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Digital Clock - JavaScript - Date and Time

  • Name
Digital Clock
  • Author
Alexander Babichev
  • Category
JavaScript / Date and Time
  • HomePage Address
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     This is a javascript that can be utilized by the webmasters to allow their site visitors to view a digital clock on their websites. This will be useful for the developers who are involving in web development. This program can be easily integrated into any existing website.

Top JavaScript scripts
1).   Digital Clock Digital Clock is a program using which webmasters can display a digital clock on their websites. This is an easy to use program.
2).   Current Date & Time (Short) You can use this JavaScript to display the current date and time in your web pages. The JavaScript is very small in size and contains just three lines of codes.
3).   Live Clock Live Clock is written in java script and is a digital clock that can be displayed on any website. This program shows current local time with hours, minutes and seconds in digital mode.
4).   Current Date This is a small JavaScript to implement a tidy display of the current date. Supports the configuration of the font, size and alignment.
5).   Date Display - Long Format Date Display - Long Format is a very simple and easy to use java based program that helps users to show date currently on their web pages. This program can be easily customized.
6).   Advanced Clock This JavaScript implements a clock display in the 12 hour (am/pm) format in hours, minutes and seconds for easy use of time by any user. Can configure the font, size and alignment in the script.
7).   Dynamic Mouse Clock This is a JavaScript clock that can display a clock, which follows along with the movement of the mouse. The script displays an analog clock, which supports the hour, minute and the second arms.
New JavaScript scripts
1).   Advanced Clock This JavaScript implements a clock display in the 12 hour (am/pm) format in hours, minutes and seconds for easy use of time by any user. Can configure the font, size and alignment in the script.
2).   Ace Date Last Modified Display By means of this JavaScript you can ascertain the date on which modification was done to the document and also display it.
3).   Title Bar Date Display Title Bar Date Display is a java based date displaying program that can show current date in a format such as day, month, date and year on the title bar of the web pages.
4).   Current Time Current Time is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display the current time in A.M. or P.M. The time is displayed inside a form text box.
5).   On/Off Clock This JavaScript can implement in your webpage a clock to display the current time with a switch on/off feature. The script provides two option i.e., either you can switch off the clock or can switch on it to function on your webpage.
6).   KZmanJS This script enables you to display various Jewish prayer times called the halachic times on your web page. It allows you to modify the script for various shitot.
7).   Stop Watch II Stop Watch II is an easy to use program that can pause time according to user's needs on the web pages. This program is written in java script.
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