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1)   Specializing Domains in DITA
This article shows you how to leverage the extensible DITA (The Darwin Information Typing Architecture) DTD to describe new domains of information. In the current approaches, DTDs are static, as a result, DTD designers try to cover every contingency and, when this effort fails, users have to force their information to fit existing types

2)   Binding XML to a DropDown in ASP.NET
This example demonstrates a nice an easy way to databing an an XML Document to an ASP.NET drop down control.

3)   Combining XML Documents using XSLT
The following collection of approaches to combining XML Documents is from a column, "Shedding a little Silverlight on XML", that I wrote for XML Journal a while back.

4)   Recursion reminds me of Recursion
This is a tutorial through which programmers can gather information about utilizing XSLT recursion in VB to load treeview control.

5)   CafeMel
CafeMel is an easy to learn XML tutorial in which the author explains you about the XML document. This tutorial is useful for the novice programmers.

6)   Liquid Developer Platform
This scripts allows you to reuse javascript functions any number of times while ensuring that they do not conflict with other scripts already on the page. This is used to designate new elements to run online instead of them being linked.

7)   An introduction to Xquery
This article introduces the W3C's XQuery specification, which is moving towards “recommendation status”. The complex specification consists of six working drafts. It provides history, a road map into the documentation, and an overview of some of the technical issues involved in the specification.

8)   Formatting XML with CSS
This is a simple formatting software which helps in formatting data stored in XML document by using cascading style sheets.

9)   XML Attributes and Entities
It is an article about XML in which the author describes about the process of using XML attributs and entities in XML documents. The author explains about DTD and its uses in XML.

10)   Soapbox: Magic bullet or dud?
This article analysis the Simple Object Access Protocol, assessing the value this new technology can provide developers and demonstrating its foundation in a mixture of the old RPC (remote procedure calls) technology and in XML. It examines RPC, XML-RPC, RMI, and SOAP in detail,

11)   Anatomy of an XSLT processor
This article describes how an XSLT processor, in this case the author's open-source Saxon, actually works. This article is aimed to show how XSLT implementations take place and also give a description of how it works.

12)   New Used Buyer RSS Generator
You can generate RSS feed for any desired product from ebay listing by defining the number of list to get displayed on the browser.

13)   Consuming an XML webservice using classic ASP and the SOAP Toolkit
This article deals with the method to deploy ASP and SOAP for developing Web Services. This will be useful for intermediate developers.

14)   Combining XML Documents using XSLT
It is an easy to learn tutorial through which webmasters can gather information about the process of combining XML documents by using XSLT. The author explains the above said method with the help of several examples.

15)   P3PWiz Online Privacy Policy Wizard
P3PWiz Online Privacy Policy Wizard is a xml program which allows the users to join more policies for various segment of their site into a complete privacy policy.

16)   Observation on XML core services - MSXML 4.0 RTM
This is an online tutorial in which the author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of MSXML 4.0 RTM. The author details on additional functionalities and features of MSXML 4.0 RTM.

17)   Spinning your XML for screens of all sizes
This article shows how to use HTML as an intermediate language so that you are able to write a single stylesheet to translate from XML to one or more versions of HTML, as per your requirement

18)   Sorting Data Islands by clicking on the column header
This is a simple XML application which helps in sorting databound HTML table by using behaviours. This application helps in sorting the database table both in ascending and descending order.

19)   One Stop Document Creation: Standards in Publishing Workflows
The session describes the new place of XML and Web standards in publishing for printable representation of dynamic text and graphics as well as static content.

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