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TextArea Rich Pro - Online WYSIWYG editor - Tools and Utilities - Script and Text Editors

  • Name
TextArea Rich Pro - Online WYSIWYG editor
  • Version
  • Author
Matt Facer
  • Cost
£19.99 (GPB)
  • Operating System
Windows, IE5.5
  • Category
Tools and Utilities / Script and Text Editors
  • HomePage Address
Click to Visit
  • No. of hits

     TextArea Rich Pro is an advanced version of the very popular TextArea Rich Lite with additional features such as advanced table support, form elements and image support. Textarea Rich Pro is a fully functional WYSIWYG replacement for your existing textarea HTML tag. If you desire rich content on your website, which the standard text box does not supply, then Textarea Rich is for you. Also now allows source code editing and more functionality. See our website for online demos which include a CMS editor, email system and a basic demo. TAR (textarea rich) Pro uses only HTML and Javascript, so there is no need for any additional components to download.

Top Tools and Utilities scripts
1).   ScriptPad ScriptPad is excellent HTML/XML/VBS editor and Notepad replacement for viewing source code with Internet Explorer. It offers many tools like: HTML/XML Syntax checker; XML Formatter; Registry tools to check for broken components. The original motivation for this tool was to replace Notepad when viewing source code from within IE.
2).   TextArea Rich Pro - Online WYSIWYG editor TextArea Rich Pro - A Browser based WYSIWYG editor with many advanced featues such as table support, form elements and advanced image/page property editing.
3).   Focus On VBS 1.5 Focus on VBS is a Windows compatible program that helps you edit and generate Visual Basic script files. It's very simple and reduces the time you spend on coding. Focus on VBS offers color coding, quick syntax information, and several options to test your scripts.
4).   TextPad Text pad has the ability to provide power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding text editing requirements
5).   UltraEdit This tool is a text editor which has(editable) syntax highlighting for any language for the windows platform.
6).   Editize It is a rich text editor which con be written in ASP, Cold fusion, PHP or and is implemented into any content management system.
7).   Boxer Text Editor Save time and effort with this versatile, full-featured Windows text editor. Boxer is extremely powerful, but remains easy-to-use for both beginners and experienced users. Features macros, 2GB files, syntax coloring, FTP, HTML, undo and much more!
New Tools and Utilities scripts
1).   EngInSite Perl Editor Lite EngInSite Perl Editor is an IDE for creating Perl scripts.
2).   Sample Script is a resources directory of programmer Free Programming Link Echange Resources directory of programmer and webmaster tutorials, articles, forums, faqs,compilers,interpreters, free books, Hosting, Domains, protocols, and more
3).   ED for Windows This is a cute language sensitive programmer’s editor with huge powerful editing capabilities that one cannot find elsewhere.
4).   Editize It is a rich text editor which con be written in ASP, Cold fusion, PHP or and is implemented into any content management system.
5).   Zeus for Windows Zeus for Windows is a tool which has the ability to write codes easily and more productive for the users. This tool supports compilers and builders to run in background and permit the users to perform typing.
6).   Pro Clip Library Pro Clip Library is an utility which is a shortcut and reference for the commands handled by the users. This tool allows the users to save the new commands used by them.
7).   Tigra Menu Builder Win32 The application designed for Tigra Menu navigation building (HTML, JavaScript) for web sites.
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