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1).   Fixit Knowledge Base Fixit Knowledge Base aims to increase your online trading by acquiring more loyal customers with the help of knowledge base module. Without spending more time and money you can offer online support that suits to your customer requirements. ASP based sites can run this program.
2).   psReservation Online reservation book Perl script with password-protected administration of reservations.
3).   BW Whois This is an advanced whois script which contains numerous features like self detecting CGI support, optional result caching with an SQL database and much more.
4).   Rebel PHP Events Calendar Rebel PHP Events Calendar is a simple calender script in PHP in which users can register and record their events under various categories after approved by the admin.
5).   Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP Tutorial is a tutorial that tells the users how to avoid getting Error 404 Not Found, errors and redirects the user back to their webpage.
6).   ChangeRequest It is a web based change request application through which the users can specify any changes in the developing projects and helps the developers to know about the changes done in any management projects in the internet.
7).   Visit Counter This cookie calculates the number of times the current user had visited. It does not display the total overall visits.
8).   PHP Interest Group PHP Interest Group is an online community which brings together icq and php users. You can send messages and exchange files in real time.
9).   Accessing Microsoft Access databases in ASP using ADO The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the beginners about using Access .mdb databases in ASP. The author uses ADO for this access which is explained in this article.
10).   Webbased Music Jukebox This program is used for playing MP3 songs from Linux server. It has customization facility and it stores the list of MP3 files on a database.
11).   Celebrity Names Celebrity Names is a PHP scripted online entertaining programme that makes you fun. You have to fill up answer to a questionaire that displayed in the screen and click. The celebrity name will appear.
12).   OnSubmit OnSubmit is a powerful search engine submission tool that provides a convenient platform for registering your website on popular search engines.
13).   Java World Clock Java World Clock caters to all the 24 time zones at the same time. It allows you to select a select a time zone other than your location. You can also select daylight time and AM/PM.
14).   Classifieds PLUS Script Extensive and powerful Classifieds engine to launch your own classifieds portal. It is a COMPLETE SCRIPT with quality features like : Multilevel configurable categories, paid features like bold highlighted, featured ads,Internal Messaging,Contact/block list, Gallery of featured items .............
15).   ASP Calendar Basic This program is used for creating a event calendar on the website on which the site visitors can enter their events and also they can delete and edit the events.
16).   Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro will process all web forms on your website. It’s easy to install and customize; works with any form; you have full layout and design control; it can process multiple pages forms; works with user attachments etc.
17).   ScriptMate Secure For any ASP site, ScriptMate Secure is a basic password protection system. ScriptMate Secure includes a web administration interface and comes with a access database.
18).   Smart Elf Membership Gateway This is a perl based program that collects and verifies payments. This program helps webmasters to protect membership area. This is a completely automated program.
19).   FAQ Builder FAQ Builder helps you to create and manage a FAQ and knowledge database section on your website quickly. With unique features it provides complete control over your pages.
20).   Php Unlimited Chat Live chat support script based on Php & MySQL. Many great features and works on both Linux and Windows platforms. Unlimited website version.
21).   Softbiz Resource Repository Script USing this software you can generate a resource repository website containing unlimited number of scripts and programs for the webmasters.
22).   SQL Theory & How-To This tutorial discusses the two question ie- how do you build complex queries on the fly according to user input? and how to create powerful, complex queries to take advantages of your table schemas.
23).   Reminder Service Reminder Service is a simple PHP script with which you can add a reminder service to your website. The script will allow the registered users to add events for which they want to be reminded.
24).   BrowserBob Developer Create multimedia web apps, custom browsers, real eBooks, presentations virtual clients in your own design via Drag & Drop. Integrate all web-technology. Get results within minutes. Make professional standalone software (exe, setups,...) with ease.
25).   XcInfoBase A versatile FAQ or knowledgebase system that can be easily added to any existing site. Allows you to create a comprehensive and interactive knowledge database on any size web site. Great for product support, research articles; or any type of Question and Answer forum.
26).   Loci This is a versatile JavaScript that displays a menu, which expands and collapses when the user clicks on the menu items. The menu allows you to set background colors for menus.
27).   WebbyFiles -- Web-Based File Sharing for Intranets/Extranets WebbyFiles is a Web-Based File Sharing System that allows groups of users to easily share and manage a central repository of files and folders by using any standard web browser. It can be used for Team work as Project Repository, to build Private Download Areas or to replace FTP. It's easy to install and use and fully customizable. Try the self-documented, full-featured on-line demo.
28).   DiscDB for MySQL This tool is helpful for the users who wants to save all their download to CDs. MySQL database is used to store data as a catalog that is on CDs.
29).   Check a number is in a valid range You will be capable of creating a number verification program for ASP applications by studying this online ASP learning source.
30).   Search The Web Search the web is a an application written in PHP. With this script you can let your website visitors to search all of the major search engines without any difficulty right from your website.
31).   ROPE ROPE is a Runtime Operational template Processing Extension which is a tool for PHP programming. It separates static and dynamic parts of the websites. It is written in php.
32).   FProc Form Processor FProc is a PHP based HTML form processor. This script is used to make contact with others or to do some online business. It is easy to install in your online system.
33).   phpFlashMyAdmin This is a tool for webmasters to edit and to perform other management tasks on MySQL. As the interface is with flash there will be no frequent page refreshes like other HTML based programmes.
34).   AllFreecruit Webmasters gets a free jobboard for your website. It posts every job that one of your users posts to 100s of other popular job boards for free.
35).   PHP 101 (part 3) - Chocolate Fudge And Time Machines This is the thrid part of the introduction to PHP language. In this tutorial you will come across some advance codes in PHP like loops, arrays etc.
36).   Kissing trail This script makes the mouse leave a trail of kisses as it moves around the web page. The color, duration, position etc can be customized through the script.
37).   .NET Assemblies & Manifests This online tutorial is all about the .NET assemblies and manifests which is described. The author tells about the guidelines to be followed while generating a .NET component. The article states about the .NET assemblies and atlast merging with the features of manifests.
38).   Auto Thumb Auto Thumb is a program based on PERL with which users can generate custom thumbnails for all purpose. Users can manage thumbnails in an individual directory.
39).   Virtual Tour This is a simple CGI script for creating interactive games on your website. With this script you can create virtual tour on your website by simply uploading the pictures taken with your digital camera.
40).   Adding Items in a List Web Server Control This is a tutorial which explains users how to add items in the list web server control using three methods. You can use these methods for all the list web server controls such as listbox, dropdownlist, checkboxlist and radiobuttonlist.
41).   Cryptography This useful tutorial teaches about basic concepts of Cryptography, which performs both the process of encryption and decryption. The users can collect details about cryptographic algorithm.
42).   Meta Tag Generator Meta Tag Generator is a javascript program that can be used by the webmasters to facilitate their site visitors to generate their own meta tags.
43).   The ACVerify FormMailer The ACVerify FormMailer is a script based on form processors which accepts the users information by verifying their email addresses.
44).   Email Form Processor Pro It is an ASP based .NET application through which any forms can be generated in the users website. This tool provide full control over full layout of the forms created.
45).   Accelebrate ASP.NET Training Accelebrate conducts an interactive ASP.NET training program with low cost. They conduct the courses with highly qualified experts. This training program is more informative for the students.
46).   CSV Search This CSV searching tool is used to search data that is stored in database. You can search data from any web page. It has several features and it performs more than five types of search methods.
47).   MX Looper Suite Create nested repeated regions and horizontal loopers - For Dreamweaver MX programmers who create dynamic websites, MX Looper Suite is a collection of Commands and Server Behaviors for the PHP, ASP and ColdFusion server models that create complex repeated regions.
48).   HIBAsites This is a perl based content management program that allows users to create and manage websites. This program uses templates to build webpages. Many in built modules can be added instantly.
49).   Nucleus A PHP/MySQL utility to create and manage weblogs.
50).   WebBugle It is an ASP based online portal specially designed for constructing content management system in restaurant and catering website. This provides interface and also allows to add menus, events, promotion, and unlimited number of custom pages in the website.
51).   Simple Form Script Simple Form Processor is a script that automatically detects all form fields submitted and send all the results to a e-mail address. You only need to set the email address and have the option to require fields not be empty. You can also specify a location to redirect to after the form is processed.
52).   Write a Simple Web Service This article briefs web services and helps the programmers to write a simple web services and guides them to consume and compile web services.
53).   Web Poll Tool Web Poll Tool is a remotely hosted script and is an online poll system that helps site visitors to post opinions and helps users to implement poll results into their websites.
54).   apgDB2xls This is a PHP based script that helps to transform database table into an Excel spreadsheet. Provides easy user interface.
55).   IPro Manager IPro Manager lets you run your online real estate business with virtual tour feature. Easy to use admin panel allows any number of listing with pictures and visitors are allowed to visit a virtual tour on desired items. Without any programming knowledge you can access this ASP program.
56).   The Xceed Zip Self-Extractor Module This is an ASP extractor library component that provide module for creating the customizable extracting package through which user are allowed to extract the content from the zip file.
57).   Array To Excel Array to Excel is a script built on PHP using which programmers can transfer array data into Excel file to have a readable content.
58).   The Len() Function How to calculate the length of the string is taught on this online ASP article and the provided example lets you grab the points on LEN() string function quickly and easily.
59).   BosDates BosDates was designed with the large corporation, small to medium business, and individual users in mind.
60).   getID3() getID3()is an ultimate music library collection system for extorting multimedia files in tag, audio, audio-video, graphics and data formats.
61).   SunnyScript's AdvertisingSuite SunnyScript's AdvertisingSuite is a top-featured advertising banner management system.
62).   CodeBox for .NET CodeBox for .NET is a software that helps users to store C# and Visual Studio.NET codes into different types of databases such as, SQL Server, Access etc.
63).   PageXchanger PageXchanger is a program that performs content negotiation for allowing the webmasters to use cleaner URLs on their websites. This will keep web applications and websites in a secured manner.
64).   RealLink - Customer Service Application RealLink - Customer Service Application is a powerful PHP aplication using which large corporate business firms and companies would be able to provide perceptive online customer care to all their customers.
65).   Determining the sun rise and sunset for a particular location In this tutorial the author elaborates about building a program for calculating the sun rise and sun set for the provided longitude and latitude.
66).   ChatXM ChatXM is an excellent online chat program with which you can integrate online message board software on your website with dynamic rooms for realtime live chatting.
67).   SQL Server Gets New Class Of Notifications This tool is helpful for the database administrators and for the developers which guides them to find the solution about the data transfer from DBMS to external resources.
68).   Easy Store Creator Ecommerce Site Builder Easy Store Creator contains integrated e-commerce features to assist you in building an online store within minutes. Has the ability to handle inventory system for wide range of products.
69).   t4w-d-goods t4w-d-goods is an online e-commerce software in PERL designed to provide optimum solution for secure online digital and software file downloads of paypal and pin coded products.
70).   AVI To DVD, VCD, SVCD Converter AVI To DVD, VCD, SVCD Converter as the name implies is an online converting tool specially designed to convert video files with orginal audio and video quality.
71).   Multiport.USB This tool is used for sharing USB supported computer equipments between different users. It is handy to use and share equipments.
72).   Creating DataGrid Templated Columns Dynamically - Part I This is an ASP.NET article that helps you to learn about how to create the template columns for the datagrid control dynamically. This tutorial is useful for the .NET programmers.
73).   CSTreeBean CSTree can provide a tree view as the HTML tables in any Java Server Pages. It holds the tree statically and uses JDBC to populate from a database. It can handle large and deep trees containing hundreds or even thousands of nodes.
74).   Alert Post-A-Board Create and offer Web Message Boards. No Scripting, No HTML required.
75).   PhotoMeister Helps you to handle, edit and publish photos from your digital camera. All functions that you need to manage your photos and to impress your family, friends or customers with your photos are included in one piece of software! Easy to use and install!
76).   bMachine bMachine - The simplest, but the best Blogging system. Supports both mysql and flat files. Tons of features. Its FREE, its small and its cute.
77).   EnomNet ProZone Enomnet prozone is a simple discussion board that is based on PHP and MYsql database.This board consists of forums to post topics for online discussions.This is a free software with advanced user login.
78).   ESL Class Websites Create your own class web site! It's quick and easy. Just fill out a form, press the create button, and you have your very own class web site. Add activities and your students will have a place on the web where they can have fun while improving their English skills.
79).   DESTech Uploader DESTech Uploader is a tool that allows the webmasters to upload the files using either HTML or ASP files easily. This tool is very simple and can be used effectively by anyone.
80).   Family Tree with Scrapbook Make a family tree graphic link individuals to scrapbook entries which can be edited by visitors.
81).   How to detect and log malicious activity on your website This is an article to detect log malicious activity on your web pages. In this tutorial there are two ways to detect the malicious activities.
82).   Directory lister Directory lister is a php program where files can be seen by the users in a particular folder for accessing. Simple and easy to use and to install by the users.
83).   Support Information Tracker Support Information Tracker is a PHP based script which will be useful for system administrators, customer care departments of any type of companies to serve them effectively.
84).   jsVal jsVal is a simple and useful program for the webmasters in validating their online forms through their browser without requesting the server to do so.
85).   EngInSite Editor for PHP EngInSite™ Editor for PHP - a powerful IDE for PHP 4 and PHP 5 technologies.
86).   Introduction to Flash Remoting with .NET This is an online tutorial, which is an introduction to using Flash Remoting with .NET. The author says that this tutorial will guide readers to start generating ASP.NET Rich Internet Applications.
87).   How to get started with Visual Basic .NET Before you can learn how to develop applications with Visual Basic .NET, you need to become familiar with the .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET, and the Microsoft Development Environment.
88).   Adding Web Services to Your ASP.Net Application This tutorial can be used for referring about web services and to allow users create web services by their own and also it gives steps for creating web service client applications.
89).   RateMe RateMe is a HotOrNot like picture voting/image rating script with mysql as backend. Features: easy implementation (include wherever you want into an existing site), picture upload or linking, unlimited categories, dynamic top lists, overview/index page, multilanguage (en, de, nl), comments, installscript for mysql and much more...
90).   Aspose.Pdf.Fo Aspose.Pdf.Fo is a .Net Pdf document component which allows developers to Convert an existing XML file (.xml) plus a style-sheet file (.xsl); FO file stream; ect to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream.
91).   SCT.Poll Written in German. SCT.Poll.PHP generates an inquiry on your side. Everyone can participate to the Umfarge. The results are stored and can be graphically indicated. A Revotesperre protects against the abuse of the Scripts. All attitudes can be changed over a Web interface.
92).   Xodus e-Autosale Xodus e-Autosale is an online autosale system. It is an excellent system for both new dealers and those who already have an auto dealership and want to expan their business through the internet.
93).   Creating Graphics On-The-Fly with ASP.NET This is an article that contributes to users on generating images dynamically by using .NET framework for the websites. This tutorial illustrates this process by generating simple bar chart.
94).   Banner Rotator with Stats This Banner Rotator stores The Image URLs, Links, Tracking URLs, Views, adn Clicks in a database. When the banner loads it update the views for that banner in the database. when a user clicks the banner it updates the clicks in the data base.
95).   Networld Chat RGL This script is used for creating chat room on the website to allow site visitors to chat with others. This tool can be easily translated to different languages and it has customization facility.
96).   Yaab Yaab is a PHP scripted programme for maintaing personal address book. This supports functions like adding, deleting, editing or updating contacts, searching for a specific contact and able to send messages easily.
97).   MonsterCommerce's Shopping Carts for Small Business MonsterCommerce's Shopping Carts for Small Business is a simple shopping cart script designed to assists small business vendors to sell their products by generating e-stores.
98).   Dundas Chart for.NET Dundas Chart for.Net is an useful chart utility which helps users to draw charts with advance features. This tool support data analysis tool and image formats such as jpg, bmp, svg,emf etc., This software is written in ASP.NET.
99).   Sensation Designs-Recommend It Sensation Designs-Recommend It is a simple PHP based site referral script by which you can promote your website services through referral links.
100).   The Matrix Screensaver The Matrix Screensaver is a cool screen saver based on The Matrix theme that lets the users decorate their desktop screens in an attractive way.

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