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Softsilver Transformer
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     Softsilver Transformer allows you to convert data into XML. This can be utilized to convert text files, Excel workbooks, Access databases or any other ODBC compliant data sources into XML. Data can be extracted from spreadsheets by either selecting a worksheet or by providing a SQL query. The XML layout can be defined by using drag and drop. It allows for automation of the conversion through usage of a command line utility.

Top XML scripts
1).   Visual XSLT Visual XSLT is a XML software with which you can perfom XML transformations using powerful plugins of visual studio .NET through an intuitive drag and drop interface.
2).   XML Converter A data converting software is a visual mapping and conversion tool, which manages all dialects of XML such as DTD, XDR, and XML formats. It allows the user to use XML documents by exporting source data into XML file. It can be used for quickly building application integration solutions.
3).   Exchanger XML Lite Exchanger XML Lite - a free XML Editor for use in a non-commercial environment.
4).   XML DataDesk XML DataDesk offers organized views for interactive mapping. It creates an XSLT map that converts source file to a result XML; a relational Database schema to XML and SQL query to XML schema. It generates result XML by applying XSLT map by visually mapping database to XML and XML to XML..
5).   Chilkat XML Parser component This is a high-performance XML component for parsing, navigating, and manipulating large XML data files. This is non-validating and has an AutoFix property that automatically fixes problems such as removing non-printable characters.
6).   AurigaDoc AurigaDoc is a simple java XML- XSL based documentation tool with which you can create and convert XML documents to any desired file formats through XSLT tools.
7).   XSLbyDemo This is a technology for generating XSLT rules on the basis of editing operations conducted under on the WYSIWYG view of an HTML editor. XSLbyDemo is available for full-fledged HTML editors, such as, IBM WebSphere Studio Page Designer, and IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder.
New XML scripts
1).   XSLDebugger This is a visual tool for XSL developers with complete with breakpoints and step-into/over. This tool is easy to use with features such as XPath statements, online checking and online bug submission.
2).   Fleming A utility to perform batch transforms of XML files against an XSL stylesheet. The results are then saved with a new file extension in another directory. This is used to create a directory of HTML files from a directory of XML files. This is an HTML application that requires Internet Explorer 5.x or greater, and Microsoft XML parser 4.0.
3).   Liquid XML Data Binding Wizard Liquid XML Data Binding Wizard is a simple and easy to use XML software with which you can integrate object orientated interface for XSD, XDR and DTD schema.
4).   eDE This is to create multiple output files (single HTML page, multiple HTML pages, PDF) from a single DocBook XML source file. It enables you to work document-centric and supports advanced features like profiling, document-specific stylesheets and much more.
5).   XSL Tester This first open source Visual XSL development environment tool is 2 years old. It provides the basic tools needed to edit, view, and test XML and XSL documents. XSL Tester is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
6).   Lucid XML Server Publisher Lucid XML Server Publisher is a web application that allows XML documents to be transformed and published in other formats. Lucid XML Server Publisher makes it possible to distribute the enterprise documents quickly and in various formats starting from only one XML source. Its simple and intuitive interface facilitates the publication of documents XML on to the Web .
7).   Treebeard This is an XSLT IDE that permits you to load an XML file and an XSLT file, edit it and then perform transformations. Its features include: Syntax highlighting; Plug-able XSLT transformer; FOP preview; ability to save as PDF; Template Browser; Regular expression find; and much more.
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