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Loci - JavaScript - Navigation

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Alex Loci
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JavaScript / Navigation
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     This is a JavaScript code snippet that enables site navigation through a tree menu. The script does not support multi level trees. When the user clicks on the main menu, the submenus are displayed. When clicked again on the main menu the script collapses the submenus. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 5 or above and Netscape 6 or above browsers.

Top JavaScript scripts
1).   Drop Down Link Menu Drop Down Link Menu is a JavaScript navigation tool that provides a drop down box that can be linked to another pages by selecting an option from the list.
2).   QuickMenu Pro This is a drop down menu generator in JavaScript that supports cross browsers. The script uses a simple text based separate data file for customizing the menu. It also provides transition effects for sub menus and sub items.
3).   Tabs Menu (onmouseover) This is a mouseover tabs menu. Move the mouse over designated links, and additional "sub links" appear beneath it. Think of it as an inline two level menu.
4).   Dynamic Drop Down Menu Maker This is a JavaScript navigation tool to generate dynamic drop down menu in your webpage. The user does not require any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML coding to generate the drop down menu.
5).   ExpandingMenus.js ExpandingMenus.js is a simple menu system using which you can design a full featured navigational systems for your website that can be expanded with several levels.
6).   Triple combo menu This is a nifty JavaScript that enables site navigation through three drop down menus. The script works in both Internet Explorer and NS 3 or above, including NS 6.
7).   Pulldown Menu (Frames) This is a pull down menu in JavaScript, but in frames. It allows you to have the link open in a different frame of your site. The script also features the ‘Go’ button, clicking on which the selected link is opened.
New JavaScript scripts
1).   Loci This is a versatile JavaScript that displays a menu, which expands and collapses when the user clicks on the menu items. The menu allows you to set background colors for menus.
2).   COOLjsTree - Free Cross Browser Tree COOLjsTree s a cross browser JavaScript collapsible tree menu with a lot of features and wide browser support.
3).   Cascade Menu Builder This navigation control on xml/xsl generates navigation menus in your webpage within seconds. To generate the menu the user has to supply details like style, text or folder location, class, mouseover class, etc. to the script.
4).   Drop Box: No Button Drop Box: No Button is a JavaScript navigation tool that displays a drop down menu, with which you can navigate through the pages of your website. The drop down menu can have a combo name.
5).   Menu Generator This is an easy to handle JavaScript navigation tool that displays a dropdown menu in your webpage. In the menu you can set unlimited number of submenus that can be displayed horizontally or vertically.
6).   Tabs Menu (onmouseover) This is a mouseover tabs menu. Move the mouse over designated links, and additional "sub links" appear beneath it. Think of it as an inline two level menu.
7).   2-level combo box 2-level combo box is a JavaScript navigating tool that can be implemented in your webpage to display a drop down menu in which the links can be arranged in various categories.
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