1-5 Development (XML) scripts (listed after popularity)

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1)   Recurse, not divide, to conquer
This article demonstrates how to shift your thinking into the XSLT recursive approach.This is especially helpful if you have a background in a procedural language (Java and the like). Sample code demonstrates how to work with a flat XML or XHTML file that you want to process hierarchically

2)   Expand XSL with extensions
Most developers familiar with the basics of XML and XSL are not utilizing the combined power of XML and XSL for representing, manipulating, and presenting data over the Web and sharing data across differing applications. This article shows developers how to use extensions, a technique that allows you to expand the capabilities of XSL

3)   Simple XML Validation with Perl
This article explains how to validate the structure of XML documents with Perl. It does so by combining the simplicity of Test.pm from the standard Perl distribution with the flexibility of XPath.

4)   Recurse, not divide, to conquer
This article will help you to bridge processing of an HTML element over two XSLT templates? Sample code available demonstrate the right way (and the wrong way) to work with a flat XML or XHTML file that you want to process hierarchically.

5)   Using XLink to simplify the representation of data
This explains how to use XLink pointers when representing data to make XML documents more compact and flexible. It is demonstrated by examples of an invoice with and without the XLink pointers, plus an example of using XLinks with a URL-addressable database

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