Top 101-150 XML scripts

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101)   XMLmind FO Converter
This is a pure Java application/library that is an XSL-FO to RTF converter that takes an XSL-FO source file as input and converts it to RTF while preserving the structure of the original document. The output RTF conforms to version 1.6 of the specification. Output conformance was checked with MS-Word 2000.

102)   XMLBoard Solo
The advanced version of XMLBoard is the XMLBoard solo.

103)   X-Hive/DB
X-Hive/DB is a database that stores, searches and retrieves XML documents in a fast and scalable manner.

104)   I-Store
This is an open source e-business system that consists of PHP scripts for web interface a C++ program (written with C++ Builder Pro) to manage the Internet shop, an C++ database management program, and an C++ program for processing the orders.

105)   Ektron eWebEditPro+XML
This is a .NET content management component with web content editors. This tool helps in generating and managing the content of the XML database in the website and also it supports for creating HTML / XHTML content in the webpage.

106)   Xeena
This editor takes a given DTD as input and automatically builds a palette that contains the elements defined in the DTD. The users can create/edit/expand any document derived from that DTD. This requires a minimum learning curve as only valid constructs/elements are presented to the user in a context-sensitive palette.

107)   Nahonix XMLShare
Turn your MySQL database into instant XML/RSS feeds! Easy to install and takes minutes to configure.

108)   XSL Editor
This application is used to import, create and save Extensible stylesheet language(XSL) style sheets and XML source documents

109)   XML for ASP.NET
XML for ASP.NET is a resource website for XML and ASP.NET programmers. This website offers articles on related subjects.

110)   Data Binding with Castor
Most approaches to working with XML documents in applications puts emphasis on XML: For many applications that care more about the data contained in documents than the documents themselves, data binding offers a much simpler approach to working with XML.

111)   XML Matters: The RXP parser
XML Matters: The RXP parser is tutorial in which author discusses about RXP and its roll in parsing with python binding. People can gather more information about XML based validating parser from this tutorial.

112)   Formatting XML with CSS
This is a simple formatting software which helps in formatting data stored in XML document by using cascading style sheets.

113)   XML Journal
XML Journal offers great resources for XML Programmers and users. Sign up for the XML mailing list.

114)   XEP XSL Rendering Engine
XEP XSL Rendering Engine is a powerful formatter designed especially for XML and XSL-FO documents with which you can convert XML documents to a printable format.

115) is a community of XML information. There is also a forum.

116)   EditiX (for Linux/Unix)
EditiX is a cross-platform powerful and easy to use XML editor and XSLT debugger

117)   XMLBoard
This XMLboard uses XML and keeps information separate from appearance thus allowing for dynamic generation of output.

118)   xmlBlueprint
The fast, easy to use XML editor for Windows developers.

119)   XmlShell
XmlShell is a simple and easy to use XML editor that assists webmasters in editing their XML documents both in structural and free format text editing modes.

120)   oxygen XML editor
The current trend in the organizations document flow is towards imposing document standards and structures. XML is the preferred way for organizing this flow. XML documents allow easy data extraction for next processing stages. brings together the top today's technologies Java and XML. With a powerful code insight and a flexible approach to XML editing it allows users to manage all XML related documents.

121)   XMLwriter XML Editor
XMLwriter XML Editor is an useful tool capable of transforming and validating XML documents against DTD and XML schema through the MSXML parser with XSL W3C specifications.

122)   ExamXML
ExamXML is a program with which the users can find the differences between the sources from CSV files, XML files and SQL server. Users can view the differences in tree structure.

123)   FastTemplate
FastTemplate is an PHP extension for managing templates and parses with a single regular expression allowing for a fast execution.

124)   HPE
This is a set of PHP scripts which is used to collect the updates from a group of sites around and displays them in news boxes which can be organized on a number of pages.

125)   XML Attributes and Entities
It is an article about XML in which the author describes about the process of using XML attributs and entities in XML documents. The author explains about DTD and its uses in XML.

126)   xmlizer
The xmlizer suite consists of two independent applications i.e. configurator and the server. The configurator is used to setup projects and the server reads these projects so as to deliver the processed requests on demand. As an addition the server acts like a real webserver and can host normal websites.

127)   Get ready for XForms
This article introduces you to XForms, which is an extension of XHTML. XForms represents the next generation of Web forms. Though XForms is still in developmental state, it holds great promise:

128)   FormSIX
FormSIX (Form Simple Interface in XML) package is a set of tools and suggestions for interchanging simple HTML FORM data between Web Browser and Web Server in XML format.

129)   Broadcast Builder
Broadcast Builder is a simple and effective XML software with which you can create RSS channels and weblogs through the built-in WYSIWYG editor.

130)   XML Survey
This is a java servlet which enables the users to collect data from HTML form and save it in XML-format.

131)   XML Syntax - Quick Reference
XML Syntax - Quick Reference is a simple online reference article in which the author has given the exact syntax formats for XML statements and entities.

132)   XML Processing Plus Plus
The XML Processing Plus Plus compiler converts programs written in this language's syntax into Java code that uses standard XML APIs. The language itself provides simple wrapper APIs: XmlIn and XmlOut. XmlIn is used for retrieving data from XML input streams, and XmlOut for inserting data to XML output streams.

133)   Lucid XML Toolkit
This general-purpose toolkit, which is built around an XML parser, allows you to develop a variety of Java applications to read, handle, analyse and send XML data. Developed in Java, it implements all the current main interfaces and recommendations.

134)   Lucid XML Editor
The Lucid XML Editor, is a full and easy to use software product for XML document editing that integrates functionalities such as customization (multilingual interface : french and english languages integrated by default) and external items management - errors management.

135)   Personal Open Directory (POD)
This POD calls the Netscape open directory which is a mirror of the open directory project to present you and your users with a web experience which looks like they've never left your site.

136)   Visual XML
This tool which is written in java, enables you to create and modify DTD and XML documents.

137)   XML Quik Builder
XML Quik Builder is an intelligent GUI processor, which can create, validate and save XML data files for a given schema. It can compile XSD to check for validity. This script can also validate XML data file against XSD on already laid down specifications.

138), where the XML community shares XML development resources and solutions, features timely news, opinions, features, and tutorials; the Annotated XML specification created by Tim Bray; authoring tools, XML developer resources, interactive forums, and newsletters.

139)   XML and XSLT Maker
XML and XSLT Maker is a powerful XML software capable of generating full featured active XML and XSLT based websites with support for any type of databases.

140)   XML Tutorial at Zvon
Selected XML features are demonstrated in this tutorial through many examples which can be downloaded for off-line use

141)   FEX F-Cart Paypal Standalone
Never was so easy and fast to sell with Paypal.

142)   Yukon - Universal Connector
Commercial XML/Web Services software for business applications.

143)   XSLT/XPATH tutorial
This article will help you achieve a working knowledge of XML/XSL/XPATH and XSLT and XPATH

144)   Yukon
This software enables data exchange between servers, servers and PCs and between applications. This offers a convenient and dependable way to distribute data from a central database to multiple nodes.

145)   XML Schema Quality Checker
This diagnoses the improper use of schema language in any input that is an XML Schema written in the W3C XML schema language. It performs a complete quality check where schema documents are connected. Where corrections are not obvious it suggests the method of fix.

146)   XML Schema Quality Checker
This program that takes as input of XML Schema written in the W3C XML schema language and diagnoses the improper use of the language. The diagnostic message includes a suggestion about how to make the fix where the appropriate action to correct the same is not obvious.

147)   Treebeard updated
Treebeard is an XSLT IDE that will allow you to load an XML file and an XSLT file either from the web or from the local file system, edit either file, and then perform modifications. Offers features like Syntax highlighting; FOP preview, ability to save as PDF and many more.

148)   Liquid XML Data Binding Wizard
Liquid XML Data Binding Wizard is a simple and easy to use XML software with which you can integrate object orientated interface for XSD, XDR and DTD schema.

149)   Tristana Writer RSS Editor
Create RSS or Atom feeds instantly by scanning an existing web page

150)   Magic Lines v5.11
Magic Lines is an action-puzzle game that demands both observation ability and

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