1-8 Scripts and Components (Visual Basic) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Sparkle
This set of DLL, ActiveX and/or Delphi component lets your software user to create a full-featured, distributable screen saver using your application and Macromedia Flash movie (*.swf).

2)   SocketTools Scripting Edition
The SocketTools Scripting Edition consists of scripting components for Internet and intranet application development. All major protocols are supported, and the components can be used in a wide variety of development environments

3)   SocketTools Enterprise Edition
The SocketTools Enterprise Edition consists of 32-bit ActiveX controls, libraries (DLLs), and C++ classes for Internet and intranet application development. Virtually any Windows development environment can be used.

4)   SocketWrench Standard Edition
Provides basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application

5)   SPAM Blocker
SPAM Blocker 2.0 filters spam and junk email for you. Our frequent refreshing of filter values and data-based approach to filter selection confirm our commitment to excellence in filtering spam and junk email. SPAM Blocker also filters email-born viruses and phising scams.

6)   SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition
SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition is the all-in-one choice for rapid application development with ActiveX visual/secure visual controls plus the power and flexibility of DLLs/secure DLLs for developing core application systems.

7)   ActivePatch
ActivePatch enables developers to create their own update in the form of a patch, and integrate the patch application process directly into their own software. It can be used to create a patch of a single file or an update for a complete product.

8)   SocketWrench Secure Edition
Provides basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application

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