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1-50 Security (Tools and Utilities) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   NBTEnum
NBTEnum works with Windows NT / 2000 / XP operating systems where it can be used to gather information about account lockout threshold, local and universal groups and users, and much more.

2)   Zip Password Recovery Key
Zip Password Recovery Key lets you grab out all passwords available with Zip application's archive files including Winzip, PKZip and much more Zip software products. Passware developed Xieve optimazation and SureZip Recovery modules are used with this program.

3)   TCP Listener - Security Testing
TCP Listener - Security Testing is an enhanced method to check the security level of your firewall system. Lets you get a log file for all accessed TCP ports.

4)   XRunAs
XRunAs is a network security tool that enables the local system administrators and user groups to utilize remote computer resources. No schedule service is needed. Supports transmitting of encrypted information over network.

5)   Patch Management Software
Patch Management Software is an effective utility that gives more features to protect your existing patch management system and is also capable of creating new patch management tools for you.

6)   EncryptHTML
EncryptHTML allows you to encrypt any HTML page with a password of your choice (128 bits key). The new HTML includes a JavaScript to ask and decrypt the encoded HTML, there is no requirement of extra CGI or other program to read the HTML. All you need is a browser capable of running JavaScripts.

7)   File & Folder Protector
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.

8)   eScan 2003 Virus Control
eScan 2003 Virus Control is a powerful utility that enables users to secure their computers from the attack of virus programs.

9)   KReveal
This program reveals the passwords hidden behind the asterisks. Select the field and unmask the passwords.

10)   Adware Striker
Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.

11)   EFS Key
All files of NTFS partitions protected by EFS encryption can be retrieved by EFS Key program. You can use it on NTFS 1.1 and NTFS 5.0 on Windows XP and 2000.

12)   SQLScan
With the help of dictionary file, SQL Scan can perform scanning function for a single or a wide range of hosts and recovers passwords. This program enbles you to include unlimited member accounts if SQL server account found.

13)   Personal Firewall für Ihren PC kostenlos
Personal Firewall für Ihren Windows-PC. Sicherheits-Software bei uns kostenlos downloaden und installieren.

14)   SafeLogon
This security script allows you to configure the access of users to your system at home as well as at office. It offers features such as numbered log ins, timed log in, restricted access, day/time optional usage and many more.

15)   Trustix Personal Firewall
Provides information and free download firewall software on building free firewall and security solutions.

16)   Sphinx Logon Manager
Sphinx Logon Manager can be used on Windows operating systems where it can store any number of user accounts with their name and password in encrypted form and keep them more securely. User accounts can be created for applications, network access, websites etc.,

17)   WebMail Spy
WebMail Spy allows you to secretly monitor and record all email sent and received, including all pop3/smtp email, all America Online email, and all web based email (including HotMail and Yahoo!Mail).

18)   Internet Explorer Password Recovery
Internet Explorer Password Recovery is a web based application that is powered to grab the encrypted password given with the password field.

19)   Privacy Cleaner
This is a tool to clean the history of the windows system. By cleaning the cookies and histories no one can findout the site viewed before. This gives more privacy to the users.

20)   Password Generator
It is an useful utility through which you can create random password for your system devices to protect your system devices.

21)   VisualSoft SecureDesktop
This provides strong security for files and folders. With this a desktop user can encrypt/decrypt files/folders and send them to the FTP Server for secure file/folder exchange. VisualSoft SecureDesktop can be used to digitally sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt Microsoft Word and Excel documents. The suite comprises feature enhanced version of VisualSoft FileSecure, VisualSoft OfficeSecure and VisualSoft EnterpriseSecure.

22)   1st Security Agent
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows

23)   Hide & Protect any Drives
Pasword protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash

24)   Spy Striker
Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.

25)   Encrypt HTML Source
This is a web site protection solution that encrypts your HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, SHTML and CSS source code. This makes it impossible to steal them. Security options available are disable right-click, page printing, text selection/copying and many more.

26)   eScan 2003 Corporate Edition
eScan 2003 Corporate Edition is a powerful tool that comes with the ability to secure the computer system from viruses and also to protect from privacy threats.

27)   Quick Keylogger
Quick Keylogger is a program which can be used by the PC owners to record all their key strokes. It performs in stealth mode and allows no one to detect.

28)   IISPassword
IISPassword gives easier means of protective techniques to secure your websites with integrated Apache HTAccess password module. Consists several options for user group management and protects some particular file types.

29)   Spy Striker
Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.

30)   Insane Keyfinder
The InsaneWare Keyfinder retrieves your Windows or Office Product Key (cd key). Compatible on systems with 98, NT4, 2000, XP, Office 97, Office XP, and 2003.

31)   1 Click Encrypt
This is a simple and effective online utility that can be used to perform both encryption and decryption for your data with just a single click.

32)   Quick Keylogger
Quick Keylogger is an easy to use surveillance program. It works with all the windows platforms, and is used to watch the keystrokes being done on the computer.

33)   Internet Explorer Security Pro
Internet Explorer Security is a powerful tool that provide features to secure your PC from internet access and assures a secured browser management. You can customize the settings not to be misused by others.

34)   Outlook Password Recovery Key
People who utilize MS-Outlook and Exchange module can get benefits from this Outlook Password Recovery Key software. This allows you to access the protected files that contain personal mails, contact details, etc,. Mail account passwords can be recovered.

35)   Internet Kiosk Pro
Internet kiosk public access PC software to restrict access to system

36)   CHAOS Public Key
Now you can protect the privacy of your e-mail messages and files by encrypting them so that only the intended recipients can read them. This also allows you to digitally sign messages and files, which ensures their authenticity.

37)   Advanced Tracks Eraser
Protect your privacy - Erase all tracks of your Internet and Computer activities

38)   Linux Firewall Manager
The main intention of this software is to prevent the intruders or other extenal resources to provide security to their Linux servers.

39)   1st Security Agent Pro
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows

40)   IENavigator
Managing IE windows, open multiple sites at once, web page translation, voicing

41)   PC Spy
Secretly monitor what is being viewed on your pc while you are away.

42)   1 Click Spy Clean
In case of any known or unknown virus threat this security tool can protect and alert webmasters and helps them to safeguard their system as well as their website pages.

43)   Internet Password Recovery Wizard
Recover your lost passwords to different Internet resources. Try it today.

44)   X-NetStat
Monitor your network and Internet connections and the programs behind them.

45)   1st Screen Lock
Lock your desktop with a password and spy on your PC users.

46)   Local SMTP Relay Server
Send emails from a local PC directly to recipient mailboxes.

47)   Irbis Firewall
A firewall/proxy application for protecting computers against network attacks.

48)   CDDVD Lock
CD-DVD Lock is intended for restricting read or write access to removable media devices such as CD, DVD, floppy and flash, as well as for restricting access to certain partitions of hard disk drives.

49)   Access Administrator
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete

50)   Dewqs' JunkMail Spittoon
Dewqs' JunkMail Spittoon is a security providing program that can be used to eliminate junk emails from your email account. Prevents the SPAM emails from reaching your computer.

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