tags for their websites. If the page has meta tag already you can import and edit them.

43)   PrioritySubmit
This is a program that can manage search engine listings, directory submissions through a web based interface. This is a simple and easy to use program.

44)   Google PageRank Tool
Check your Google PageRank without using the Google Toolbar. Our PageRank Tool is fast and requires no signup.

45)   Manvish - Keyword popularity checker
This program checks the popularity of keywords that are used on the websites. This program analyses the keywords in detail and sends the report to user's mail ID's.

46)   Fish The Web Search Box
Webmasters of angling related websites can add a Fish The Web search box to their site which allows their visitors to access the Fish The Web database without leaving their site. Simply copy and paste the code from the website's homepage. The service is free.

47)   Site Search Pro Lite
This is a tool and utilities software and is a site searching program that helps users to search their websites on the search engines from a web based interface. This is a perfect choice for private websites.

48)   Batch Replacer for MS Word
This utility allows to make a multi replacement operation in MS Word files. Expressions for replacement must be specified in Excel document.

49)   Site Search Pro Business
This is a website search engine script and is a software that searches websites. This is suitable for any commecial website and returns results for user's keywords.

50)   FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition
This is a powerful online searching tool that can querry multiple search engines and provides visual presentations for all your search results.

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