Top 51-100 XML scripts

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51)   Build XML Data-Driven Web Solutions
Learn how to build live XML data-driven Web solutions by editing and presenting live XML data on the Web, making the data available for easy, wide consumption.

52)   davrdf
This is an RDF parser which is used to collect news from news backends based on RSS/RDF format

53)   XML for SCRIPT
This is simple XML parser written in javascript partly bring out the issues involved in coding parsers for XML and partly to see how such a parser would be for version three and four browsers.

54)   EditiX (for Windows / Java VM)
EditiX is a cross-platform powerful and easy to use XML editor and XSLT debugger

55)   ASP2XML
It is an ActiveX application designed for use with Microsoft ASP which provides an interface between almost any ODBC or OLE-DB compliant data source and any XML-enabled client.

56)   Ektron eWebEditPro+XML
Ektron eWebEditPro+XML is the tool of choice for managing XML tags as well as creating XML templates for business users.

TopXML offers comprehensive solutions for your advanced XML application development needs. We provide you with a growing array of developer products, learning tutorials and efficient solutions.

58)   XPointers
XPointer, the XML Pointer Language, defines an addressing scheme for individual parts of an XML document. These addresses can be used by any application that needs to identify parts of or locations in an XML document. For instance, an XML editor could use an XPointer to identify the current position of the insertion point or the range of the selection. An XInclude processor can use an XPointer to determine what part of a document to include. And the URI in an XLink can include an XPointer fragment identifier that locates one particular element in the targeted document. XPointers use the same XPath syntax that you're familiar with from XSL transformations to identify the parts of the document they point to, along with a few additional pieces.

59)   b
b is a xml program which acts as a web manager to bookmarks the web pages. This program saves bookmarks in an xml file.

60)   Fleming
A utility to perform batch transforms of XML files against an XSL stylesheet. The results are then saved with a new file extension in another directory. This is used to create a directory of HTML files from a directory of XML files. This is an HTML application that requires Internet Explorer 5.x or greater, and Microsoft XML parser 4.0.

61)   Xselerator
This is a fully functional XSL/XSLT IDE and Debugger. Options, options, and more options! It is a tool that allows you to customize. Features such as Intellisense (which is smart enough to input the implements-prefix attribute as well for msxsl:script) is such a time saver, the XPath Query builder is user oriented.

62)   xmlarch
The Xmlarch, written in Python contains XML architectural forms processor which allows you to process XML architectural forms using any parser that uses the SAX interfaces.

63)   EditiX (for Windows)
EditiX is a cross-platform powerful and easy to use XML editor and XSLT debugger

64)   FormSIX
This form.six elaborated as “form simple interface in XML” is a set of tools and suggestions for exchanging simple HTML FORM data between Web Browser and Web Server in XML format.

65)   EditML Pro
EditML Pro is a multidocument visual editor. It can be used for creating XML, DTD, CSS, and Schema documents. It helps you to create new documents and edit multiple documents. It is a Unicode compatible editoralong with being a Treeview/Listview/Sourceview editor.

66)   scriptXML
scriptXML is a fast non-recursive xml parser written in JavaScript.

67) is an on-line community with the purpose of helping environmental, safety, and occupational health (ESOH) professionals develop Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) technologies to leverage the vast information and data resources in this market.

68)   Expresso XML
This is an open source Expresso XML project which provides provides basic facilities for importing and exporting DBObjects to XML format streams and/or files

69)   DevRx Suite
This suite consists of two products namely DevGRID and DecTREE which use native XML and native JavaScript and leverage the extensive DHTML DOM to integrate seamlessly with the browser.

70)   TopXML
TopXML offers comprehensive solutions for your advanced XML application development needs. We provide you with a growing array of developer products, learning tutorials and efficient solutions.

71)   EditiX (for Mac OS X)
EditiX is a cross-platform powerful and easy to use XML editor and XSLT debugger

72)   Decoding XML and the DTD
This article shows how to create XML Document Type Definitions and well-formed, well-defined XML files that can be validated by the XML parser of choice. Not only will a DTD enforce the syntax you've established for your XML files, it will also allow your files to be parsed by a validating XML parser.

73)   Lucid XML Server Publisher
Lucid XML Server Publisher is a web application that allows XML documents to be transformed and published in other formats. Lucid XML Server Publisher makes it possible to distribute the enterprise documents quickly and in various formats starting from only one XML source. Its simple and intuitive interface facilitates the publication of documents XML on to the Web .

74)   XML Viewer
XML Viewer for Java is a Java application that allows you to view XML data from various perspectives such as the source of the XML, the DTD for the XML, the hierarchical structure of the XML data. It can display any well-formed XML document.

75)   MyXmlforum
This application is an ASP/XML-based forum which consists of 3 parts: ASP pages to read the XSL pages, XSL pages to format the different pages, MainXML xml file-the replacement to the DB.

76)   ADO to XML
This is a small script that queries a database and using ADO's built in Save feature saves a copy of the data as an XML file.

77)   XLinks
Linking in XML is divided into two parts, XLink and XPointers. XLink, the XML Linking Language, defines how one document links to another document. XPointer, the XML Pointer Language, defines how individual parts of a document are addressed. An XLink points to a URI (in practice, a URL) that specifies a particular resource. This URI may include an XPointer part that more specifically identifies the desired part or section of the targeted resource or document. This paper explores XLinks.

78)   XMLNuke
XMLNuke is a program which handles XSLT and XML files and provide support for unlimited websites, custom module classes, page caching etc.

79)   Ektron eWebEditPro+XML
It’s a XHTML/HTML editing toolbar where the users can author the contents of their webpage without the knowledge of HTML

80)   XSLT/XPATH tutorial
This article will help you achieve a working knowledge of XML/XSL/XPATH and XSLT and XPATH

81)   IBM developerWorks Live! Technical briefings
IBM developerWorks Live! Technical briefings is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the advanced development techniques, products and technologies of the software by using briefings.

82)   XSL Tester
This first open source Visual XSL development environment tool is 2 years old. It provides the basic tools needed to edit, view, and test XML and XSL documents. XSL Tester is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

83)   Datamorph
Datamorph is a simple and efficient XML software that assist webmasters in converting XML documents into any desired format despite the difference in the structure of the data format.

84)   Liquid Developer Platform
This scripts allows you to reuse javascript functions any number of times while ensuring that they do not conflict with other scripts already on the page. This is used to designate new elements to run online instead of them being linked.

85)   The CTDP XML guide
This guide explains XML uses, categories, elements and types of XML documents. It also explains XML structure, document type definition, element attributes, and extensible stylesheet language.

86)   NanoXML
This is a very small XML parser for JAVA and hence does not perform any validation currently.

87)   Ektron CMS300
Ektron CMS300 is a browser-based content management solution that lets business and technical users easily author and manage XML and HTML content. Runs on ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and ColdFusion. Free instant demo

88)   An introduction to Xquery
This article introduces the W3C's XQuery specification, which is moving towards “recommendation status”. The complex specification consists of six working drafts. It provides history, a road map into the documentation, and an overview of some of the technical issues involved in the specification.

89)   MDC-XSL
This tool written in C++ is an XML to HTML converter designed to be linked into other applications.

90)   Treebeard
This is an XSLT IDE that permits you to load an XML file and an XSLT file, edit it and then perform transformations. Its features include: Syntax highlighting; Plug-able XSLT transformer; FOP preview; ability to save as PDF; Template Browser; Regular expression find; and much more.

91)   ThreadedComments
ThreadedComments is an xml message board which permit the visitors to add comments and feedback of any sites on guestbook. This program permit the users to generate guestbooks of their own.

92)   phpChannel
This is a set of two PHP class files from which you can parse and write any one of the Netscape RSS files.

93)   MinML
This is an XML parser written in java to be used in embedded java systems where storage space is at a premium.

94)   Serving XML
Serving XML is a powerful software that enables you to generate and present XML contents from simple flat files along with the XML schema and tags.

95)   Ultrid
Ultrid is an effective technology which comes with the ability to divide the User Interface code from the program’s logic. This will be useful for the programmers in creating rich client desktop applications.

96)   ASPointer
This ActiveX component designed for use with Microsoft ASP provides many ways to select specific information within XML and HTML documents, and files with similar delimited elements.

97)   XMLMaker
XMLMaker is a code generator that can create DHTML Grid for general users and dynamic XML/XSLT-based Websites for developers in no time.

98)   FEX F-Cart Paypal Standalone
The definitive solution to advertise music on the net. The FEX FS-Player is currently the best and most complete flash MP3 audio player available.

99)   RDF Tutorial at Zvon
In this tutorial you will find XML related materials. There are basic and advanced tutorials and references about XSLT, XML, DTD, Mozilla, CSS, schemas, regular expressions, etc. These can be downloaded for off-line use

100)   Rubico XML Report Styler
Rubico XML Report Styler is an easy to use XML software with which you can generate extensive reports from XML data with industrial standard style sheet.

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