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151)   Migrating from HTML to XML
As a result of the growing shift of programmers towards XML from HTML. There is a requirement of converting to XML This article describes tools that help you convert to XML with ease and helps existing sites that have documents in HTML to easily migrate through usage of these tools.

152)   Recurse, not divide, to conquer
This article demonstrates how to shift your thinking into the XSLT recursive approach.This is especially helpful if you have a background in a procedural language (Java and the like). Sample code demonstrates how to work with a flat XML or XHTML file that you want to process hierarchically

153)   Soapbox: Magic bullet or dud?
This article analysis the Simple Object Access Protocol, assessing the value this new technology can provide developers and demonstrating its foundation in a mixture of the old RPC (remote procedure calls) technology and in XML. It examines RPC, XML-RPC, RMI, and SOAP in detail,

154)   XML Tags
XML Tags is a tutorial that can be used as a reference guide to learn about XML tags. Here the author elaborates clearly XML tags by providing appropriate examples.

155)   Xtensible Shopping Bag
This product allows you to add or store as many custom properties as you like other than the standard properties like productid, productname, price and so on.

156)   RSS Channel Manager
This application is helps to update front pages by editing RSS file and HTML include file.

157) is an on-line community with the purpose of helping environmental, safety, and occupational health (ESOH) professionals develop Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) technologies to leverage the vast information and data resources in this market.

158)   XML Security Suite
This is an advanced security tool that has features beyond the capability of SSL. These are digital signature based on XML signature syntax and processing, XML encryption implementation and XML access control language for XML documents.

159)   XSLbyDemo
This is a technology for generating XSLT rules on the basis of editing operations conducted under on the WYSIWYG view of an HTML editor. XSLbyDemo is available for full-fledged HTML editors, such as, IBM WebSphere Studio Page Designer, and IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder.

160)   Anatomy of an XSLT processor
This article describes how an XSLT processor, in this case the author's open-source Saxon, actually works. This article is aimed to show how XSLT implementations take place and also give a description of how it works.

161)   Building an XML Architecture
'Building an XML Architecture' is a tutorial which teaches people in creating an ecommerce solution using XML technology.

162)   Building an XML Architecture
This paper addresses one of the challenges faced by the companies participating in the eCommerce revolution: architecting an eCommerce solution.

163)   Jonah
This is a set of scripts which is written in PHP to display for a portal like site managing the content.

164)   The Webs Future: XHTML 2.0
This article takes a sneak peek at what's new in XHTML 2.0 and how you might put it to use. Readers should be familiar with HTML and/or XHTML 1.0. Familiarity with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is helpful, but not required.

165)   New Used Buyer RSS Generator
You can generate RSS feed for any desired product from ebay listing by defining the number of list to get displayed on the browser.

166)   XML Registry
This is a data management system that manages and provides services for XML artifacts including schemes (DTD, XSD), stylesheets (XSL) and instance documents (WSDL). User can use XRR to obtain an XML artifact automatically, search or browse for an XML artifact, deposit an XML artifact with or without related data, and register an XML artifact without deposit.

167)   Lucid XML DataManager
This a native XML database management system that is designed to allow you to store, manage, query and modify large volumes of XML data. It covers both classic DBMS capabilities and full text indexing, thus exploiting all the inherent power of XML semi-structured data

168)   Exchanger XML Editor
The Exchanger XML Editor is a Java-based XML Editor that facilitates easy browsing, editing, managing and conversion of XML Documents.

169)   XincaML
The XincaML language can describe the presence or value dependencies amongst nodes located on different branches of an XML tree. It can specify constraints that can't be expressed by the XML schema language and therefore supplement the existing XML schema language to insure the integrity of data. XincaML is a declarative language and its syntax is based on XML format.

170)   XML Security Suite
This application is a tool that can provide security to the XML documents by providing safety measures such as digital signature, encryption and access control.

171)   XSL Formatting Objects
XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) are the second half of the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). XSL-FO is an XML application that describes how pages will look when presented to a reader. A style sheet uses the XSL transformation language to transform an XML document in a semantic vocabulary into a new XML document that uses the XSL-FO presentational vocabulary. While one can hope that Web browsers will one day know how to directly display data marked up with XSL formatting objects, for now an additional step is necessary in which the output document is further transformed into some other format, such as Adobe's PDF.

172)   Expand XSL with extensions
Most developers familiar with the basics of XML and XSL are not utilizing the combined power of XML and XSL for representing, manipulating, and presenting data over the Web and sharing data across differing applications. This article shows developers how to use extensions, a technique that allows you to expand the capabilities of XSL

173)   XFlows - XML and XSLT Manager
An XML and XSLT integrated solution. Various tasks (db import, export, xslt, docbook, fop...).

174)   XML Parser for Java
This package which contains classes and methods for parsing, generating, manipulating and validating XML documents is a validating XML parser written in pure java.

175)   Introduction to XML
This tutorial show you what XML is all about. It is an important new technology that will revolutionize the web. There's no reason you can't start using XML to transform your business today

176)   Flash to Video Encoder PRO
Convert Flash swf Movies to Video AVI ASF WMV MPEG DVD files with watermark.

177)   XML Tutorial at Zvon
Selected XML features are demonstrated in this tutorial through many examples which can be downloaded for off-line use

178)   XML Data Mediator
XML Data Mediator is an useful software that allows webmasters to perform conversions between XML and structured data formats by creating valid tree structures.

179)   Using XML as the Foundation for Distributed Design
Visual Studio.NET and the .NET Framework provide a rich set of XML capabilities. This presentation demonstrates how to use those capabilities by taking an approach that puts XML at the core of the architecture / design of a reality-based distributed application scenario.

180)   Exception Handling with JAX-RPC
'Exception Handling with JAX-RPC' is a tutorial that elaborately describes about the exception behaviour in the absence of wsdl:fault, how a wsdl:fault is mapped to a checked Java exception and how a JAX-RPC runtime handles it.

181)   Simple XML Validation with Perl
This article explains how to validate the structure of XML documents with Perl. It does so by combining the simplicity of from the standard Perl distribution with the flexibility of XPath.

182)   XStandard Lite - XHTML 1.1 WYSIWYG Editor (FREE)
An ActiveX plug-in that creates an intuitive WYSIWYG for browser/Windows-based CM systems. Generates clean XHTML 1.1 code, uses CSS for formatting and manages rich content in any language. Supports tables, lists, links, floats, and custom tags. Lite version FREE. Pro version eval available.

183)   Consuming an XML webservice using classic ASP and the SOAP Toolkit
This article deals with the method to deploy ASP and SOAP for developing Web Services. This will be useful for intermediate developers.

184)   A Technical Introduction to XML
This presents the XML at a reasonably technical level for anyone interested in learning more about structured documents. This article outlines evolving XML specifications and is organized in four main sections.

185)   Recurse, not divide, to conquer
This article will help you to bridge processing of an HTML element over two XSLT templates? Sample code available demonstrate the right way (and the wrong way) to work with a flat XML or XHTML file that you want to process hierarchically.

186)   PHP and XML: Using expat functions
This tutorial shows how to parse XML documents in PHP. It also takes you through a simple application of XML that you can use to implement a news system for your home page

187)   A survey of XML standards: Part 4
A survey of XML standards: Part 4 is an article through which the author presents a survey result about XML. And also author discusses about some essential XML technologies with his own experience.

188)   Combining XML Documents using XSLT
It is an easy to learn tutorial through which webmasters can gather information about the process of combining XML documents by using XSLT. The author explains the above said method with the help of several examples.

189)   Effective XML processing with DOM and XPath in Java
Author Parand Tony Daruger has provided a set of Java usage patterns and a library of functions to make DOM robust and easy to use. Based on an analysis of several projects, this article examines how to make effective and efficient use of DOM in Java.

190)   SysDB - Synchronization between XML Schema and database
SysDB - Synchronization between XML Schema and database is a xml program which permit the users to co-ordinate their xml data with relational database.

191)   Make the most of Xerces-C++, A parsing how-to for C++ programmers
'Make the most of Xerces-C++' is a tutorial that clearly explains about how to use Xerces-C++ XML library with Windows and Linux servers and about parsing with SAX API, all these things will be useful for XML based parsing.

192)   Bible-Christian Scripture parsers
These parsers read: KJV Bible, ASV Bible, Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible. They are customizable to some extent. Parses XML search feeds from The Bible Portal Project

193)   Security in Web Enabled Date Warehouse
'Security in Web Enabled Date Warehouse' is a tutorial in which the author elaborately discusses about exposing a security model with XML(1).

194)   DevGuru XSLT Quick Reference guide
This is a reference for all of elements and functions that compose the eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) language version 1.0. It includes real working code examples which were tested using the Microsoft XML parser version 3.0.

195)   How the IBM Web Services Compares With Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Provides a high-level overview of both development environments and tools in the IBM Web Services Development Environment and Toolkit and in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET

196)   IBM XSL Formatting Object Composer
XSL Formatting Objects Composer (XFC) is a typesetting and display engine that implements a substantial portion of XSL Formatting Objects (FO).

197)   Herong's Notes On XML Technologies
'Herong's Notes On XML Technologies' is a book is made up of a collection of notes on XML. Author has gathered all these notes which are about XML language and its related technologies and presents here as a tutorial.

198)   Xml-Tutorial and the domain as sample
The tutorial has a lot of entity-samples - and the domain exists as Xml/Xsl and as plain Html. A freeware-tool which creates the Html-version is downloadable (NET1.1 required).

199)   P3PWiz Online Privacy Policy Wizard
P3PWiz Online Privacy Policy Wizard is a xml program which allows the users to join more policies for various segment of their site into a complete privacy policy.

200)   Tip: Use data dictionary links for XML and Web services schemata
This is a XML tutorial through which the author elaborately explains about how to use data dictionary links in favour of XML and webservices schemata.

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