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1)   Migrating from HTML to XML
As a result of the growing shift of programmers towards XML from HTML. There is a requirement of converting to XML This article describes tools that help you convert to XML with ease and helps existing sites that have documents in HTML to easily migrate through usage of these tools.

2)   The Webs Future: XHTML 2.0
This article takes a sneak peek at what's new in XHTML 2.0 and how you might put it to use. Readers should be familiar with HTML and/or XHTML 1.0. Familiarity with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is helpful, but not required.

3)   How the IBM Web Services Compares With Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Provides a high-level overview of both development environments and tools in the IBM Web Services Development Environment and Toolkit and in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET

4)   Web Services Insider, Part I: Reflections on SOAP
This first installment of the "Web services insider series" answers this question by reviewing the tools and technologies that have emerged over the past year, by highlighting their differences and similarities.

5)   PHP and XML, technical or cultural gap?
The article talks about PHP and XML, how they were supportive at first and what the present position is and about the future.

6)   Is Web Services The Reincarnation of COBRA
A well known Web services architect, Dan Gisolfi has offered a brief overview of the differences between SOAP, DCOM, and CORBA. He has suggested a value proposition for Web services within the distributed computing realm

7)   Web services insider, part 1: Reflections on SOAP
This is the first part of the series on "Web services insider series”. It deals with the current state of the "Web services revolution?" It will review the tools and technologies that have emerged over the past year, highlighting their differences and similarities.

8)   why XML Schema beats DTDs hands-down for data
By looking at four features of XML Schema that are particularly suited to data representation, the article explains why XML Schema beats DTDs hands-down for data and shows some examples of each.

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