1-18 Parsers (XML) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   XML::Node
This is a simplified programming interface in which the users can register callback sub-routines or variables to specific type of XML nodes and the values of the specified XML nodes are copied to the corresponding variables. When specified XML tags are found, registered callback sub-routines are called.

2)   rsslib
This is a simple PHP script that can collect a specified RDF file and parse the information into invisible HTML file.

3)   XML DB Schema Interpreter
This is a class which handles your database schemas, stores them as an XML file and to use the class to parse the file and execute the SQL that is generated.

4)   rdfparse.php3
This is a RDF/RSS parser which is written in PHP3 and utilizes PHP’s XML routines to configure PHP WITH xml to use it.

5)   Perl Open Directory Project
This application consists of a program which is used to parse RDF dumps from the Open Directory Project into customizable HTML.

6)   davrdf
This is an RDF parser which is used to collect news from news backends based on RSS/RDF format

7)   XML for SCRIPT
This is simple XML parser written in javascript partly bring out the issues involved in coding parsers for XML and partly to see how such a parser would be for version three and four browsers.

8)   xmlarch
The Xmlarch, written in Python contains XML architectural forms processor which allows you to process XML architectural forms using any parser that uses the SAX interfaces.

9)   scriptXML
scriptXML is a fast non-recursive xml parser written in JavaScript.

10)   NanoXML
This is a very small XML parser for JAVA and hence does not perform any validation currently.

11)   MDC-XSL
This tool written in C++ is an XML to HTML converter designed to be linked into other applications.

12)   phpChannel
This is a set of two PHP class files from which you can parse and write any one of the Netscape RSS files.

13)   MinML
This is an XML parser written in java to be used in embedded java systems where storage space is at a premium.

14)   HPE
This is a set of PHP scripts which is used to collect the updates from a group of sites around and displays them in news boxes which can be organized on a number of pages.

15)   Personal Open Directory (POD)
This POD calls the Netscape open directory which is a mirror of the open directory project to present you and your users with a web experience which looks like they've never left your site.

16)   Jonah
This is a set of scripts which is written in PHP to display for a portal like site managing the content.

17)   XML Parser for Java
This package which contains classes and methods for parsing, generating, manipulating and validating XML documents is a validating XML parser written in pure java.

18)   Bible-Christian Scripture parsers
These parsers read: KJV Bible, ASV Bible, Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible. They are customizable to some extent. Parses XML search feeds from The Bible Portal Project

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