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3 state buttons with fade in - fade out effect - JavaScript - Links and Buttons

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3 state buttons with fade in - fade out effect
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JavaScript / Links and Buttons
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     3 state buttons with fade in - fade out effect is a JavaScript that will add appealing buttons to your web site. The script implements buttons which supports three states which is reflected using images in the background of the buttons. You can include any number of buttons in your page. You can incorporate these buttons by inserting the code provided into your web page. The script works with IE & NS6.

Top JavaScript scripts
1).   3 state buttons with fade in - fade out effect This JavaScript implements buttons that can have 3 states supported with images and also supports a fade-in and fade out effect. Allows you to customize the background images.
2).   Link description The link when on mouseover can display any custom text message that gives a description of the link. The message appears on mouseover and disappears on mouseout.
3).   Rollover background-color button A script that makes any form button change background color as the mouse moves over it.
4).   Link Tooltip With this script you can display a text box providing information regarding the link on mouseover. The text message, background color, font etc. can be customized.
5).   Link Description script Bestow meaning to your text links with this script. As the mouse hovers over a link, a corresponding text description appears beneath it. You can define more than one location for which this description is shown, allowing for links all over your page to benefit from the functionality.
6).   Website Buttons Website Button contains various button styles to generate a web page with different model buttons. Sound effect buttons are also available with this script.
7).   Highlight blinking link Highlight blinking link can be added to your site to highlight a link and also incorporate a blinking effect on it when the user rolls the mouse over the link. The blinking speed is customizable.
New JavaScript scripts
1).   JavaScript set as homepage This JavaScript prompts the users with a link to make any specified url in the link as his/her browser’s homepage. The script is compatible with IE 5 or above.
2).   Back Home Button This script implements a button that can take the user back to his/her default Homepage. Also supports use of an image instead of a form button. Works on IE4+ and NS4+.
3).   Link Tooltip with Transition Slideshow This is a JavaScript linking tool that displays a link in your webpage and also shows an HTML and CSS tooltip on mouseover of the link. The font color, size, style, image etc. are customizable and there is no need to preload any image in this script.
4).   Website Buttons Website Button contains various button styles to generate a web page with different model buttons. Sound effect buttons are also available with this script.
5).   Flashing Links script Draw attention to important links on your page by making them "flash", with this cool script. Easy to install and highly versatile.
6).   Dynamic Rainbow Color Link Script This JavaScript can generate links that blinks through three colors. You can customize the blink rate, blink colors etc. Works fine on both the IE4+ and NS6.
7).   Windows Buttons The script can implement buttons similar to the Windows with an underlined letter in the text of the button, which can be accessed through the Alt key. Works on IE & NS.
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